Dreams About Singing: Meanings and Symbolism

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Singing is an engrossing yet versatile type of activity. It is something that can be done by people of different ages and for different purposes. Babies, toddlers, teenagers, and adults sing different songs. Also, there are different genres of songs and each one has a special meaning.

Dreams about singing are quite common and they come in many different ways. The most important thing about such dreams is to get the message that the dream is trying to convey. While it is easy to assume that it was just a dream, this is not the best decision to make about such dreams.

Try as much as possible to remember the details of the dream and then interpret it so that you get its actual meaning.

Did you dream about singing but didn’t get the message that the dream was trying to convey? I am here to help you. All you need is to spare a few minutes as we expound on the meanings and symbolism of the dreams about singing.

What Does Singing in a Dream Symbolize?

There are many reasons why people sing. These reasons can still form the basis of your dream. They will help you decipher the meaning of the dream.

Singing is used as a form of communication. You can use it to communicate to yourself, other people, or even to the spiritual world. So, by singing in the dream, you may be intending to pass a message concerning your life. The message of the song will depend on the lyrics or the type of song that you sing.

Singing in a dream can also symbolize your emotions.  You can sing a sad song or a happy song to express how you are feeling. The act of singing or hearing a song will be a reflection of your current state of mind or the current events in the real life.

Singing can symbolize the frustrations disappointments that you are dealing with. It can also be a prediction of the sadness that you are about to face. At the same time, it can be an expression of joy, victory, and happiness in your life.

Singing in a dream can also be used to symbolize the connection or relationship that you have with other people. This is perfectly expressed if you are singing to other people and how they are responding to your singing will tell the kind of connection that you have.

We cannot overrule the fact that singing can symbolize entertainment. Most of us listen to songs or even sing just to feel good. So, the dream could be trying to tell you that you need to get out and entertain yourself.

Meanings and Interpretations  of Common Dreams about Singing

The general meaning of the dreams about singing

Generally, singing in a dream can a reflection of your emotions. You have strong feelings towards something or someone and your subconscious expresses it by singing in the dream.

How you will interpret the dream will first depend on the singer. If someone else is singing, the dream could mean that you should pay attention to people close to you. There could be someone who is yearning for your attention. If you are the one singing, the dream could be revealing the emotions that you have about someone or something. The emotions may be too strong that you have opted to let them out through singing.

Dream about singing so perfectly

In the dream, you happened to sing so perfectly that you loved every bit of it. This dream will be sending a positive message about your life.

Singing well could symbolize that you are at a perfect place in life. Everything seems to be perfect and you have very few things to worry about. This is why you are happy.

Perfect singing can be a reflection of your positive emotions It may be a reminder that you need to stay positive no matter what you are going through. It may also be a reminder about the need to have high self-esteem.

Dream about singing badly

The dream about singing badly, whether in a public event or even alone, is a reflection of negative emotions. The dream could signify your anxiety and lack of self-confidence.

You may be singing badly because are afraid of performing in front of other people. You fear what they will think of you.

The dream could be sending a message that it is time to keep your head up. Accept your flaws and be yourself. Lack of self-belief could be the main impediment to your growth and progress.

Awkward singing could also be a prediction that you will soon experience public backlash. However, you should try not to be demoralized by other people’s opinions about you.

Dream about other people singing

In this dream, you take a backseat by listening to other people sing. The dream could mean that you are yearning for freedom. Probably you have been actively engaging in some activities and now you want others to take over the role.

This dream could also symbolize finding the support that you need so you can step aside and let other people do some of your work.

Dream about strangers singing

In this dream, you are listening to unknown people singing. This dream has a negative meaning. It could mean that people close to you will encounter different challenges soon. The dream could be telling you to offer the help that they will need when that time comes.

Dream about singing in a choir

Dreams About Singing: Meanings and Symbolism

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The dream about singing in a choir or any other organized group means that in your life you are surrounded by supportive people. Those people are eager to work with you so that all of you can succeed in your goals. However, this meaning sticks only if the singing is harmonious.

On the other hand, if the singing in the choir seems to be out of tune, the dream could mean that you are surrounded by the wrong people. You may not achieve your goals if you remain in that group.

Also, if in the dream you tend not to fit in the group, this could be a revelation of a negative trait about you. Probably you an attitude that makes other people uncomfortable. You should consider changing your ways to coexist with other people.

Dream about singing in a church

Singing in a  church is a sign of spiritual connection. The dream could be a symbol of your spirituality whereby you are trying to enhance your spiritual world. Maybe you are hoping to receive some kind of blessings and inheritance that comes with your spiritual beliefs.

Singing in a church can also be a sign of love, gratitude, and prosperity.

In the same context, you can dream about singing religious songs.  This dream also means you are yearning for a spiritual connection and growth. It also signifies the thirst for peace and mental stability.

Dream about singing in a funeral

Singing at someone’s funeral could be a prediction of something bad that is about to happen. Probably you are going to lose someone that you love.

Dream about singing at a wedding

The dream that entails singing at a wedding could be a prediction of something good that is about to happen in your life. It could mean that you will attend a wedding soon.

Dream about signing and listening to a love song

The message of this dream is direct and straightforward. It could be an indication that you are in love or you are about to meet your love.

If you have just ended the relationship and you dream about singing a love song, this could signify that you have not moved on. You are still stuck in your past relationship hoping that your ex will come back.

Dream about someone else singing

Someone else singing could mean that the person is trying to communicate with you.  In such a dream, you should pay attention to the words in the song. They will help you know the message that the person was trying to convey.

Someone else singing could also mean that you need to talk to somebody about your issues. Don’t suppress your feelings.

Dreams About Singing: Meanings and Symbolism

Dream about singing alone

Singing alone could be a symbol of loneliness. You have nobody to talk to or interact with. The dream could also signify that you are trying to find yourself and establish your identity.


There you have it!  After reading this post, you should now be in a perfect position to know the meaning of the dreams about singing. You can even interpret it to someone who comes to you seeking advice about such dreams.

While trying to find the meaning of the dream, it is critical to remember fine details of the dream such as the type of voice,  the type of song, where you were singing, your emotional state while singing, and your audience(if it was there) among others.

Once you collect all these details, you can then try to relate them to your current life.  From there, you will be able to find the most accurate interpretation and meaning of the dream about singing.

Would you like to add anything with regards to the dreams about singing? We will be glad if you would share it. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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