Dreams about snow are quite common, especially if you live in parts of the world that are prone to the coldest winter. Since snow is white and this color is usually associated with positivity, you can easily assume that the dream about snow is a sign of good things to come.

However, before you make this conclusion, you should recognize the fact that snow can symbolize different things in the spiritual and psychological world. Not all the symbols are positive signs.

Also, there are different types of snow that will appear in a dream and each type may be carrying a unique message. Read on as we break down the symbols and meanings of snow dreams.

Dreams About Snow:What's Meaning and Symbolism

Symbols of dream of Snow

What does seeing snow in a dream symbolize? Snow can symbolize different aspects of life depending on where you saw it and its state.

The snow that is still in the frozen form could be a symbol of the cold state of our emotions. This is due to the fact that in most cases, water in the dream is used for representing emotions. The snow can also symbolize a cold or dull mood.

Snow in the dream can also symbolize a transition from one state of life to another. This is accurate if in the dream water changing its state from liquid to snow or vice versa. Probably you are thinking of making major changes in your life.

Snow as a dream can be a symbol of magic and purity. If the snow is pure white free of blemishes, this could be a sign of something in your life that does not have any mistakes or impurities. Maybe you are mentally stable or someone that has come into your life does not have a dark past.

Snow in a dream can be a symbol of something that is blocking you from achieving something. This symbol is derived from the fact that snow can block you from viewing objects beneath it.

Dreams About Snow:What's Meaning and Symbolism

Common Snow Dreams and their Meanings

Without further ado, let’s delve into the most common storm dreams and drive to derive their meanings.

Dream of seeing Snowstorm

A dream of a snowstorm or even blizzard will leave you frightened and scary. The free-falling storm can be painful and is capable of causing massive destruction. If you are not well-protected, you will be left in a state of hopelessness. A snowstorm could have been a symbol of the difficult situation that you are going through or is about to befall you. The dream could be warning you of an upcoming difficult situation so you need to deploy adequate protective mechanisms. This meaning is more accurate if the snowstorm is accompanied by dark clouds.

Dream of seeing snowflakes

In the dream about snow, you may see individual snowflakes. Apart from beauty, each snowflake is unique and has different patterns from others. The dream could be conveying the message of uniqueness. It could be telling you that you don’t have to be like others in order to achieve a particular goal.

Dream about a snow melting

Snow will start to melt when the conditions become warmer. The dream could be symbolizing a transition from the cold state to a warmer and more friendly state. It could be sending you a message that you are about to exit your dark past and start living in a better place.

Dream about driving and walking through snow

Walking or driving through snow requires maximum attention. Otherwise, you won’t be impressed with the outcome. The dream could be sending a message that you need to be more cautious in whatever you are doing or even with the people around you. Move slowly and stealthily to avoid falling. If there is heavy snow falling as you are traveling, the dream could mean that there are factors in life that are clouding your ability to make sound judgments.

Dream about plowing and shoveling snow

In the dream, you may be shoveling snow that has accumulated on the road making it impassable. The act of shoveling will make the road usable. The dream could be a reflection of your will and zeal to help others. However, if in the dream you are doing the job in anger and bitterness, the dream could mean that you have been forced to deliver a service.

Dream about being buried and trapped in snow

In the dream, you may be buried under a stack of snow and you are not able to get out on your own. The snow in this dream could represent the burden that is overwhelming you. If the snow comes in the form of an avalanche, it could mean that many responsibilities have been shoved to you. On the other hand, if you completely buried yourself under the snow, it could mean that there are parts of you that you don’t want other people to know or see.

Dream about snow-capped mountain

Dreams About Snow:What's Meaning and Symbolism

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The dream of a completely snow-capped mountain could be telling you that you will achieve your goals to the fullest. However, the reverse is true if the mountain peak is partially filled with snow. It could mean that you will not achieve all of your goals. If the snow on the mountain start melting the dream could be sending a message that you need to move to the next stage of life after achieving your current goal.

Dream about dirt and stained snow on the ground

Since pure snow is a symbol of perfection and innocence, dirty snow is a symbol of a dirty heart or an ill intention. In this dream, the size of the dirty portion could be an indication of the level of impurity.

Dream about eating snow

Do you remember eating snow when you were a kid? Having such a dream could be an indication of the innocence of a child or a youth. The same meaning applies when you dream about playing in the snow.

Wrap up

As you can see, snow dreams aren’t that complex to interpret. All you need is to remember the state of the snow, where you saw the snow, and what you were doing. You can then try to compare the dream with your current life situation. Is there any snow dream that you think we should add to this list? Share it and let us know. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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