Dreams about rattlesnakes are generally scary. However, they carry different messages in regards to our waking life. Some cultures term this dream as a bad omen, while others consider growth and transformation based on the snake’s nature of losing its scale. Dream interpreters advise people not to ignore dreams about rattlesnakes just as they would not ignore them in real life. This dream comes with different feelings, and the feelings point to their meaning too. For example, if you felt scared in the dream, you are alert and aware of toxic people surrounding you. On the other hand, if you felt some excitement in the dream, it represents a health condition that has not been recognized.

Dreams About Rattlesnakes: What's Meaning and Symbolism


Most people fear snakes because they are a threat to them. Besides, some snakes carry a venomous poison that can kill within hours if not minutes. This explains why the dream is frightening for most people. On the contrary, some people cherish snakes and take them as beautiful creatures. To understand dreams about rattlesnakes, it would help if you remember the whole context of the dream. This article will highlight different meanings of dreams about rattlesnakes. You will also get to know the symbolism of the dream.

The symbolism of dreams about rattlesnakes

Rebirth: Dream interpreters have linked dreams about snakes with rebirth. This is because of the snakes’ nature of peeling off its scales. Have you ever noticed how a snake is renewed after shedding its skin? This is why the dream symbolizes rebirth or new things. Maybe in real life, you have been going through a difficult season and now starting afresh. It could also be you were doing things wrongly, and after realizing you will begin on a new page. This dream should tell you to give yourself second chances in life.

Toxicity: Naturally, most rattlesnakes are poisonous. As earlier mentioned, some of them can even cause death. Therefore, dreams about rattlesnakes could indicate the presence of toxic people in your life. Maybe they are negative and do not impact your life in any reasonable way.

Also, the dream could signify your toxic character. Could you be an easily angered person? The dream should then tell you to change failure to which you might bein intoxicating people with your bad habits. You should therefore check yourself and see if there is anything toxic within and around you.

Fear: Most people will jump at the sight of a snake. Dreams about rattlesnakes have pointed out to one being fearful. Maybe there is something terrible that happened to you in the past and left you traumatized. On the other hand, there could be something that is evoking fear in your present life. It could be fear to die, lose a loved one, or lose a job. However, the dream should tell you to work on whatever is bothering you.

Dreams About Rattlesnakes: What's Meaning and Symbolism


The meaning of dreams about rattlesnakes

Being bitten by a rattlesnake

Being bitten by a rattlesnake in dreams is more about yourself and, specifically, your health. This dream could be an indicator that you are sick in your body. It might be you haven’t seen any signs yet, but all is not well. This calls for you to get checked by a doctor and get help if it’s needed. Another meaning of this dream is that you are toxic to people. Your words are like a venomous poison to their hearts. You should review your character and purpose to change. The dream also means that you ignorantly allow the toxic people in your circle, and they end up draining you.

Someone else being bitten by a rattlesnake in dreams

This dream is not about you in real life. If a rattlesnake bit someone else, it means that they are going through a difficult moment. The dream tells you to reach out to them and offer them much-needed assistance. It could be a relative or a friend.

Seeing a rattlesnakes tail in dreams

This dream has diverse meanings in regards to our lives. If you saw a rattlesnake’s tail without the other snake part, it signifies fakeness.  This is to say that there is something that is not real in your life. Maybe you have fake friends or engaging in some fake activities.

Another meaning of this dream is that you worry too much without significant reasons for your worry. On the other hand, if you saw a snake with no head but has a tail, then that tells you there are things you ought to ignore or let go of.

A dead rattlesnake in dreams

Seeing a dead snake in dreams is a good sign. It means that you have overcome a difficult situation that has been bothering you for you long. This could be at your place of work or at home. The dream also marks the end of oppression and fear. You could also have been set free from toxic people.

Stepping on a rattlesnake

This is a common dream to don’t care kind of people. Stepping on a rattlesnake means that you are careless and ignorant. This is to say that you don’t listen to any advice and do things the way you feel. However, this might cause you to lose good opportunities or get into regretful situations. You may also be too proud to think that you can do everything independently without anyone’s help. This dream serves as a reminder that pride comes before a fall.

Seeing a rattlesnake in your house

If you ever had this dream, you must have thought of moving out immediately. Seeing a rattlesnake in your house is scary. It means that you have harbored too much fear and stress, and it might cost you soon. This could be due to unresolved problems that keep on getting worse.

Also, this dream could represent insecurity or danger from outside. This might be caused by people you know and allowed into your life, not knowing they are dangerous. Generally, this dream is a warning, and you should be cautious and act before it is too late.

Dreaming about many rattlesnakes

Seeing many rattlesnakes means that you are overwhelmed. It could be people who expect so much from you or you have too many responsibilities. Maybe you have faced many obstacles in life, and you don’t know what to do. This calls for you to rethink and let go of what you can’t handle for your peace.

A rattlesnake chasing you in dreams

This dream signifies danger and fear. Could it be there is something that is threatening your life? Generally, being chased by a rattlesnake in dreams indicates the presence of enemies or misfortunes. However, this should tell you to be cautious about your surroundings and relationships.

Seeing a black rattlesnake in dreams

This is a bad sign, and you have a reason to be worried. If you saw a black rattlesnake in dreams, it means death will knock at your door. It could be the death of someone not close to you. It could be your friend’s close relative. Also, the dream is an indicator of a difficult season ahead of you.

Dreams About Rattlesnakes: What's Meaning and Symbolism


A rattlesnake with many colors

Naturally, rattlesnakes have got many colors. Therefore, it is common to dream about a rattlesnake with many colors. This dream means that you don’t have a clear picture of the people around you. This is to say that you are trusting the wrong people and mistrusting the right ones. You need to take time and figure them out.

Killing a rattlesnake in dreams

This dream is related to your inner power. Maybe you are a strong person, and you confront issues fearlessly. We all know it is not easy to kill a snake. Therefore, if you killed a snake in dreams, you are not fearful of confronting anything that might stand in your way.

A loud rattlesnake

Dreaming about a noisy rattlesnake means you have an enemy within. Maybe someone is jealous of you and wishes to harm you. It could be one person or several. However, the dream should alert you to be vigilant when dealing with people. Also, avoid telling people your secrets because they might use them against you.

A red rattlesnake in dreams

Seeing a red rattlesnake indicates your activities within society. This means that you will do something positive that will significantly touch the lives of many people.

A green snake in dreams

This is not an everyday dream because it is rare to find a green rattlesnake. However, seeing a green rattlesnake in dreams indicates the need for you to move out of your current environment. It could be you are living with toxic people who are draining you. Moving out might be the best option for you.


All these are the meanings of dreams about rattlesnakes. They are diverse and predictive, as you may have noticed. These dreams are also a reflection of what’s happening in our present life. I am sure this has been an exciting read for you, especially if the dream is frequent whenever you sleep. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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