Dreams about turtles: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Turtles hold a significant position in the spiritual and cultural world. These reptiles are usually referred to as the living dinosaurs since they have been in existence for millions of years. They were highly regarded in the ancient years and some cultures still revere these animals to date.

There are numerous myths and legends about turtles. The spiritual world is also dotted with stories of turtles.

Dreams about turtles are also common band each dream is linked to a certain meaning. Usually, the meanings are drawn from the physical, behavioral, and mental characteristics of the turtle.

When was the last time that you had a dream about turtles? Did you try to find out its meaning? Read on as give you the meanings and symbolisms of turtle dreams.

The symbolism of Turtles in Dreams

Before we delve deep to find out the meaning of turtle dreams, let’s have an overview of what turtles symbolize when they appear in dreams.

Turtles in dreams can symbolize one or two attributes of turtles which include wisdom, endurance, patience, strength, stability, and endurance.

A turtle can also symbolize longevity. This is based on the reality that some turtles can live for centuries. For example, the oldest turtle on record is known to have lived for up to 255 years. Many other turtles in museums across the world are known to have lived for more than 100 years.

After all, turtles are among the oldest creators.

The dream of a female turtle may symbolize fertility or motherhood. This can be emphasized by the presence of baby turtles.

A turtle is also a symbol of spiritual development. This is based on the ancient stories where turtles were regarded as sacred animals by different cultures.

Your dream could also symbolize the resistance to changes or the slow progress that you are making in life. This is derived from the nature of the turtle to move slowly, when on land, towards its destination.

A turtle in a dream can symbolize a state of solitude or isolation. This is mainly because of the nature of turtles to separate themselves from other animals and even among themselves.

Dreams about turtles: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Turtle dreams symbolize the need to go under when there is danger. A turtle has a habit of getting inside its shell until the oncoming danger passes by. The frequency of this dream could mean that many risks are lurking by waiting to pounce on you.

The dream could also symbolize the many opportunities that you could be missing when you choose to hide. By the time you are ready to take action, the opportunities would have passed you.

Depending on the speed that the turtle was moving, the dream could symbolize the goals that you should be chasing without wasting time.

A turtle dream could also symbolize the patience and endurance that you need to practice whenever you are pursuing your goals. It could also be a reminder that you need to search for new opportunities away from your current location.

The turtle could also symbolize a feeling of being tied down by a situation or condition. It can be a sickness or financial situation that has curtailed your freedom.

Turtles also symbolize your protective nature. Probably there are some secrets that you are trying to hide from other people as they can have damaging effects on your life.

Dreams about turtles: What's Meaning and Symbolism

Common Turtle Dreams and their Meaning

Now let’s have a look at the most common turtle dreams and what they mean:

General dream about a turtle

Generally, turtles are associated with positivity. So, a dream about turtles could be a sign of good things that are coming into your life.

Dream about turtles usually symbolizes endless happiness and joy. It could also be a sign of golden opportunities that you are about to encounter.

Seeing turtles in your dream could mean the victory that you are about to celebrate after overcoming serious obstacles.

Dream about a slow-moving turtle

In the dream, you see a turtle moving at a very slow pace. What could this mean? A slow turtle in your dream is usually associated with negativity. The dream may symbolize sickness or exhaustion.

The dream could also be warning you about your impatience and reckless behaviors. You need to stop them and start moving at the speed of a turtle.

If you are just getting into a relationship, the dream could be telling you to take things slowly by controlling your emotions.

Dream about a turtle going away from you

A turtle, which was previously close to you has started moving away. What is the meaning of such a dream? The dream could mean an end of the relationship and the aggrieved partner has opted to move away.

The dream might mean that you may end up getting hurt by the separation that is just around the corner.

Dream about a turtle’s shell

In such a dream, a turtle shell appears prominently. It even overlooks other body parts of the turtle. Since the shell is the part that protects a turtle, the dream could mean that you are fully protected from your adversaries.

The dream about a turtle in a shell could also mean that you are not ready to open up to the outside world. On the other hand, if the dream is of a turtle coming out of a shell, it could mean that you are opening up and exposing your vulnerabilities to the outside world.

If the dream is of a broken turtle shell could be an indication of the broken trust and friendship. The people who you have been trusting might have betrayed you hence the broken trust.

Dream about talking with a turtle

Dreams of animals talking usually carry deep meaning. The message is usually derived from what the animal was saying and in this case, is a turtle.

Turtles are usually associated with wisdom. So a conversation with a turtle can be quite enriching. The dream could be sending a message that is directly related to your current life situation. Try to remember what the turtle was saying and see how the words are connected with your life.

Dream about killing a turtle accidentally

If in the dream you were just doing your own thing then you killed a turtle by chance, this is perceived as a warning sign. The dream could be warning you to be cautious in whatever you are doing not to cause accidents.

Dream about killing and eating a turtle

Unlike the previous dream, here you intentionally kill the turtle and turn it into a meal. This dream is a good sign. It could be an indication of the abundance, victory, or something good that will happen in your life.

Chasing turtles in a dream

Turtles are rarely problematic and they cause minimum destruction. It is pointless to keep chasing them. Such a dream could mean that you are running away from your problems instead of solving them. In the process, the problem will balloon and go beyond your capacity.

Being chased by a herd of turtles

This is among the few negative dreams that are associated with turtles. The dream of being chased by turtles could mean that your life will be full of difficulties. The dream could imply that instead of sitting down to solve the problems, you have opted to run away.

Dream of turtle eggs

Since turtles are reptiles, they reproduce by laying eggs. Seeing turtle eggs in your dream could be an indication of fertility. You will get as many children as you want. If in the dream you see hatching turtles could be an indication of the new beginning. What you have been working for is almost being accomplished.

Dream about a wounded or sick turtle

This is another turtle dream that could be sending a negative message. It could be revealing a negative message or incidence that will affect your life in the near future.

Does a turtle in a dream have a positive meaning?

Dreams about turtles: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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From the sample of turtle dreams that we have highlighted, we can confidently conclude that quite a percentage of turtle dreams tend to send positive messages. This is because turtles rarely find themselves in trouble, even when surrounded by dangerous animals.

However, some turtle dreams are interpreted as warning signs. They may be telling you to avoid certain situations or risks to remain safe.

Some dreams could be telling you to start embracing the character and attitude of turtles so that you can succeed in whichever goals that you are pursuing


Probably you have had one or more turtle dreams from the above list and you now have a clue of their meaning.

While trying to interpret turtle dreams, try to remember the state and behavior of the turtle in the dream. You should then analyze its surroundings and then come to a conclusion of the possible meaning.

It is as simple as that! You don’t always have to consult dream interpreters to deduce the meaning of your turtle dream. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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