It is common for many people to dream about yellow color. This is because colors surround our environment. Colors make the world beautiful and distinguish people, but the yellow color makes things bright. Dreams about yellow color appear in different ways, and its interpretation is done based on several things. This article will expound more on the meaning and symbolism of dreams about yellow color. You will get to understand what it means to dream about most colors.

Dreams About Yellow Color: What's Meaning and Symbolism

Dreams about the yellow color might appear if yellow happens to be your favorite color. If the yellow color reminds you of someone or an event that took place, then it’s possible to dream about it. For example, young kids may dream about the yellow color because of the school bus that carries them each day. Understanding what yellow means in dreams will help us know its relevance to our personal lives.

The symbolism of Yellow color

1.Visibility: Yellow color is very bright, and our eyes will first notice it among many colors. This brightness catches our attention easily. This explains why yellow is among the traffic lights on our roads. Therefore, dreams about yellow color could indicate the need to have a clear look at things. This means you need to improve the way you see things and look at them from a brighter side. Another meaning of this dream is that you are a bright person who takes notice of things easily.

2.Attention: Have you ever noticed certain lines in a book underlined by yellow? The reason for using yellow is to attract your attention to that particular part. Therefore, dreaming about yellow color could mean that you need to pay attention to something. It could be an area of your life that is failing. In most cases, dreams about yellow colors point to our weaknesses. This is to say that the dream pulls your attention to what’s important and needs to be done.

3.Sickness: Some diseases cause someone’s skin to turn yellow. These are diseases that affect the liver and also jaundice disease. Well, doctors can never diagnose disease through dreams. However, dreams about the color yellow could indicate that you are sick and need to see a physician.

4.Feelings: Yellow is associated with feelings of being in control. It is a dominating color, and therefore the dream might be pointing to a need for you to explore your feelings. Maybe you are feeling weak in waking life, and there is a need to stand and be in charge. This calls for you to change your attitude and learn to fix things in life.

The meaning of dreams about yellow color

1.Dream about a yellow tree

This dream is interpreted according to how the tree looked like. Was it healthy or weak? However, dreaming about a yellow tree means that you are going through life changes. This could be in your career or family life. In most cases, this dream signifies positive changes.

2.Dreaming about yellow clothes

This dream has got diverse meanings. If you dream that you were wearing yellow clothes, you feel like people are looking down on you. Maybe you feel that they need to recognize you. This dream could also mean that you are feeling weak, and therefore you can’t raise your opinion about a particular issue. This is more so if you buy yellow clothes in your dreams. Additionally, the yellow color is a sign of ridicule. And dreaming about yellow color could mean that you will be ridiculed because of something.

3.Dreams about having a yellow skin

As earlier mentioned, dreams about yellow color are associated with being sick. Therefore, this dream might indicate that you are not healthy, and you need to be checked. Also, the dream could mean that you have been overworking yourself and that you need to rest. Another meaning of the dream is that you are not proud of yourself. This is to say that you feel inferior. In such a case, you need to work on your confidence and feel good about yourself.

4.Holding yellow flowers in your hands

Yellow flowers are signs of good fortunes. Therefore, dreams about holding yellow flowers could mean that you are going to be lucky. It also means that you will overcome obstacles that have been hindering you and become successful. This dream should encourage you to remain positive.

Dreams About Yellow Color: What's Meaning and Symbolism


5.Painting yellow in dreams

This dream has a positive meaning. If you see yourself painting yellow on walls or books, then it means you have finally overcome your worries. Maybe you had financial or marital worries. The dream should tell you to expect better days ahead of you. Another meaning of this dream is that you have let go of negative feelings about yourself and are now more confident. Generally, this dream signifies that you have gotten rid of all negativity and are now determined to live a happy life enjoying it to the fullest.

6.Dreaming about yellow food

Most yellow foods are nutritious and delicious, and that associates this dream with our health. Eating yellow foods in dreams means that you are will be healthy and strong. This also means that you will enjoy abundance.

7.Seeing yellow cars

This dream comes in two contexts in that the cars might be moving or parked. Seeing yellow colors in dreams is associated with our moods. This is to say that you have mood swings. If the yellow cars were moving, it means that the mood swings don’t happen for long. On the other hand, if the cars were parked, you have long-term mood swings. This calls for you to work on your emotions.

8.Dreams about yellow teeth

If you dream that your teeth are turning yellow, it means someone will betray you. It could be a spouse or friend whom you trusted so much. This will disappoint you greatly, and you might break the relationship.

9.Dreaming about yellow hair

This dream means that you need to take care of your health. Seeing the color yellow in dreams means that you have been neglecting your body. It could be through either overworking, poor diet, or lack of exercise. This dream should warn you against such ignorance.

10.Dream about a yellow house

Dreaming about a yellow house means that you are a creative person. This is to say that you can make anything, and it adds monetary value to you. The dream tells you to keep on diversifying your creativity because it will attract your success.

11.Seeing yellow leaves

Trees that are dying produce yellow leaves, and this is why yellow leaves in dreams are bad. The dream indicates that you will fail in life, and every attempt to rise will not bear fruits. However, Yellow leaves in a dream should not discourage you; instead, you should be persistent and determined.

12.Dream about yellow shoes

Yellow shoes in dreams mean that you desire to be adventurous. You are tired of your current location, and you feel the need to explore different places. This dream tells you it’s time to move and experience new things.

13.A yellow sapphire in dreams

If you see a yellow sapphire in your dreams, it means that you are concerned about something. Maybe things are not going as per your expectations, and you don’t know what to do. The dream could also be pointing to someone who is struggling and doesn’t know what to do.

14.Seeing yellow lower petals

If you see yellow flower petals in dreams, it means that someone has some unclear thoughts about you. This dream could be an indicator that the person wants to leave you. Another meaning of this dream is that you will receive help from people during your difficult moments. Most likely, the support will be financial.

15.Crashing into a car and seeing yellow color immediately

This is not a common dream but has some significance. When you crash into a car and see some yellow color in your dreams, this is about your mind. This means that you need to shift your mind towards something that you have been ignoring. The dream could also signify your fear of facing real issues of life.

16.Dream about a yellow butterfly

A yellow butterfly in dreams is an indicator of a new birth. This means that you will get into a new season of clarity and emotional stability. Also, the dream means that you will overcome difficulties through resilience and hard work.

17.Dream about a yellow bird

A yellow bird in dreams is connected to freedom. Maybe you have been bound by your thoughts for long. This dream should tell you it’s time to work your way out of the bondage.


Dreams about yellow color are many with diverse meanings as we have seen. Most of them are associated with our feelings and drive in life. This dream is interpreted in both positive and negative ways. However, its interpretation is based on how you felt in the dream. This article must have helped you, especially if you very dreamt about yellow color. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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