Rings have rich and vast symbolical value alone. They are considered objects of great value and will represent various things. To put it in a simpler language, rings are indeed just a small piece of jewellery, but the one that’s highly valued and loaded with special meanings.

Dreams about rings: What's Meaning and Symbolism

It is interesting to watch rings’ symbolism and appreciation throughout history and through the prism of different cultures.

Rings have a special place in every society across the globe. These tiny jewellery pieces tend to have one thing in common across all the spectrum and aspects of life.

Have you had dreams about rings? The ring can have various meanings in a dream. The ring could symbolize a bond, endurance, wealth, and health, among many others. The ring’s meaning in a dream could also vary depending on how you wear it, the type of ring, and your cultural/spiritual beliefs towards the ring. In this post, we are going to break down the meaning and symbol of rings in dreams.

Types of Rings in a Dream

Dreams about rings: What's Meaning and Symbolism

Before you even consider interpreting in a dream about rings, start by knowing the type of ring involved.  This is vital because each type of ring in a dream has a special message that it conveys.

The most common types of rings include;

-Wedding ring

-Engagement ring

-Rubber ring

-Fire ring

Plastic ring

Gold ring

Napkin ring

The general meaning of the dream about rings

A ring in most dreams is a sign of commitment.  You can be committed to someone or something. For example, if you are in a relationship, the ring is a symbol of your commitment to your marriage partner.  Is there a major life goal that you have set? You can use a ring to show your commitment to the goal.

If you are not in any sort of commitment, the ring may mean that you are about to get into a type of commitment.

The closed design of the ring could have a symbolic meaning in the dream. It can symbolize the restrictions that are surrounding your life. The dream may highlight how these restrictions are inhibiting your freedom of doing something. Some boundaries are good, while others are causing more damage to your life.

Dream about trying to put on a ring

You can also dream about trying on different rings with the intention of buying one. This dream could mean that you have promised someone something or you are planning to promise them. The ring would represent your commitment to fulfilling the promise. The dream could also be a warning about your haste of promising people things without thinking deeper. Do not always bow to pressure to make other people happy, yet you may be suffering.

Dream about a wedding ring

The dream about a wedding ring is heavily embodied with positivity. The dream could be a prediction of your wedding. If you are in a relationship, the dream could be a sign that everything regarding the relationship is perfect.  Keep investing in your partner as the two of you create a perfect match.

Dream about a bent or broken ring

A bent or broken ring in a dream is a sign of problems in a commitment. If you are in a relationship yet, you see a broken ring. This could be a sign that there are serious issues in that relationship. Some issues are blocking you from living harmoniously. Stop assuming that everything is perfect and start working on those problems in the relationship.

Wearing a broken ring in the dream could be a sign of your commitment to work things out. No matter how difficult things may be, you may still want to repair a damaged relationship so that things can resume their original state.

Dream about a ring falling off your finger

A dream about a ring falling off your finger is a sign of things falling apart in your life. The dream could be a representation of the problems that you are going through at the moment.  A falling ring could also be a symbol of broken commitments or relationships. The dream could be sending a message that you should start fixing the problems in your life.

The dream about being unable to put on a ring

You may be trying on a ring in the dream, but it is not going through the finger. This dream is a representation of your single life. Even though you are yearning to get into a serious relationship, the odds may be against you. This is why the rings are not going through the finger. Probably you are going to remain single for a while before you find your perfect match. The dream could also be sending a message that you should evaluate your life in readiness for the next relationship.

Dream about putting a ring in somebody’s finger

You can only put a ring on a finger of someone that you fully trust and respect. The dream could be a symbol of your will to commit to someone fully.  It shows that you have great respect for that person and you are letting everyone know.

Dream about a stranger putting a ring on your finger

In this dream, somebody you have never seen or interacted with is putting a ring on your finger. The dream symbolizes that the solutions to your problems are near. The dream could also symbolize that there is someone who has been watching you closely and is ready to offer solutions to your problem.

Dream about liking a ring on your finger

Dreams about rings: What's Meaning and Symbolism

In this dream, you may find yourself adoring the ring that is on your finger. The symbol of this dream is you are fully contented with the situation that you are in. If given a chance, you will still make the same decision.

The dream could also imply that you are proud of your children. Probably they have excelled in something either at school or in any other area of life.

Dream about being gifted a ring

When given as a gift, a  ring becomes a symbol of reconciliation. Your partner will gift you a ring to show their remorsefulness. The ring will be a sign of their willingness to work things out for the sake of the relationship.

Dream about losing your wedding ring

Losing a wedding ring is usually viewed as a warning sign of bad things to come. If you are married, the dream could be a premonition of a separation. The dream could also mean that you should be extra cautious with people in your life.  Some of them can easily betray you.

Dream about a plastic ring

Most rings are made of premium metals such as diamond, silver and gold. If in the dream you see a plastic ring, it implies not committing to a goal. The commitment that you are getting into lacks a sense of seriousness that it deserves.

Dream about iron ring represents a goal that you have accomplished through hard work. On the other hand, a gold ring is a sign of wealth, luxury and opulence.

Parting Shot

I hope that this post has given you some clarity concerning the dreams about rings. Is there a dream about a ring that you would like us to interpret? Share it, and we will help you find the meaning. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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