Trees are essential to human beings in various ways, and this makes dreams about trees common. Trees cleanse the air we breathe; they prevent erosion, give us food, and are habitation for plants and animals. All these are a confirmation that our lives have a great connection with trees. Dreams about trees are significant, and they carry various meanings concerning our waking life. This article will outline different meanings of dreams about trees, and you will also understand their symbolism.

Dreams About Trees: What's Meaning and Symbolism


Dreams about trees have got both negative and positive indications in one’s life. However, most dream interpreters have linked the dream with more positivity making it a good dream. The interpretation of the dream is dependent on its context. How did the tree appear in dreams? Was it cut or uprooted? This dream appears in many ways, as this article will confirm. Spiritually, dreams about trees are connected to our emotions. Let’s look at more details about this dream.

The symbolism of dreams about trees

1.Family bond: Dream interpreters have linked this dream to symbolize family bonds. This is to say that dreams about trees could be a pointer to the relationship between you and your relatives. It means that you have strong bonds and connections to each other. On the other hand, this dream could be a signal to strengthen your family relations.

2.New opportunities: Dreams about trees could symbolize new opportunities coming our way. It is in the context of seeing a healthy tree. The opportunities could be a profitable business or job, which will translate to your life becoming better. You will also register financial growth and expansion.

3.Loss and insecurity: As earlier mentioned, dreams about trees have got negative indications. They could symbolize loss and insecurity. However, this symbolism is in the context of the dream. If you saw an unhealthy tree in your dreams, then all is not well. This signifies that you will lack protection or stability in waking life. The dream could also mean that you will suffer significant losses, affecting your emotional health.

4.Death: Dreams about trees have been known to signify death. This is to say that you might suffer health-wise in real life and might end up dying. This symbolism is in the context of dead trees. It is a bad dream, and you need to be careful in your waking life.

The meaning of dreams about trees

1.Cutting down a tree

Cutting down a tree in dreams means that you are wasting your efforts. Maybe you are focusing on something wrong that will end up draining you and bearing no fruits. The dream should tell you to use your energy in more productive things.

2.Standing under a tree in dreams

Dream about standing under a tree indicates you need to rethink about something. Maybe there are decisions you should make about something, and you need a sound mind. This could be about some critical issues in your life. Maybe a career, business, or family. However, this dream appears in many ways. If you were standing under a tree with someone else, then that’s a different meaning. It means that you need to think about your relationship with that person.

3.Seeing a tree full of green leave in dreams

A tree full of green leaves in dreams is a good dream. It means that you will experience growth, expansion, and increase. This will translate to your life becoming better. Also, this dream could mean that your family will increase; maybe someone will be pregnant soon. This dream is also associated with success in business and career.

4.Dreaming about a leaf on a tree

If you dream about a leaf on a tree, it means that you are seizing opportunities. Maybe you have gone through a demoralizing moment, and you feel drained. However, you are determined to rise and go for what you desire.

5.Beautiful trees in dreams

This is a good sign, and you have the reason to rejoice. Dreaming about beautiful trees means that your life will become enjoyable. This is to say that you will enjoy abundance and great success in your endeavors. Also, the dream indicates the presence of loving and caring people around you.

6.Dreaming about a dead tree

A dead tree in your dreams is an indicator that you feel lost and confused. Things are not working as you wanted, and you don’t know what else to do. This dream could also mean that you will encounter hindrances in life and might delay your goals. Moreover, the dream could mean that you are sick in your body, and there is a need for you to see a doctor.

7.Dry branches in a dream

This is an indicator of bad things about to happen. Seeing dry branches in dreams means that you will face disappointments and frustrations. It could be due to failed business, relationships, or betrayal from a friend. Another meaning of the dream is that you might fall sick or lack energy for life.

Dreams About Trees: What's Meaning and Symbolism


8.Planting a tree in dreams

This is one of the best dreams of trees. Planting a tree in dreams is a direct indication that you are working towards your future. This is to say that you have set your goals and are giving every effort to achieve them.  Fortunately, your hard work and efforts won’t go down the drain as they will bear fruits. This dream is an encouragement to keep on giving your best.

9.Leaves falling from a tree

If you dreamt that leaves were falling from a tree, then that is cause for alarm. This dream means that fake people surround you. This is to say there is a lot of negativity around you, and it’s draining your energy. This calls for you to embrace positivity to thrive in your environment. On the other hand, this dream could mean that you are going to lose something in life. It could be the loss of a job or something that you treasure.

10.Seeing a burnt tree in dreams

Seeing a burnt tree in dreams has a significant association with your emotions. This is to say that you are hurting and bitter due to something that happened in the past. It could be you are burning inside, and you feel the need for revenge. However, it would help if you let go of the pain and allow yourself to heal.

11.Climbing a tree in dreams

This is a good sign, and it signifies that your life is moving up successfully. Climbing a tree is a sign of promotion and growth. This could be your business or career. It means that you will achieve your goals and live the life that you desired for long.

12.Dreaming about tree roots

Dreaming about the roots of a tree means that you need to change your thinking. Maybe you have a negative image of something which is meant to benefit you.


All these are the diverse meanings of dreams about trees. You must have noted that they are related to the events of our lives. Also, the dreams symbolize our inner feelings and guide us on what needs to be done. I believe this article has enlightened you, and you now understand what your dream about trees meant. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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