Water dreams are quite powerful and they tend to carry many deep meanings. These dreams come in different forms. You may dream about seating at the beachfront enjoying the waves that are a few meters away. You may also be swimming in a large water body and the turbulent waves are throwing you in different directions. These are just a few of the many examples of water dreams.

Before you think about interpreting a water dream, take your time to understand the context. For example, what is the distance between you and the water? Are you in the water or does it seem to be far away?

In most dreams, water represents the subconscious emotions that you are going through. This is something that most dream and psychological experts tend to agree on. Dreams About Water: What’s Meaning And Symbolism? Read on as we unravel more about water dreams.

Dreams About Water: What's Meaning And Symbolism

Symbols of dreaming water

To find the meaning of water dreams, start by knowing its symbols. From there, it will be pretty easy to derive the meaning of the dream.

-Emotion: This is the most common symbol of water. The nature and behavior of water create a perfect representation of your mental behavior and state. Since emotions form an integral part of our lives, it is vital to recognize them and take the necessary step.

-Symbol: There is no life without water. Human beings, plants, and animals depend on water for survival. So the water in the dream could be a representation of something critical in your life.

-Spiritual meaning: Different religions tend to have a special attachment to water. It is used for different religious purposes such as baptism and blessing.

-Transformation: Water is also used to symbolize transformation or renewal. This is probably derived from the fact that it is used for bathing and cleansing. Also, the fact that water can change from one state to another (ice-liquid-steam) creates an impression of the life changes.

Common dreams about water and their meaning

Let’s have a breakdown of the most common water dreams and their meanings:

Dream about being swallowed by strong ocean/sea currents

Dreams About Water: What's Meaning And Symbolism 

In this dream, you may be swimming in calm waters before the situation changes all of a sudden. The tidal waveforms become rough and overwhelm you. You get terrified and start fighting for your life. Such a dream could a perfect representation of the strong emotions that you are dealing with.

The waves could also be a representation of the life responsibilities that you have. They symbolize the demands and expectations that other people have on you.

If the waves in the dream are approaching from a distance away, this could be a warning sign that you need to prepare for tough times ahead. Gather your ammunition as the situation may overwhelm you.

Dream about lake water

Unlike oceans and seas, lakes are pretty calm. Their waters are not always in constant motion and they rarely have strong and turbulent waveforms. So, dreams of lakes can be interpreted to represent a relaxed mental state.

However, the dream could also mean that you are restraining yourself from releasing what is inside your mind. Probably you are afraid or there something that is preventing you from becoming yourself.

Dream about a river

Dreams About Water: What's Meaning And Symbolism

Historically, rivers tend to have deep spiritual connections. So dreaming about a river could have spiritual meanings or could represent the flow of emotions, depending on the speed and the behavior of the water that is flowing in the river.

In order to find the accurate meaning of the dream, there are various aspects of the river that you should identify. They include the speed of the water in the river, the wideness of the river, the surrounding environment, and even the name of the river.

Once you have listed all these properties of the river, it will be easy to interpret and find the meaning of the dream. For example, a fast-flowing river could be a representation of your turbulent state of mind. Taking a bath in the river could represent the cleansing process. Probably you are erasing the past and embracing the new.

Dream about boiling water

Boiling water in the dream is a symbol of anger and pain. If in the dream you are burnt by the boiling water, this could mean that your negative emotions are the root cause of your pain and suffering.

Dream about being splashed by water

You may dream about walking on the road and a vehicle passes by splashing water on you. This dream could be telling you that you need to be alert as there is something big that will happen in your life.

Dream about rainwater

Rainwater is usually a symbol of positive things that are coming on your way. However, soaking in heavy rain and there is nothing you can do about it can be a symbol of the emotional turmoil that you are going through.

Water in the swimming pool

Dreams About Water: What's Meaning And Symbolism

The dream of water in a swimming pool could have different meanings depending on several factors. Since the swimming pool is confined, the dream could mean that you have bottled your emotions and you don’t want to let them off. If in the dream you are enjoying swimming in the pool could mean you have a relaxed state of mind.

How to analyze water dreams?

Did you just dream about water last night? It can be quite a struggle to decipher its meaning that fast. Regardless of the nature of the dream, here are some questions that can help you to find the meaning of the dream.

-What type of water body did you dream about? Was the dream about a large lake, ocean, river, swimming pool, rain, or even water in the bucket? Each type of water body in a dream could be having a different meaning.

-How did the water behave in the dream? Was it calm or was it turbulent? The behavior of water could be a symbol of your mental state. Muddy or murky water could be a representation of unclear feelings.

-What was your reaction to the water in the dream? Were you excited about it or were you scared of the turbulent nature of the water waves?

-What was the distance between you and the water in the dream? Were you close to it or was the water miles away from you?

-What is your current state of mind? Since we have said that water dreams are all about emotions, it is vital to analyze your current mental state to come up with a conclusive interpretation.

Once you answer these questions you will find an accurate meaning of your water dream. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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