Dreams are a way of communication between the conscious and the subconscious part of our minds. They are like a mirror reflecting on the happenings in our lives. They also signal out some critical messages that should never be ignored. That said, dreams about tornadoes are very common to people. A tornado is a strange destructive wind that results in people’s death and huge property damage. Dreams about tornadoes,  what’s meaning  and symbolic?

Dreams About Tornadoes Meaning And Symbolism (1)

The symbolic meaning of dreams about tornadoes

Tornadoes are symbolic and act as a pointer to the happenings in one’s life. Here are some basic symbolic meanings of dreams about tornadoes.

1.Drastic changes

Naturally, tornadoes come in a sudden and unpredictable way. Thus, dreaming about tornadoes might be an indicator of sudden changes about to happen in your life. This dream should quicken you to act and avoid things that will be destructive and costly in your life. Tornado dreams should help us prepare for what lies ahead.

2.Uncontrollable emotions

No one can control a tornado since it comes with so much power and aggression, sweeping everything on its path. The behavior of a tornado could be a reflection of someone’s emotional instability. Most people who dream about tornadoes have uncontrollable tempers. It is, therefore, vital to analyze your emotions in case you keep on having this dream. If you act and work on them, then it will save you from unnecessary fights.


In most cases, this dream invokes a lot of fear and anxiety. Dreaming about tornadoes can be quite scary. This dream is a perfect symbol of anxiety and could reflect what is happening in real life. For example, someone who dreams about a tornado coming after them could be facing situations in life that are causing him fear and anxiety.

Meanings of dreams about Tornadoes

Many people encounter this dream severally, but they don’t understand what it means. In this article, we shall look into various tornado dream meanings and their impact on someone’s life. There are uncountable meanings of this dream, and they are based on the events surrounding the tornado dream. These could be the color of the tornado, size, and shape, or even the place that it took place.

Dreams About Tornadoes- Meaning And Symbolism1 (1)

1.Surviving a tornado

This dream comes in different ways. One, you can see yourself running away from a tornado, and this could mean that there is someone you need to avoid. This person is most likely to cause you some harm. Secondly, if you dream of riding in a tornado and escape without being hurt, it could be a pointer to your desire to break away from some challenges.

2.Massive and rainy tornado water

If you happen to dream with a tornado that has heavy storms, perhaps you are about to experience a teary and painful event. Water tornadoes are known to cause massive damage, and this could reflect in your life. You might end up in a saddening and damaging scenario.

3.Black Tornado

Black is a depressing color that represents damage. Black tornadoes are a pointer to negative omens. This dream means that you are about to face a very depressing situation. If you see the tornado sweeping someone in your dream, that could mean that the person might die.

4.The collision of multiple tornadoes

Sometimes tornadoes can appear to be multiple and collide at some point. This could symbolize that you are surrounded by people who have destructive emotions that are likely to cost your relationship. Also, colliding tornadoes could mean an outburst that is going to leave you lonely after serious commotions.

5.Seeing a tornado

This is an unfavorable dream and should make you more cautious.  Seeing a tornado in your dream signifies some trouble in waiting. It could at your place of work or even at home. If you are a woman and you happen to see a tornado in your dream, it could mean you will have an argument that will cost your love relationship. However, if you see yourself far from the tornado, then that is a good indicator that you won’t experience damage.

6.Family and friends in a tornado

This is not a dream one should ignore. Your family being in a tornado could mean something terrible is about to happen to your loved ones. This dream should trigger you to be more alert about the events surrounding your family.

7.Tornado destroying objects

Naturally, tornadoes are known to be destructive. Seeing a tornado that destroys objects in your dream is a direct pointer that you’re in the midst of something that will destroy what you treasure. This dream is a pointer to pending losses, mostly financial losses.

8.Constant tornado dreams

Some people constantly dream of tornadoes. This dream means that they are trapped in constant challenges that are a great hindrance to their progress. This dream might also signify destruction around your life and losses. However, just like any tornado comes to an end, your face’s challenges will eventually end.

9.Fire Tornado

If you see yourself in a fire tornado, that is a direct pointer to a bad relationship. Though the relationship could be full of love and fiery emotions, it has very high chances of being destructive. This dream should awaken you to check on your relationships and make a well-informed decision about them.

10.An approaching tornado

This dream could be as a result of your strong intuition ability and the power to predict. If you see a tornado approaching in your dream, it means that you are about to experience a new challenge. Luckily, this dream adds up as a warning to prepare in advance on how you will face the challenge. It should help you avoid making silly mistakes that could cost you shortly. Generally, an approaching tornado is a good dream.

11.Tornado causing objects to fly in the sky

This dream is more of an emotional issue. It could signify that you are temperamental, and your reaction hurts people. If you happen to see a car fly up in the sky due to tornado, that could indicate a trap set against you to hinder your life progress.

Dreams About Tornadoes- Meaning And Symbolism


Tornadoes are naturally occurring’s phenomena, but they come with massive destruction. A Dream about tornadoes is more related to negative emotions. These dreams are also a great way of showing that your life is in danger and that you need to act. Most people who dream of tornadoes have constant challenges in their lives that, in most cases, tend to overwhelm them. Therefore, it is advisable to relax and deal with the stress if you are a victim of these dreams. The positive side of these dreams is that they come as a warning and greatly help us be safe from calamities. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary


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