Most dreams are created from our subconscious state of mind which can either be exciting or terrifying stuff. While we all look forward to having the best dreams-the one that we will wish they are reality. However, this is not always the case. Most of the time we tend to dream of terrifying incidents.

Falling off a cliff, being attack by an animal, or fighting off a monster are just some of them. In some cases, the main character of your dream is an animal that has found a haven in your home: Spider. Regardless of how good your housekeeping skills are, you may still be housing some spiders. So, don’t be surprised when they form part of your dream.

Spiders are scary, right. Although there are some people who find these arachnids friendly, most of us have an innate fear of these arachnids. The same can be translated to the spider dreams: Most of them are scary.

On the flipside, spider dreams don’t always have to be negative. There are some positive aspects of such dreams. Keep in mind that different cultures across the universe have different beliefs about spiders. So, it is naturally expected that

spider dreams will derive different meanings.

Dreams About Spiders: What’s Meaning and Symbolism

Symbols of Spider

Before we even look at the spider dreams, let’s have a brief look at how different cultures perceive spiders. From the symbols, you will have an easy time deriving the meanings of the dreams that are associated with these eight-legged creatures.


By looking at the spider web you can tell that these creatures have the capability and creativity to create something beautiful.

Spiders represent knowledge, diligence, and creativity of building something that can be depended on for shelter. In fact, the 8 legs of a spider symbolize the infinite possibilities of these creatures.

Dreams About Spiders: What’s Meaning and Symbolism

Feminine Energy

Some folktales and websites tend to associate spiders to the dream world. In fact, Spirit Animal backs this up with the explanation of the ability of spiders to weave something beautiful where her offsprings will live.

Some feminine characters that are derived from spiders include patience, creativity, and receptivity. We can authoritatively conclude that a spider dream could represent a female that you have encountered in your life. Chances are that this person could be bringing feminine aspects into your life.

Toxic Forces

Once a prey finds itself in the spider web, it will be entangled in a network of toxicity. This is what a spider dream can symbolize. It could be an indication of toxic people or toxic situation that is in your life.

According to a Hack to Sleep post, some of the toxic aspects of life that could be represented by spiders include relationships, addictions, bad habits, negative physical and emotional states of your body.

Progressing on your goals

Spiders are known for their patience, especially when it comes to weaving their webs or even killing their prey. The result is usually a piece of work that can be admired by anyone.

A dream of spider can symbolize that you are moving forward with your life goals. It can be at work, business, or even your social life. If in the dream the spider is struggling, this means that your journey will also face some rough patches. You will achieve the goals as long as you remain focused.

Looming anxieties

There are unique occasions where spiders can be seen descending from the air then they remain suspended on an invisible chord. They will neither go down or up. In most cases, they will come too close to your comfort.

Having a dream of such an incident could symbolize the anxiety aspect of life. You don’t know what will happen next. Will the spider continue descending, start going up or will it attack you?

Dreams About Spiders- What’s Meaning and Symbolism

Common Spider Dreams and their Meanings

From the symbols that we have listed, you can tell that spiders can bring either positive or negative meaning. So, what happens when you dream about them?

Let’s look at some of the most common spider dreams and the meanings that they have in the real life scenarios.

Dream of killing a spider

If in the dream you are killing a spider, this may be a revelation of the courageous side of you. Since spiders are among the most-feared creatures, it will show that you are not afraid to face your fears.

The creepy nature of spiders could also symbolize your dark past. By killing, it shows that you are now ready to confront your dark pasts and forge ahead to a new life.

Killing a spider will symbolize the victory that you have just overcome after dealing with a difficult situation.

Dream of a giant spider

This is one of the most common spider dreams. Dreaming of a giant spider can mean that there is a big issue in your life that has ballooned and needs to be solved. It has reached a point where you can no longer afford to ignore.

In most cases, the giant spider could be your feelings towards a situation. It could also be an issue that you have been ignoring for too long and now it is evolving into something critical.

Dream of a spider weaving a web

As we have already mentioned spider webs can symbolize creation or building. So, if your dream entails spider weaving a web, this could mean that you are thinking of building something.

The web will signify a project that you are designing or you are planning to undertake. Whether it is big or small, it will manifest itself through such a dream.

A spider well can also symbolize connections. It reveals how we are all connected. If the spider is weaving the web, it means that in your life, you are in the process of building connections with different people.

Being eaten by a spider

Sounds like one of the most terrifying spider dreams, right? While this dream will leave you sweating profusely, it has a deep meaning.

The dream of being swallowed by a spider can imply that you are being overwhelmed by some of your worst fears. This can be grief, anxiety, or even heartbreak.

This dream symbolizes that you may be facing a serious problem in your life which you are afraid of dealing but you know vividly that you will eventually have to deal with it. Although ignoring the problem may seem to be a temporary solution, the outcome will remain the same.

Dreaming being chased by a spider

This one seems to be safer than the one being eaten by a spider. It is also associated with problems and here you will be running away from the problems that you are currently facing in life.

In most cases, you have zero control over such issues, and running away will be the best solution.

Dreaming of cobwebs

When you see a house or building with cobwebs, we tend to assume that it has been neglected. Nobody cares about it. The same applies when you see cobwebs in your dream.

The cobweb could mean that you have issues in your life that you have neglected. This can be relationships or even important projects.

The dream may be one way of telling you that you need to focus on those issues that you have been neglecting.

If you dream of seeing many spiders

Everywhere you turn you are seeing many spiders. Some are large while others are small. They may be coming towards you or they are minding their own business. What could this mean?

Multiple spiders in your dream could indicate that the current problems are almost overwhelming you. You are at a situation of your life where you are dealing with too many issues such that you don’t know where to start from or what step to take.

Dream of rescuing a spider

Although it is the rarest kind of spider dream, you can still dream of saving a frail spider and keeping it in a safer place.

Such a dream could be a reminder that you need to be gentle with yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself or strain on the issues that are handling.

Dreams About Spiders- What’s Meaning and Symbolism


When you dream about spiders, it is important to take note of the details about the dream. They will help you find the true meaning of the dream.

You should be keen on matters such as the location of the dream, the people on the dream, sounds, colors, and even numbers that were visible around the dream.

From the details, you can derive the symbols and even the accurate meaning of the dream.

Learning to interpret spider dreams will help you to erase any fears that are associated with these arachnids. You will discover that some dreams are associated with positivity, unlike the popular notion.

Before deriving any meaning from the dream, you should start by evaluating your feelings towards the spiders. If you have never-ending fears towards these crawling creatures, then the dreams could be as a result of the subconscious fears which will surface themselves in the form of nightmares. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary


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