Dreams About Shark: What’s Meaning and Symbolism


Have you ever seen a shark in real-life? Even if not, you must have seen it on various media platforms and learned about its behavior. Now, think about dreaming about a shark. There is a high chance that you will interpret that dream as a nightmare. This could be because sharks are often associated with negative activities. They are known for being ferocious especially when handling their prey.

All is not gloom. Some dreams about sharks have positive messages. They could be bearing good news about your life. So, you should not be swift to dismiss such dreams.

How can I tell the meaning of a dream about a shark? This is the core reason for this post. We are here to help you find the true meaning of such dreams. Just spare a few moments to read this post to the very end.

Symbols of Shark in a Dream

To interpret any dream about a shark, you should start by knowing the imagery or symbol of sharks. The symbols are derived from the behavior and physical nature of sharks. Here are the most common symbols of sharks in a dream:

Shark as a symbol of fear

Your first reaction at the sight of a shark is fear.  Sharks are feared by both human beings and other water animals. In a dream, this can symbolize a powerful enemy who is making you shudder in fear. How you behave when near a shark will determine the interpretation and meaning of the dream.

Shark as a symbol of emotions

Most underwater creatures such as sharks are used to symbolize emotions. This is to imply that the behavior of sharks in water will help you know the kind of emotions that is presented in the dream.

Some of the most common emotional symbols about sharks include anger, jealousy, ruthlessness, and hostility. All these are derived directly from the emotional characteristics of sharks. These emotions may not be entirely connected to you but those surrounding you. Maybe there is someone hostile or ruthless with you.

A shark that is staying still under the water could be a symbol of hidden emotions or just being cold. An aggressive shark on water could be a symbol of your aggressive nature. It could also be a symbol of your anger issues.

Stages of life

A shark in a dream can be a symbol of the different stages of life. This is so accurate especially if the dream features a shark that is growing through different stages, from its baby-phase to adulthood. In the same context, sharks in a dream can symbolize family life. This can be symbolized by a pack of sharks.

Common Dreams About Sharks and their Meaning

Without any further ado, let’s go straight to the most common dreams about sharks and try to find out their meaning.

Generic meaning of the dreams about shark

Without going to any specific details, a dream about a shark can have several generic meaning. The dream may be a representation of your negative emotions such as hunger, fear, hostility, among others. There is a high chance that you are going through this set of emotions.

The dream about a shark could also mean that there is someone close to you who has the negative traits of a shark. The person could be greedy, cunning, and unscrupulous. The dream could be sending a message that you should up your game when dealing with such people.

A dream about a shark could be foretelling your situation and experience. A nasty experience with sharks in a dream could be a prediction of the misfortunes that you are likely to go through. Soon you will go through an experience that will leave you reeling in pain.

Dream about being a shark

As weird as it may sound, you may dream about being a shark. This dream could be a representation of your real-life character traits. They resemble those of sharks.

This dream could be sending a message that you are cruel to others and you should consider toning down on this trait. It could be that you enjoy thriving on other people’s weaknesses.  A calm and humble shark could be a representation of your positive behaviors and characters that other people like.

Dream about a shark attacking you

Dreams About Shark: What’s Meaning and Symbolism


Shark attacks aren’t things that you would like to dream about. Most of these attacks are fatal and you may be lucky to escape with serious injuries. This means that the dream about being attacked by a shark is a sign of bad things to come.

However, you should take a deep look at the context of the shark attack before you interpret the meaning of the dream. For instance, if you were leisurely swimming or relaxing and shark attacks could be a sign of an accident or unexpected unfortunate event ahead. You will encounter misfortunes while doing something you love.

Your reaction during a shark attack will also account for helping you find the meaning of the dream. Did you escape the attack easily? This is a sign that you will escape from your misfortune without suffering major damage. If the attack was minor, it could mean that the misfortune won’t be very bad.

Dream about a shark circling you

In relation to the shark attack, you may dream about being circled by a shark, probably getting ready to attack you. This dream also means that there is a bad situation lingering in your life. It is just a matter of time before you find yourself in hot soup.

A shark or sharks circling you could be a representation of being surrounded by bad or evil people. They are close to you waiting to cause destruction. You should be careful with the people in your life.

If the shark rams onto you,it means that you are cornered and no escape route will save you.

Fighting a shark attack

You may dream about putting up a spirited fight against a shark that is attacking you. This dream is a symbol of fighting against your situation. The dream could be sending a message that you should not easily surrender to a fate no matter how bad things may be. Use all your means to survive the situation.

Dream about riding a shark

Riding a shark is a sign of confidence. It is a sign of taking advantage of your difficulties. The dream means that you will overcome your sorrowful situation and emerge victorious. You will put your enemies to shame.

Dream about killing a shark

Killing a shark in a dream is a sign of ending the bad relationship that you are in. It is also a sign of getting rid of toxic people in your life. This can be a toxic spouse or a toxic work environment.

This is closely related to a dream about seeing a dead shark. It could mean that someone will help you to defeat your enemies. Seeing a dead shark is also a sign of prosperity and wealth.

Dream about eating a shark

Eating a shark in a dream is a sign of overcoming negative emotions.  It shows that you have evaluated the mental aspect of your life and decided to get rid of those toxic emotions.

Dream about different types of sharks

Your dream can feature different types of sharks. A black shark is a symbol of death and poor health. A  Great white shark is a sign of good luck and great friends.

Dream about a shark catching its prey

Dreams About Shark: What’s Meaning and Symbolism


From the surface, this dream is likely to leave you terrified. However, it could be having a positive meaning. The dream could be sending a message that you will be successful in your ventures.

Are there major life goals that you are currently pursuing? A shark catching prey is a positive signal about the possible success in your life. On the other hand, failure by the shark to catch prey could be a sign that you will not be able to succeed in your goal easily. However, you should not give up on pursuing your dream.


Which dream about sharks did you have? You can easily use the list as a reference point to know the meaning of your dream. If you have not seen the dream, kindly consider sharing it with us so that we can help you find its meaning.

Also, the meaning of shark dreams is not universal. Even though we have given several interpretations and meanings of dreams, yours can be different.  To get the accurate meaning, try to establish a connection between the dream and your life.

The connection with the dream should be both physical, spiritual, and emotional. Your current mental state can give you valuable hints about the dream. Your perception of sharks will also help find the meaning of the dream. While most of us fear these water creatures, you may be having a different opinion about them.

At the end of it, you can take the necessary action with regards to the dream about sharks. This applies if the dream required you to change your behavior or do any other activity. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary


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