Wasps are among the most feared insects, and that makes dreams about wasps scary. A sting from a wasp is painful and doesn’t go away quickly. This explains why the dream is disturbing, and one has to be careful in real life. Dreams about wasps come in various ways, as we are about to see in this article. One can see a single wasp or a multitude of them. This context of the dream further determines its interpretation.

Dreams about wasps: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams about wasps have got different meanings, and most of them are related to our lives. They can communicate with us about our character or emotions. They also are associated with our daily activities and motives in our lives. Though dreams about wasps are rare, maybe you once had the dream, and since then, you have struggled to get the meaning. Then this article will enlighten you on the several symbolisms of dreams about wasps and their meanings.

The symbolism of dreams about wasps

1.Anger and AggressivenessNaturally, wasps are very aggressive and restless. This is why dreaming about wasps could be exposing our emotions of anger and negativity. These feelings may have been caused by someone who hurt you in the past. This dream could be telling you to work on your emotions as they might land you into problems with people.

2.Warning against enemiesA dream about wasp could come as a warning against some people going behind your back. We all know that wasps sting is untimely, and therefore, this indicates that some people are setting you up. Their evil plans could be a result of jealousy.

3.Revenge-Wasps are perfect symbolism of revenge. Therefore, dreams about wasps could imply your need for revenge. The revenge could be against someone who deeply hurt you and never apologized. The dream also symbolizes that someone is taking advantage of you and that you will pay them back after you discover.

4.AwakeningSometimes in life, we get stuck in our minds and fail to know what needs to be done. Dreams about wasps come to remind us of our potential and the need to rise from slumber. It could be there is an activity you neglected, and it was meant to succeed. In such a case, this dream comes as a motivator.

The meaning of dreams about wasps

1.Being chased by a wasp

As much as this may sound scary, this dream has a good meaning. Being chased by a wasp in a dream means that you will fall in love. It could be someone who has been eyeing you, and they will declare their feelings to you soon.

2.Being stung by a wasp

We all know how painful wasps sting is, and therefore, this dream comes with a bad sign. Dreams about being stung by a wasp indicate attacks from people who are close to you. It could be they are envious of your success, and they want to stop it. Additionally, being stung by a wasp in dreams means that someone is defaming you. Another meaning of the dream is that you will lose your love life due to incites from enemies. Generally, the dream is about hatred and wickedness from people.

3.Seeing someone being stung by a wasp

This is a good dream indicating that you will triumph over your competitors. This could be in the business arena. Someone being stung by a wasp in a dream brings out your ability to outsmart your rivals and succeed more than them.

4.Dreams about hearing the sound of a wasp

If you heard this buzzing sound and the wasp didn’t hurt you, then that’s a good sign. The dream means that you are going to escape some danger narrowly. Another meaning of dreams about a wasp buzzing accomplishment of a project you are working on. Also, the dream could be warning you against a sickness that will affect either you or a loved one.

5.Dream about killing a wasp

Killing a wasp in a dream means that you easily overcome negative people and issues. This further means that you can face opposition and confrontations from people and turn them into your success. Being able to deal with challenges head-on makes life easy for you.

6.Dreaming about an irritating or stubborn wasp

Sometimes wasps can be irritating, and this dream signifies a bad omen. Dreams about an irritating wasp indicate a possible betrayal, problems, or misfortunes. People around you will most likely cause all these. Therefore, this dream should warn you to be careful about the people who are close to you. They could be jealous of your progress and are planning to harm you.

7.Provoking a wasp in a dream

Provoking wasps in a dream can be intentional or not. However, this dream is a bad sign. It means that you might suffer betrayal or a pending tragedy. Generally, the dream should warn about the people around you because there could be hidden enemies among them.

8.Seeing a nest full of wasps

This dream is mostly related to how we are feeling. It could be you are in a season of stress, confusion, anxiety, and uncertainty. This could be caused by the difficulties that you are undergoing. If you have a dream, then there is a need for you to find solutions to the problems. On the other, seeing a wasp nest abruptly in a dream means that you will get into conflicts with someone.


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9.Dream about destroying a wasp nest

Destroying a wasp nest in a dream has a bad meaning. The dream indicates that your relationship with your loved one will be terminated. Disagreements will cause separation.


Dreams about wasps are mostly not good. They are related to our destructive emotions or bad things that will happen. The dream also allows us to know the kind of people around us and their motives towards us. However, if the dream carries a bad meaning, it doesn’t mean that it must happen and therefore, you shouldn’t get worried. It further helps us to reconsider our relationships and be vigilant about them. I believe this read has significantly helped you in understanding dreams about wasps. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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