It is the nature of every human being to dream whenever they fall asleep. Dreams are ineluctable, and no one chooses what to dream whenever they fall asleep. There are a thousand types of dreams, and a normal human being can have in a night. One of the most common dreams that frequently occurs to people is the dreams about snakes. These dreams have different meanings and symbolism.

Naturally, a snake is a creature that elicits fear and commands respect from people. They are hypocritical creatures and will bite you unaware, posing a great danger to your life. Whenever you see snakes in your dreams, you must puzzle out their meaning and symbolism. That’s because it is a way of making a person whole. Snakes in your dream reveal one’s rooted desires, wounds, fears and can consequently help one heal and evolve into a better person. Secondly, these snake dreams can have various meanings that can be confusing at times. But worry not, some guidelines can help you get to the reason as to why you saw the snakes in your dream. Here are some basic ways that can guide you in understanding snake dreams.

  • Record your Dreams-This helps you to remember and relate the dream with the happenings in your life.
  • Identify your feelings in the dream.
  • Connect the recurring thoughts in your dreams with your daily activities.
  • Check into the elements in the dream or characters involved in the dream.

In this article, we will look at dreams about snakes, their meaning, and symbolism. Well, this dream is not a pleasant one and is mostly associated with negativity. However, dreaming about snakes does not always point to bad things.

dreams about snakes

Symbolism of snakes

Different cultures and religions accredit different symbolic meanings to snakes. However, here are the fundamental and standard symbolic meaning of snakes in a dream.

1.Anxieties and worries

Most people are scared whenever they see a snake, and that’s because it is associated with venomous substances. Therefore, dreaming about a snake is a sign that you are afraid of something in real life. It could be fear of the known or unknown.

2.Wisdom and knowledge

In some cultures, snakes are associated with wisdom and being smart. A snake is believed to know piles of earth’s secrets. Based on this symbol, a snake in your dream may mean that you aspire for more knowledge. It could indicate that you are wise, or you are seeking answers to some mysteries.


Snakes have the habit of shedding off their skin at a particular stage of their life. If someone is going through seasons of hardships and struggles, they might dream of snakes. This could symbolically mean that there is a renewal or a rebirth of things that would pull them from their predicaments.

4.Hidden threats

Snakes are cunning and hard to find. They know how to hide in the bushy areas waiting to attack their prey. Therefore, seeing a snake in your dream could indicate that there are pending threats that are poisonous and painful ahead of you.


Serpents are associated with venom and medicine. This venom has some connection with certain plant chemicals and fungi that carry healing power. Some cultures take snake as an enigma of healing, earning it some honor. Also, its ability to shed off its skin symbolizes new things, which can be related to healing.

Meaning of dreams about snakes 

1.Dead snake in the dream

A dead snake in the dream is positive. This means a breakthrough after a period of difficult happenings in your life. This dream would further mean freedom from a specific type of bondage marking new things.

2.A large number of snakes

This is not a good indicator. It means that the dreamer could be overwhelmed by issues. The snakes could also be surrounding you in the dream. This means that you are trapped, and your journey is full of hiccups, pitfalls, or else disappointments that await you.

3.Being bitten by a snake

A snake bite is naturally not a good thing. It is painful and deadly. When a snake bites in the dream, it could signify some poisoning or introduction harmful and evil things into your life. It could also mean that there are people with wicked intentions against you.

4.Killing a snake

This dream generally means victory. It could be a victory over sinful habits or overcoming some negative desire. Killing a snake in the dream could also signify victory over a particular enemy that could have been fighting you. This dream could also be a pointer to a new season in your life, mostly a season free from troubles and challenges. This dream also signifies the beginning of monetary fortunes.

5.A snake coming out of your body

This dream means that you have some bad habits that could cause a significant commotion with people. On the positive side, these snakes coming out of your body could mean overcoming some character traits and freedom from them.

6.Dream about black snakes

The color black generally symbolizes bitterness or hard feelings that are dominating you. This dream might be depicting your lousy side that is affecting people. Black snakes in your dream also mean that there is someone with a habit that is irritating you. Moreover, it might mean that something in your life has trapped you, and you can’t stand it. Generally, a black snake in your dreams signifies terrible things.

8.Burning Snakes

This dream might represent your strong desire to deal with people you dislike in a vindictive way. These people either hurt you or were unfair to you. Another meaning is a conflict or disagreement in waiting between you and the people close to you. Dreams about burning snakes could be a pointer to feelings of jealousy or hatred that are significantly affecting your life.

9.Dreaming with a snakehead

A snakehead signifies a dangerous scenario or issues that needs you to take critical and immediate action. Secondly, the dream could be a pointer to things that you have procrastinated for long and that you must solve. Failing to solve them might lead to a regrettable outcome.

10.Cutting a snake’s head

This is a positive dream that could indicate that you are shedding off some lousy character you carried for long. Additionally, cutting the head of a snake in the dream could mean drawing a boundary between you and some relations. These relations are toxic or unproductive ones.

11.Snakes on the road

A road symbolizes direction and is mostly associated with one’s life. Seeing a snake on the street in your dream may mean that you are about to make a risky decision. This could be in your business, career, or family. Another meaning of this dream is that there are obstacles in waiting that could hinder your progress. They could be losses or sicknesses.

12.Someone throwing a snake to you

This could mean that your worst fears are coming into reality. It could be the fear of losing a loved one or a business deal. On the other hand, someone throwing a snake at you means disappointment from someone you looked up to. It could signify that there is a disconnection between you and the person.

13. A snake turning into a woman

In most cases, this dream is scary to people. If, after turning the snake seemed aggressive, it could mean there is a woman in your life that is either causing you pain and feelings of anxiety. Contrarily, if the snake appeared to be friendly in the dream, then it could point to your desire for sexual engagement with a woman.

14.Seeing a snake in your house

Dreams about seeing snakes in your house are customary. A house symbolizes your family, source of income, or something essential to you. However, this dream has three meanings. The first one could be having problems with your wife, kids, or close relatives. Secondly, if you don’t have a family, it is a pointer to someone who lives near you. This dream could mean that your relationship with this person is not good. Lastly, a snake in your house could mean you are experiencing financial challenges.

15.Two-headed snake

A two-headed snake means you are indecisive and torn between two sides of a thing. It also means that your actions are causing multiple repercussions. This dream is meant to make you consider the happenings in your life and make well-informed decisions regarding that.


Dreaming about snakes is ordinary, just like other dreams. The various discussed meanings are personal and depend on what you experienced when dreaming. Although the snake is associated with so many negative things, you should not be over-worried. If the dreams didn’t leave you worried and anxious, then you should not fear since they could indicate good things coming your way. However, these dreams should not be ignored, and they should encourage you to review your life and consider making some adjustments. That’s because some of these dreams are bound to happen. In case you find them overwhelming, you can seek either traditional, religion, or even professional help.If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary.


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