We all have a clear picture of a window, and therefore dreaming about windows might not be unfamiliar. The dream has more to do with our minds and our ability to see and analyze situations. Windows in dreams indicate several things in our waking life. It can be a sign of new opportunities, hope, and the power of reflection. This explains why some people stand at the window and peep outside whenever they feel stressed.

Dreams About Windows: What's Meaning and Symbolism


Dreams about windows appear in different ways, as we shall see in this article. You might see a clean or dirty window or a large or small window. All these contexts are important in finding dream meanings. However, understanding this dream can only be possible if you didn’t forget it. We shall look at the different meanings of dreams about windows and their symbolism.

The symbolism of dreams about window

Possibilities: Dreams about windows are great symbols of possibilities. This is more so in the context of seeing a large window. This dream means that you will be exposed to opportunities that will change your life for the better. Maybe in real life, things don’t seem okay, but soon there will be a breakthrough. This dream should give you hope and help you not to give up on your goals.

Reflection: At one point in our lives, we all need to reflect when things don’t seem to be going right. Therefore, this dream indicates the need to have some time and reflect on something critical in your life. It could be your family, career, or business. Taking this time will help you strategize on how you can become better.

Invisibility: Failure to see issues clearly in life could make you dream about windows. The dream is a great symbol of invisibility. This is more so if you dreamt about a dirty glass window. Could it be you need clarity over some matters in life? Then the dream is a reminder that you need to analyze and see things from a clear angle. It will help you make informed decisions and prevent you from regrets.

The meaning of dreams about windows

A broken window in dreams

If you are married and dream about a broken window, then it means you have a problem with trust. Maybe you feel your partner is unfaithful, and you can’t trust them. Also, the dream is associated with being insecure, which can lead to temperamental behaviors. Additionally, you could be fearful that you will lose your partner. However, this dream should signal you that it’s time to iron out your partner’s issues and find a solution.

Dreaming about rain on the window

Seeing rain on the window is a sign of success. It means that you will soon be successful in all your endeavors. It could be your career or business. The dream should encourage you to exploit every available opportunity maximally. You should also take your time and make yourself better, maybe by adding more skills.

Fixing a broken window in dreams

This dream is an indicator that there is a mess in your life. Your ignorance or unavoidable circumstances might have caused this. Fixing a broken window indicates that you have realized where you went wrong and you’re willing to rectify it. This means that you have a different approach to matters concerning your life. Generally, the dream is about taking full responsibility for your mistakes.

Dream about looking out of the window

If you dream that you were looking out of the window, it means you are expectant. Maybe you have been working on something, and you are expecting it to turn out well. You are calm and collected as you wait because you gave your best. Also, this dream indicates a change that is about to happen.

Escaping through a window

Escaping through a window in dreams is not a good sign. It indicates incoming problems that will usher you into a difficult season. They will be so intense that all your efforts to have them solved will not be fruitful. This will make you feel like running away to have your peace of mind.

Looking at a skylight window

If you are looking at a skylight window, then that’s a good dream. It indicates happiness and success. This dream could also indicate that it’s time to start a new project or revive the ones you kept on hold. If you are unmarried, the dream means that it is the right time for you to start a relationship.

Getting in and out of the house through a window

Getting in and out of the house through a window is an indicator of dishonesty. This means that you are engaging in something illegal. Also, this could mean that you are achieving your goals through deceit. Additionally, the dream could mean your success comes from taking advantage of other people. Generally, the dream should serve as a warning to stop your dishonest gains.

Dreams About Windows: What's Meaning and Symbolism


Spying through a window

Spying through a window is a common dream and also happens often in waking life. This dream indicates fear. Maybe you are scared about something and are trying to find more details about it. The dream also means that you are not comfortable with where you are, and you desire a change. Maybe you are considering a career change or change of residence.

Being pushed through a window

Being pushed through a window means that you are doing something against your wish. It could be your boss, or someone is pressuring you, and you don’t have a choice.

A window with closed curtains in dreams

This dream means there is a secret you are hiding from someone. Maybe it’s about something bad you did in the past. You are afraid of how people will see you after they know about it. Also, a closed window with curtains indicates that you are refusing to accept the reality of something. Maybe it’s painful for you, and denial seems the best option.

Dream about a jail window

Dreams about a jail window is an indication of hopelessness and despair. This is to say that you are in a stressful situation and there is seems to be no help coming soon.

Breaking a window in dreams

This dream means that you are not satisfied, and this could be frustrating for you. In most cases, breaking a window dream is common to married people. It is an indicator that you are not getting sexual satisfaction from your partner. This could be due to their busy schedule or emotional detachment. The dream should encourage you to work out things with your partner and improve your sexual life.

Climbing a window

Dream about climbing a window means that you are focusing on your inner person. Maybe you desire to become better, and you feel the need to fix your character or emotions. Also, the dream means that you want to grow spiritually.


Dreams about windows are diverse. They signify various events in our waking life in a predictive way. They also emphasize the need for us to become better and work towards achieving our goals. I am certain that this has been the perfect read for you, especially if you have ever dreamt about windows. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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