Did you ever know that every time you fall asleep, you are in a completely different world? During sleep, you are subconscious and can barely tell what’s going around. It is in our sleep that we encounter dreams. Have you ever dreamt about teeth? Well, this is a rare dream, but we can’t ignore the fact that some people have ever had a dream about teeth. If you are in the category of such people, then this is the perfect read for you. That’s because this article is going to take you through the symbolism and meaning of dreaming about teeth.

Dreams about teeth: What's Meaning and Symbolism

Dreams can happen at any time of the night. No one can precisely say the time they had a particular dream. Scientists have argued that normal dreams take between eight to 20 minutes. Additionally, it is believed that six years of a person’s entire life is spent in dreams. Also, there are those people who dream and forget what they dreamt, and some remember. Various changes in the brains cause this. These changes can support or fail to keep the information released during sleep.

There are good dreams and bad dreams. Bad dreams are the ones that cause a scare, worry, anxiety, and sometimes sicknesses. Interestingly, dreams vary between men and women. It is said that men usually have scaring dreams like war. On the other hand, women dream more about love and things that they desire. However, each dream has a meaning, and it’s the meaning that guides you in knowing what action you can take.

The symbolism of dreaming about teeth

Most things that happen in the world are associated with some symbolism. This applies to dreams as well. There are various beliefs about dreaming about teeth, and some of them are well exploited through symbolism. Below are some symbolic meanings of dreaming about teeth.

1.Personal Growth-Everyone is born without teeth, but with time, teeth start growing in their mouth. The first set of teeth is the baby teeth, which is lost, and after that, one develops the adult teeth. Therefore, dreaming about teeth could symbolize growth. This further means that the dreamer could be transitioning from one stage to another in real life.

2.Strength and PowerTeeth dreams can symbolize power. Dreaming about teeth can be related to your strength and confidence. Additionally, the dream could signify that you are gaining more control over those around you or within your locality. This dream could also signify that you are gaining root in your business or career.

3.Appearance-Naturally, teeth have a lot to say about your appearance. They play a great role in the way you look. Most people who dream about teeth are the ones who are worried about how their teeth appear. They could be discolored or even broken. This worry then shifts into their dream world, and the dream becomes frequent.

4.Desire to be NurturedDream about teeth could symbolize one’s desire to be nurtured. Most people who have this dream are the ones that are lonely and rejected. They could also have lost their parents and are wishing for parental love and care. Also, such people could be feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities, thus desiring someone to help them through.

5.Personal LossThis is mostly associated with dreaming about the loss of teeth. Loss of teeth dream could symbolize some pending losses. The loss could be in your business or family. It could also be a loss of a loved one or a colleague.  Additionally, dreaming about teeth is associated with feelings of pain that come with the loss. Naturally, the process of losing a tooth is painful.

Dreams about teeth: What's Meaning and Symbolism

Meaning of dreaming about teeth

Dreams are mostly one’s personal experience. That’s why it’s difficult for two people to have a similar dream at the same time. Many people assume that the interpretation of dreams is difficult, but on the contrary, it is not. Here are some tips on how to interpret your dreams.

1.What you felt during the DreamThis is more about your feelings. It could be you the dream gave you either good or bad feelings. The way you felt in a dream plays a great role in interpreting a dream. Bad dreams cause fear and anxiety, while good ones cause happiness and peace.

2.PlaceThe place where you saw yourself in a dream also comes in handy during dream interpretation. It could be a familiar place or a strange one.

3.PepleThe people that appear in your dream are also significant in dream interpretation. These people could be your friends or your enemies. Also, their attitude towards you is a great factor to look into.

Let us now look at the meaning of dreams about teeth.

1.Crumbling your teeth

The crumbling of teeth is very uncomfortable. This dream means that you are going through a series of challenges. Dream about crumbling teeth can also mean that you are feeling weak and powerless. It also means loss of control in your life, especially against our adversaries. Moreover, the dream could come due to fear of old age.

2.Rotten teeth

This dream could mean that you are about to go through a loss. It could be a job loss or loss of business profits. The loss could also be of people you love. Dreams about rotten teeth also signify a gradual change in life. The dream could be about your health or physical appearance. Another meaning of dreaming about rotten eggs is the fear of society. Usually, people with rotten teeth fear being in crowds, and that could cause the dream.

3.Teeth breaking

Dreams about broken teeth point to feelings of insecurities or embarrassments. That means you can get in awkward places or do things that might cause you shame. People who dream about broken teeth are fearful about their life secrets being exposed. That’s because the exposure could cost them their respect. This dream could also be pushing you to make major amendments in your life.

4.Missing teeth

Dreams about missing teeth are common. They signify there could be some loss of valuables in your life. It could also mean that you are going to experience loss of dignity. The loss could be triggered by people who are against you. Additionally, the dream means that you are worried about the condition of your teeth. This further leads you to fear the shame that may come when you miss your teeth.

5.Growing teeth

This is a good dream, and it’s also common. Dreams about growing teeth mean that you have attained new wisdom. This wisdom is meant to help you make more informed decisions in life. It can also help you assist people in crisis. Dreams about growing teeth also mean that you have started a new venture, and it is going to succeed.

6.Extracting one’s teeth

This dream points to the relationship between you and those close to you. It could mean that you are not supporting them. Additionally, dreams about extracting one’s teeth could mean that you are unwillingly spending. Mean people are the ones who usually have this dream.

7.Teeth falling on the ground

This is a bad dream, and the dreamer should be careful. Dreams about teeth falling on the ground mean death. The death could be as a result of a long term ailment or accident. Additionally, this death could happen to you or people you know. Another meaning of a falling tooth is encounters of sorrows, pain, and distress in your life. Falling of teeth could further signify paying off debts owed to people.

8.Collecting one’s lost teeth

When you collect someone’s teeth in a dream, then you have a reason to be happy. That’s because collecting one’s teeth in a dream means longevity. It means that you are going to live for a long and impact people’s lives positively.

9.Brushing someone’s teeth

Brushing our teeth is a daily routine. Often, people dream of brushing other people’s teeth. Well, this is a good dream, and one should not worry about it. The dream means that you are a supportive person. You could be giving material, spiritual, financial, or emotional support to people around you.

10.Having a painful tooth

Dreaming about a painful tooth is scary. A toothache subjects someone to too much pain and torment. Therefore, experiencing this pain in your dreams means that you will receive bad news from a relative. The news is most likely to cause you pain. The dream could further mean that people close to you are backbiting you without your knowledge.


Dreams are natural happenings in everyone’s life. The problem with dreams comes when one forgets about what they dreamt. Also, failing to understand the meaning of your dream should also worrying. However, one should understand that dreams signify what is happening in our daily life. That means dreams could point to our feelings, wishes, and desires, or even our worries. Some of them come to inspire us to be better or be more careful about our trends. Well, dreams about teeth are not very common, but they have strong impacts on a dreamer’s life. Generally, dreaming about teeth is a prediction of what will happen in one’s life. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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