Scorpions rank well among the most feared animals while at the same time their nature of living can be quite inspirational. For many years, scorpions have been used to symbolize different things in different cultures.

Scorpions can also make a way into your dream even though they are not very common given the fact that it is also hard to find a scorpion.

Dreams about scorpions are likely to evoke fear given the nature of these creatures that are categorized as arachnids.

As an animal, a scorpion is known for being venomous. It uses this poison to kill other animals, both small and large.

Another character of a scorpion is resilience. The ability to survive in harsh conditions.

The hard outer shell of a scorpion shows how it is well protected from its adversaries

Dreams about scorpions

Symbols of Scorpion

From the physical and behavioral characteristics, many symbols can be drawn from a scorpion. An in order to understand the meaning of any scorpion dream, you should start by drawing various symbols of a scorpion.

-Passion: Have you ever heard of the phrase that someone has ‘scorpion energy’? This is the ability to concentrate on one thing at a time.

-Totem animal: Scoprions is also heavily viewed as a totem animal. It can be used to represent life and death. In the spiritual world, it is a symbol of transformation into a new life.

Some cultures believe that the scorpion sting has healing power.

-Unexpected death: How a scorpion approaches its target can be used to symbolize the unexpected turn of events. Usually, a scorpion will advance towards the target playfully without any malice. However, it will still attack and inflict serious repercussions.

-Healing power: In some African communities, the scorpion venom is used for medicinal purposes.

-Dominance: The nature of the scorpion is to dominate its territory and keep all of its adversaries at bay.

-Dark magic /power: Some communities believe that scorpions have some dark powers that can be used for performing magic. In fact, some use scorpions for religious purposes.

-Self-reliance: Scorpions are a perfect symbol of self-reliance due to its ability to depend on itself for everything, starting from food to survival from danger.

Dreams about scorpions

General View of Scorpion Dream

Without going into specific dreams about scorpions, let’s have a general understanding of the scorpion dreams and what they mean.

A scorpion in your dream can represent your stinging character. You may be known for causing miseries and troubles to people who are around you. It may also symbolize the negative impact that other people have on you.

A scorpion in a dream could mean vengeance and backstabbing. Someone close to you could be out to execute a serious vengeance.

In the same case, the scorpions could symbolize the enemies that are trying to harm you.

A dream about scorpion could also represent your naive character that other people are taking advantage of. This could be sending you a message that you need to be very careful of people surrounding you.

As we have seen, one of the symbols of scorpions is death and pain. This could mean the difficulties that you are about to go through in life.

A dream about scorpion could be representing anxiety and fear that is engulfing you. The dream could simply be sending a message that you need to move ahead with your life despite the dark past.

Scorpions in your dream could be a sign of danger ahead. The dream could be passing a message that you are about to engage or you have been engaging in some dangerous activities that will eventually affect you.

Common Scorpion Dreams and their Meaning

Away from the general view, let’s have a look at some of the specific scorpion dreams and what they mean.

Dreaming about yellow scorpions

 A yellow scorpion is always used as a symbol of money and prosperity. So, dreaming about yellow scorpions could have derived from the financial perspective of life.

This dream could mean that you are about to earn some money. Killing a yellow scorpion could signify a major financial deal that you are about to sign.

From a negative perspective, dreaming about a yellow scorpion could mean a dangerous enemy that will affect your financial life.

Dream about a black scorpion

In most cultures, a black scorpion is a symbol of bad luck. This means that you are about to fall in whatever goal that you are pursuing. So, it is best to take a step back and wait for the situation to normalize.

If in the dream the black scorpion starts changing its color to white, this could symbolize that your dark situation will change and you will soon celebrate. The bad situation in your life won’t last forever.

Dream about a big scorpion

A big scorpion could be a representation of the life-changing decisions that you are about to make. The changes will be major so you need to be very careful with the steps that you are taking when executing them

Don’t be in a rush in whatever decision that you are making. Look at all the parameters that are required before executing the decision.

Dream of about to be stung by a scorpion

Scorpion rarely attacks unless it is provoked or looking for food. A dream of being stung by a scorpion could represent vengeance or karma that is on its way to get back to you.

You are likely to have such a dream if you did some evil on another person and went scot-free. The time for payback is almost there.

There are people whom you might have hurt through your action and words simply because you are at a point of advantage. The dream could be sending you a warning signal that you should be ready to face the consequences of your action.

Dream of a scorpion on water

A dream of a scorpion floating on water could be sending you a message that it is time to let go of your past and start a new beginning.

Do you have a painful past that is haunting you to date? Maybe you are still hurting from your past relationship or career? It is time to heal and forge ahead with your life.

The dream could also be representing a healing process that includes denial, acceptance, and letting go.

Dream about killing scorpions

Given how scorpions are dangerous, killing one can be deemed as an achievement.

If you dream about killing scorpions could mean that you are about to slay your enemies.

The enemies in this case are dishonest people who are surrounding your life with intention of bringing you down.

The dream could also mean that you should run away from people who have negative intentions or impact in your life.

The dream could also signify your ability to overcome some life challenges that were deemed impossible.

Dream about a scorpion on fire

This dream is closely related to the one of killing scorpions. It means that you are about to defeat your enemies and walk free from their influence.

Seeing scorpions killing their preys

Scorpions have a habit of stalking their prey before killing. If in your dream you see a scorpion doing such, you need to be terrified.

This dream could be a sign of bad luck that will happen to you or people near you. There is a likelihood of a catastrophic event occurring in your life.

In most cultures, the dream of seeing scorpions killing their prey is translated that someone close to you will die soon.

Dream about stepping on a scorpion

Eating a scorpion in your dream is always translated as love in the air. Maybe you are going to meet the love of your life soon.

It can also mean family love. Maybe the bond with your family members and relatives will improve.

This dream is always associated with happy moments whereby you are ready to share your joy with others.

Dream about an unexpected encounter with a scorpion

A dream which you unexpectedly saw a scorpion can be translated as a warning sign. It could mean the danger that is on your way especially when you are about to travel.

You should be extremely careful with the journey that you are about to start.

Dream about stepping on a scorpion

Nothing good can come out of the incidence of stepping on a scorpion. This means that such a dream is associated with bad luck.

The dream could mean that you are likely to be involved in a road accident if you are going to travel soon.

To be safe, avoid using the road or be careful if you must travel.

Dream about scorpion stinging itself

Dreams about scorpions

If in the dream you see a scorpion sting itself( committing suicide), this could be a sign of self-hate that you are going through.

Probably there is an aspect about yourself or your life that you are hating and they have lowered your self-confidence.

The dream could be warning you against sticking to such an attitude as it can cause serious harm.

Is there any other dream about a scorpion that you would like to know its meaning? If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary


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