Dreaming is a natural part of every human being. It is inevitable, and whether we remember what we dreamt or not, our subconscious mind must communicate through dreaming. Well, dreams vary in various ways. Some are terrifying, others confusing, and some are exciting. Mostly, the daily happenings of our lives are the ones that dictate our dream world.

Scientists argue that whatever affects human life affects their sleeping world. Dreaming is greatly attached to emotions and thoughts. Most people who dream about something have a high chance of experiencing the same in their real life. In this article, we are going to look at the meaning of dreaming about someone. This is a familiar dream, and sometimes it’s about the people we like or those close to us. What does it mean when you dream about someone?

The symbolism of dreaming with someone

There are several symbolic meanings of dreaming about someone, as discussed below.


According to most researchers, this dream is thought to be more of a personality issue. Most people dream about the people whose personalities they admire. The inspiration they get from these people could trigger their dreams about them. Also, it could be because of the relationship between the dreamer and the person in the dream. Often, the connection happens to be a good one.


This dream is a common one for lovers. Dreaming about someone could symbolize your feelings or admiration about them. The dream brings out feelings of confidence, assurance, and acceptance if the person in your dream likes you in real life. On the contrary, if you dream about someone disliking you, that could mean that the person has resentment towards you, which could be a pointer to a dying relationship.

 3.Events about to happen

The dream also symbolizes things about to happen in the life of the person you saw. It could be something good or bad. Such a dream comes as an alert, and you should not take it lightly. For example, if you dream about someone crying, that could mean that the person is going through a saddening season. The dream could be telling you that you need to stand with that person. Dreaming about someone is a great way of telling us what is happening in that person’s life.

What does it mean when you dream about someone

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Meaning of dreams about someone

People appearing in our dreams is not rocket science, and that’s because human beings are part of our lives. They could be our relatives, colleagues at work, or even neighbors. However, that should not make us ignorant of such dreams. An important factor in interpretations of these dreams is how the person appeared and his activities in the dream. Also, the place you saw the person in the dream is of great significance in dream interpretation. Below is a broad discussion of various meanings of dreaming about someone.

1.Dreaming about someone you used to know

Dreaming about someone you know could be an indicator that you miss them. Maybe you have not seen each other for long, and therefore the dream comes to push for a reunion. Also, this dream could be caused by the good things this person did to you. Mostly, when people do us good, we treasure and keep their memories, and these memories might appear in the form of dreams.

2.Dreaming about a stranger

This dream is a great picture of the power of your mind in that your mind processes someone you don’t know. This dream is more about how you feel about your self-esteem. Strangers in the dream indicate that we have put very low value for ourselves. If you dream about strangers surrounding you, it could be a wakeup call to stop being so good to people. This dream could be telling you to start claiming what is yours, and that could be a door opener to opportunities in your life.

3.Dreaming about someone chasing you

This is a scary, sweaty dream that causes a lot of anxiety. It has some emotional attachment in that you could avoiding something that is fearful or even painful. Also, the dream could be a warning about some adversaries seeking to cause you some harm. If you dream about someone chasing you, then it could mean that there is danger ahead of you and, therefore, the need to be cautious.

4.Dreaming about a famous person

This is a common dream among faithful fans of certain celebrities, and they are called celebrity dreams. Dreaming about a famous person happens because of your loyalty to that person. Maybe you spend a lot of time watching the person or even listening to his music. This connection is then transferred to your subconscious mind, and it signifies your love for that celebrity. It could also mean that you wish to become like them. Another meaning of this dream is that you are going to be rich, and your life will change. It signifies promotion.

5.Dreaming about a family Member

This dream is likely to happen if we miss the members of our family. The attachment between family members is huge and causes people to dream about their family members regularly. If someone came from a divided family, they might have bad dreams about their loved ones; this could signify their pain in the family. On the contrary, if you come from a loving family, the dream could be about good things to do with the love you feel for your loved ones.

6.Dreaming about someone who died

Dreams about dead people are also very common, and most people who have lost their loved ones get such dreams. It means a space in our hearts misses that person, and we have not healed from the loss. If you dream of a person who used to be good to you, it could mean that you miss their good deeds and wish they were alive for you. Some people will dream about being surrounded by dead people, well, this is a bad dream, and it means your life is in danger; hence you need to be cautious.

7.Having sex with someone

Sex is a very common activity among human beings, and therefore dreams about sex are not strange to many. This mostly happens to people in love. The strong feelings they have towards each other trigger their desire for sexual satisfaction, and end up dreaming. However, this dream is not good and could indicate that your partner is cheating on you. If you happen to dream about having sex with a relative, it could mean that there are qualities you strongly admire in them. This is a fascinating dream and has diverse meanings.

8.Running towards someone

When you run towards someone in a dream, they could have positively or negatively impacted your life. Someone running towards you in your dreams could mean the relationship between the two of you is toxic, and you need to end it, but it isn’t easy. On the other hand, the dream could mean that you are pursuing goals and success. It could also indicate that you are overcoming certain obstacles in your life.

9.Dream about running alongside someone

Running alongside someone is a good dream. The dream could be revealing your character of kindness and generosity towards people. It is more about caring and the gift to nurture other people. It could also mean your desire to spend time with them and share your affection. Another meaning of this dream is that you could have attained a new relationship and that you are happy about it.

10.Dream about beating someone

Dreams about beating someone are an indicator of some resentment that you have against someone. It could be the person who hurt you, and you never healed from th ordeal. That hidden pain is the one that causes you to dream about the person. The reappearance of these dreams could mean that you need to resolve the issue with the person. If you happen to dream about beating a stranger, it could mean that you have feelings of loss, and it’s like you are uncertain about something.

11.Dream about someone beating you

If you see a stranger beating you in the dream, it could mean that you are about to face a problem that will drain you. This problem is likely to take a long time before finding it’s the solution. Some people also dream about police beating them. It means that you could be caught in a criminal activity that will hand you over to authorities. Dreams about police beating come as a warning. Additionally, some people dream of being beaten by a doctor.  Sounds funny right? Well, his dream could be an indicator that you have neglected your health.

12.Dreams about someone laughing

Laughter is a sign of happiness. Seeing someone laughing in a dream could mean the person needs to take a break. It could be because they are fatigued, and they need to have some joyful moments. When someone laughs at you in a dream, it could signify that there is something about you that you have conserved and are worried about people knowing about it.

13.Someone sleeping in a dream

It is funny to sleep and dream about someone sleeping. Though this is a rare dream, it has its implications. When you dream about someone sleeping, it could mean that the person is not aware of what he needs to focus on. The dream means that the person has not yet seen the reality, and there is a need for him to wake up and act. Additionally, if you dream about someone sleeping next to you, it could mean that you have issues with the person but are scared of bringing them out.

14.Someone dying in your dream

Dreams about death are among the most common dreams that people have. It is feared that the dream is basically about bad things about to happen. On the contrary, this dream is not always about bad things. Its positive implication could be that you need to transition or make some changes in your life. It could also be an indicator of your need to mature up and do things more responsibly.

14.Someone stealing from you

This is not a good dream to have because, generally, stealing is wrong. You might dream about someone stealing your money, your car, or things that you value. This dream connects to your work and the losses you are about to incur. The stealing could eventually affect the direction of your life. Also, this dream could indicate that your destiny is at stake and that you need to act. If you dream about your partner stealing from you, it could mean that the relationship is draining you, and you are not happy. This dream comes as a warning.

15.Someone swimming

This dream is interpreted as a positive sign meaning some completion. It could mean that the person who was swimming in the dream had gone through some challenges, but he managed to overcome it. This dream could indicate the success of that person either in business or career. Additionally, someone swimming in dirty water could signify some pending battles that the person might go through. It could be a family breakdown or some serious illness.

16.Someone eating

Food symbolizes our health and could also represent our relationships. Food in a dream could mean many things depending on the type of food that this person was eating. Generally, food is a sign of abundance and an increase in wealth and resources. If you dream about someone eating good food, the dream could mean that the person is about to experience abundance and remarkable prosperity.

What does it mean when you dream about someone

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Dreams are natural and happen to all people. However, it becomes a problem when one dreams and forgets or fails to get the meaning of their dreams. Since most of them happen to point out some things in our lives that need attention, we should never ignore what we dream. This is because dreams are greatly connected to our real lives and can expose things that require us to be better or more cautious. Dreaming about someone is common, and most people have dreamt of these dreams severally in their lifetime. In this article, we have seen the various meanings of dreams about someone. They are generally connected to our feelings and the feelings that we have towards the person in the dreams.If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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