Dreams about war are common to most people and are among the scary dreams. Many things cause people to have this dream. It’s said anyone who has ever been to war zone areas must dream about war once in a while. This is due to the trauma they suffered at that time. Wars are not good, more so in waking life; people have died, and properties have been destroyed due to war. Dreams about war carry different meanings. Interpreters have linked the dream with problems and misfortunes. However, there is some positive symbolism of war dreams.

Dreams About War: What's Meaning and Symbolism


Dreams about war are horrible. They make you fearful and traumatized. Thus, it is wise to capture every detail of such dreams; reason those details are the ones to help you in dream interpretation. How you felt in that dream and what you saw in it are the main pointers to its meaning. This article will outline the different meanings of dreams about war. You will get to understand its symbolism in your waking life.

The symbolism of dreams about war

Conflict: Dreams about war indicate that you have conflicts either internally or externally. The conflicts could be among you and your friends or family members. They could also be hidden feelings about something hurtful that happened to you. Do you dream about war often? Then it would help if you took time and find the source of the conflict. Lastly, consider working on yourself, especially how you react to issues, to be at peace with yourself and others.

Transition and major changes: Have you ever noticed how people in war zones are forced to adapt to new changes? Some of them are moved to camps to start a life they never experienced before. This is why the dream is associated with a transition in one’s life. Maybe there are critical decisions that you are expected to make about your life. They are stressing you up, but you can’t escape. Your future depends on the decision you make. You are undergoing major changes in your life, and you find it hard to adapt to them.

Death or loss: As earlier mentioned, lives are lost during wars. Therefore, the dream might symbolize a loss of life. It might be a friend or relative. This symbolism is drawn from the dream context where you saw someone being killed in the war. In waking life, the dream could mean the person is sick, and they might die soon.

Toxic environment: Dreams about war are also great symbols of toxicity. This is more so if they are frequent. Could you be in a toxic environment? Then the dream should tell you that something needs to be done to deal with the toxicity. Maybe you are surrounded by toxic people, and all they do is drain you. This translates to fear and negativity around you.

The meaning of dreams about war

Seeing a war in dreams

This dream has diverse meanings. Seeing war in dreams means that you desire someone to support you or protect you. It could be you are going through a tough time. Secondly, the dream indicates you are insecure and lack the confidence to face even the things that directly affect your life. Most people who have this dream fight low self-esteem in real life. Additionally, seeing war in dreams could mean that there is a bad person in your life. You need to identify them and get them out of your life.

Dreaming about warships

This dream indicates separation from someone you love. It might be due to the call of duty or business engagements. Also, dreams about warships could indicate that you will get into a conflict with your lover. This will eventually lead to separation if something is not done. It would help if you talked things out and find a solution.

Being forced to go to war in dreams

Being forced to go to war is not a good sign. The dream indicates that you will be in conflicts or disagreement with someone. This could be a friend or family member. You will end up being stressed with no clear action in mind. Sadly, you might have to live with the stress if there won’t be any reconciliation.

Winning the war in dreams

This is a good dream and a clear indicator of success. Winning in war means that you will achieve your goals after a long time of difficulties.  The dream marks a new dawn in your life and should encourage you to diversify in your projects because they will be successful.

Taking part in a war

The dream is a wake-up call to be more aggressive in life. Maybe you have been dormant in your goals, and it is affecting your life. You should arise and take charge and continue working towards your goals. Another meaning of taking part in a war is that you need to be happy, enjoy life, and surround yourself with good people. Moreover, this dream could be an indicator of some news coming your way.

Young people fighting in dreams

This is not a good dream, especially if you are a young person.  Dreaming about young people fighting in war indicates that you will get into conflicts. It should warn you to be careful about your friends. It could also help if you worked on the way you react to issues. Generally, the dream tells you to do your best and avoid any confrontation with anyone.

Being killed in a war

If you have had this dream, then you can agree with me; it is horrible. Being killed in war indicates that you shall fail in your endeavors. Maybe you are pursuing something, and the challenges are too many. The dream could also mean you have not overcome something bad that happened to you in the past. This calls for you to relax and let go of past pain.

Sending someone to war

This is not a common dream, especially if you are not in the army.  Sending someone to war indicates you are going to get into a misunderstanding with someone. This might result in serious confrontations. It could be a relative or a friend, and therefore you should be careful with your words.

Fighting in a war without weapons

Fighting in a war without weapons means that you have no zeal in life. This is to say that you are no longer aggressive about your life and are putting no effort towards your goals. Another meaning of this dream is that you aren’t ready for something big about to happen in your life. Maybe you are not confident about yourself, and you feel you need time to prepare for it.

Destruction in war

It is prevalent to witness destruction in war. The dream means that you are going to get some hidden secrets about your lover. This will hurt you much and result in you ending the relationship. Another meaning of the dream is that you will lose some of your property in court.

Dreams About War: What's Meaning and Symbolism 


Killing enemies during the war

Killing enemies in war is about you. This dream could indicate that you are having health challenges and hence the need to see a doctor. Also, the dream means that you have a bad habit that is irritating those around you. It would help if you worked on your character and be mindful of others.

Escaping a war in dreams

Escaping a war in dreams indicates that you will rest from problems that have been bothering you. Maybe something good will happen and give you relief. However, this should not make you ignorant that all is finally well. You should take advantage of the break and strategize further.

Being injured in a war

This dream indicates betrayal from your close friend. This is to say that they will do something that will greatly hurt you and end your relationship. Being injured in war calls for you to be vigilant with your friends.

Seeing a war for old people

This is a bad dream, especially if you an older person. Seeing older people in war indicates that you will lose someone close to you through death. Also, the dream could mean that you will be separated from the person for unavoidable reasons.

Declaration of war in dreams

This is an indicator of an event that is about to happen soon. It could be something good or bad. However, you should be prepared in advance not to be stressed later if it is something unpleasant. Also, a declaration of war could indicate that you are anxious in your waking life. It would be wise if you found out what is worrying you and deal with it.


These are the diverse meanings of dreams about war. As you have noted, dreams are great pointers to things about to happen in waking life. Also, they signify our character and the way we react to issues. If you have dreamt about war, I am sure this read has been exciting for you. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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