Dreaming is part of everyone’s life and happens in our subconscious minds during sleep. Since time immemorial, people have sought to find dream meanings. Some believe that dreams play a major role in connecting the physical world with the spiritual one. It is believed that whatever happens in your dream has got a high chance of happening in your real life.

Dreams about Tiger- Meaning And Symbolism (1)

It is for this reason that people are advised not to ignore their dreams. Also, our emotions will dictate what we dream whenever we are asleep. In this article, we are going to look at dreams about tigers, their symbolism and meaning. This is among the common dreams that most people have. Well, there are several things about a tiger’s behavior in a dream.

The Symbolic Meaning of A Tiger

Understanding the wisdom and the nature of a tiger can be of great essence. The knowledge comes in handy in helping us understand the dream meanings.


Tigers are known to have very high instincts and a very high sense of alertness. Therefore, seeing a tiger in your dreams could mean there is a need for you to trust your instincts. Dreams about a tiger could be a wakeup call to trust our inner senses.

2)Courage over fear

Tigers are known to be courageous animals. They don’t fear anything in the jungle. Most people who dream of tigers are known to have certain fears in real life. However, this dream normally comes to develop your emotional part and shift you from fear of being courageous.


A tiger is greatly associated with power topping it up with intelligence and quietness. These are the major characters of a tiger that makes it survive in the jungle. Tigers in your dreams could be a call to wake up and use the power within you. This power could greatly translate to personal benefits.


Tiger dreams also have a way of indicating you need some solitary time. This is because a tiger has a way of being withdrawn from other animals. If you happen to see tigers in your dreams, it would mean that you need to be alone. It could also indicate that you are not comfortable wherever you are, and that might cost you.

Meaning Of Dreams About Tigers

Dreams about Tigers- Meaning And Symbolism

1)Dreaming about a tiger skin

This is a rare dream and has more to do with future engagements.  Tigers’ skin in your dreams could mean there are some pleasures that you will indulge in in the coming days. The skin is associated with things that bring excitement.

2)Hunting a tiger

Hunting tigers in your dream has a positive meaning. It could mean that you have ambitions that you are chasing, and your chances of achieving them are high. For example, in real life, you could be planning to start a business, and you happen to see yourself hunting a tiger. That would be an indicator that you are going to succeed in that ambition.

3)Walking towards a tiger

The dream comes in as a warning of some pending danger. Walking towards a tiger in a dream could be a message that you need to be set for some possible attacks or oppositions from people. These attacks could greatly hinder your progress.

4)A friendly tiger

This dream is a possible indicator of better relations. A friendly tiger dream could also mean an end to your worries and fears. Another meaning of this dream is that you could be in need of getting out of toxic relationships.

5)An aggressive tiger

This is a bad dream and means that you have some adversaries. It is an indicator of conflicts with people around you, resulting in regrets or punishments. Seeing an aggressive tiger in your dream could also be a pointer to a trap ahead of you.

6)About you Being a tiger

This is also an indicator of pending conflicts. It could be at your place of work or in a family set up. Seeing a tiger in a dream means your zeal to fight back and exercise your courage against those fighting you. This could mean that you have had enough intimidations and that you desire to fight back.

7) A tiger running away from you

This is a positive dream and an indicator of great victory. Most people who have this dream have serious battles, and therefore their desire to win causes the tiger running dream. The dream also brings about the possibility of you defeating your enemies.

8)Fighting with a tiger

Engaging with a tiger dream could have both good and bad meanings. First, if you overcame the tiger in the dream, that is a good indicator that victory awaits you. On the other hand, if the tiger defeated you, then you might fail in the coming days.

9)Tiger roaring

This dream could be making you aware of some responsibilities or undertakings that need your attention. A tiger’s roar in your dream is like an alarm that wakes you up. The roar could be encouraging you to arise and ensure you fulfill your duties.

10)A dead tiger

Most people think that this a good dream, but on the contrary, it isn’t.  A dead tiger in your dream indicates the death of your inner power. The loss of that power then exposes you to some danger that might affect you without your knowledge.

11)A tiger catching a prey

Tigers are known as good hunters, and they don’t hesitate whenever they see prey. Well, if you dream about a tiger catching prey, a promotion could be coming your way. It could also indicate authority over some people, mostly at your place of work.

Dreams about Tigers- Meaning And Symbolism

12)A tiger protecting her baby tigers

Naturally, tigers are good at mothering, and they know how to defend their young ones. Therefore, if you see a tiger shielding her babies, then this could be about your family. You could be a protective person in real life. It could be telling you to enhance your protection towards those you love.


Dreams about tigers come in various ways and meanings, as we have seen. Generally, tigers have got a lot to do with our behaviors and emotions. They come to help us improve on ourselves and transition to better people. Also, dreams with tigers give a great push towards exploiting the power within us and hunt for life-changing opportunities. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary


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