Having you been having dreams about rats? What did you feel about the dream? Did you bother to find the meaning of the dream or what the rats symbolize?

Dreams about rats are also quite common only that many people fear talking about them openly. The fact that different people have different attitudes about rats could be a reason why you are unlikely to talk about the dream.

Are rat dreams a sign of good luck or are they a prediction of something bad that will happen to me? This the big question that you are likely to ask after having a dream that featured a rat. The good news is we are here to help you find the meaning of the dream. Read on as we dissect the meanings and symbolism of dreams about rats.

Dreams About Rats:What's Meaning and Symbolism

What rats symbolize in dreams?

Rats in dreams represent different symbols depending on your perception of them. If you are the type of person who loves rats and even keep them as pets, you will not be troubled by the appearance of rats in your dream. On the other hand, if you are scared of rats or hate them because of their destructive nature, you will view them from a different angle.

Let’s look at some of the symbols of rats as they will help us have accurate meanings of the dream:

Rat as a symbol of Intelligence

This symbol is drawn from the key character trait of rats. Since they are a target of many preys, rats have to be clever so that they can survive to see another day. Seeing a rat in a dream could symbolize the need to deploy your intelligence and problem-solving skills to survive.

This dream may come at a time when you are facing a difficult challenge that requires you to be smart and logical in your steps.

Rat as a symbol of mistrust

Like most rodents, rats are quite cunning. When in tricky situations, they may pretend to be calm or can resort to manipulating their prey.

A rat may appear in your dream to send the message that you don’t have to trust everything around you. Analyze the people around you and you will find some who are trying to take advantage of you or your situation.

Rats as a symbol of destruction

A rat is a farmer’s enemy. They can cause massive destruction if they come across stored foodstuffs. Rats in your dream could symbolize the destruction that you are about to face. This symbol is deep if you have a negative perception about rats and you have been trying to keep them at bay.


The term pack rat is usually used to refer to someone who has a habit of hoarding items. The rats in your dream could symbolize your habit of keeping many things that you don’t need. It could also symbolize your desire to do a cleanup.

Common Dreams about Rat and their Meanings

Here are some of the most common dreams about rats and their interpretations:

Dream about a white rat

Dreams About Rats:What's Meaning and Symbolism 

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White rats in a dream is a symbol of trust issues. The dream could be sending a message that there is someone in your life who is not completely honest with you. Try to compare your current life situation and your mood in the dream. There could be someone who you should not fully trust. Apart from other people, the dream could be sending a message about a lack of self-confidence in yourself.

Dreaming about giant rats

If small rats are problematic, giant rats will wreak havoc. It is also impossible to ignore a giant in the room. A giant rat in a dream could mean that the problems that you previously overlooked have become too big to ignore. This dream could also be sending a message that you need to deal with your current situation before it evolves into something bigger.

Dreaming about a dead rat

The dream about a dead rat could have different meanings and symbols depending on your feelings towards these rodents. If you fear and hate rats, the dead rat could be a symbol of victory over your enemy.

Something that has been causing trouble in your life is finally over.

If you have positive feelings towards rats, the dead in this dream could be a symbol of the end of a friendship or relationship.

Rats have a habit of hiding where nobody can find. A dead rat won’t be able to hide anymore. The dream could be sending you a message that your secret will soon be exposed to the public.

In the spiritual world, dreaming about a dead rat is a symbol of transitioning from one life to another.

Dream about a lab rat

Lab rats are usually under scrutiny and close monitoring. If you dream about a lab rat means that your life is closely monitored by some people. The dream could also mean that you are concerned by the lives of other people who you feel are not true to themselves.

Being chased by rats

The dream of being chased could mean that you are trying to escape from a problem or trouble. There is something in life that is overwhelming you and the only option is to run away.

Dream about a trapped rat

You may also dream about a rat that has been trapped and is struggling to break free. This dream could mean that you are feeling trapped in something and you desire to get out of it. The trap could be a toxic job, marriage, and relationship.

Dreaming about a rat crawling on you

A rat crawling on you in a dream is one of the scariest dreams about rats. The dream could mean that you are losing something with regards to your health. The dream could also mean that you need to be careful with your sexual partners as they may be unclean.

Dream about rats with red eyes/green eyes/brown eyes

Dreams About Rats:What's Meaning and Symbolism 

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Rats with red eyes are scary and are associated with demons. The dream could symbolize the afterlife, bad luck, or even worries about your situation.

On the other hand, green-eyed rats could symbolize happiness, good luck, and prosperity. Rats with brown eyes could symbolize the health problems that you are going through.


Dreams about rats should not always leave you scared. They can also be a sign of good things to come. Of course, your perception about rats will play a big role in helping you interpret the dream. I hope that this post has given you valuable information that you will use to interpret your dream about rats. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary


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