If you are a lover of colors, then dreams about rainbows must be familiar to you. Rainbows are magical and eye-catching, and that makes them fascinating natural features. No matter how beautiful it looks, no one can touch a rainbow. Dreams about rainbows signify several things in our waking life. Interestingly, most people don’t know that there are several types of a rainbow. Their appearance differs depending on weather conditions, sun rays, and the rain’s intensity.

Dreams About Rainbows: What's Meaning and Symbolism


Dream interpreters have got different ways of finding the dream’s meaning. Some interpreters base it on the context. Also, the dream meaning is seen through the feelings that it brought us. Were you excited, frightened, or confused? All these are the main pointers to the dream interpretation. Spiritually, dreams about rainbows bridge the gap between our inner selves and the spirit world. Have you ever dreamt about rainbows? Well, this is the ultimate read for you. You will get to understand the diverse meanings of dreams about rainbows.

The symbolism of dream about rainbows

1.Wealth: Dreams about rainbows have got a great connection with being wealthy. The dream could be predictive, and maybe after some time, you will be wealthy. It might be you are working hard, and your efforts will bear many financial gains. Also, the dream could be indicating your desire to live a life of abundance.

2.Good things and hope: Have you ever noticed how looking at a rainbow calms you and brightens your spirit? This explains why a rainbow could be a sign of hope and an indicator of goodies to come. It would help if you remained positive because you might get your breakthrough soon. This might be through a profitable business deal or a good job. The dream should keep you hopeful about the future. This is traced from the dream, whose context involves seeing a rainbow with all colors.

3.Conflict: Negatively, the rainbow is an excellent symbolism of conflicts. This dream could indicate that you might be caught up in an argument with someone. It will be so contentious that you might have to distance yourself. However, this dream should warn you to be calm and less reactive. This is mostly in cases where you see a rainbow with fewer colors.

4.Good health: Symbolically, dreams about rainbows are indicators of good health. It could be you have some health challenges. This dream means you are going to be healed. This dream should encourage and keep you hopeful.

The meaning of dreams about rainbows

Dreams about a faded rainbow

Seeing a rainbow fading away or gradually disappearing is a bad sign. The dream means that your dreams and goals might not be achievable. This will be caused by many obstacles that will come your way. It may be sickness, association with wrong people, or loss of a tremendous amount of money. Also, the dream could indicate that you will miss your true love and might end up alone.

Flying up to the rainbow in dreams

It might be scary to fly to the rainbow, and this explains why the dream is terrible. It means that you are working on a relatively big project, and it will impact your life. However, it will not come to fruition because of a mistake that you will make or someone else will do it intentionally. This will leave you with no option but to let go of the project.

Seeing a rainbow in a rain

In most cases, rainbows appear after it has rained. Seeing a rainbow in the rain is a good dream and signifies hope for tomorrow. It could be you are going through a difficult moment, and therefore this dream comes to encourage you not to lose hope. This is to say after the rains, you will be exposed to good things that will change your life and make it enjoyable.

Seeing a rainbow at night

Rainbows are rarely seen at night, and therefore the dream can be confusing. However, seeing a rainbow at night indicates there is something unclear in your life. It could be emotions or secrets that you don’t want anyone to know about.

Seeing a rainbow in a dark sky

Dreaming about a rainbow in a dark sky is a bad dream. It means that you will go through a tough time. This might be in your family, business, or place of work. However, the dream should tell you to brace up for tough times ahead. You should have alternatives or ways to deal with the problems.

Dreaming about a moon and rainbow

The moon and rainbow in dreams are indicators of luck and success. This means that soon your life will go as you wished and planned. This is to say that you will eventually be successful and enjoy life. You will be in peace and full of good health. Dreaming about the rainbow and the moon should encourage you to give your best shot in life.

Seeing a rainbow and stars

When we look at stars, there is an excellent reflection of our inner being. Therefore, dream about a rainbow and stars could indicate the need to pay more attention to our inner feelings. Maybe you have been neglecting yourself and paying attention to other people. However, this dream should push you to pay more attention to how you feel and see yourself in a better way.

Dreaming about triple rainbow

Seeing a triple rainbow in dreams means that your desire for success and breakthrough will come to pass. Another meaning of this dream is that you will be recognized for something good. Maybe you touched someone’s life, and they are indebted to you.

Dreams About Rainbows: What's Meaning and Symbolism


Seeing an object with rainbow colors

If you seeing an object with rainbow colors in dreams is about you. This dream means that you need to be happy. It could be that you are sad and troubled in your waking life. This dream should help you see the need to be happy and optimistic.

Seeing a rainbow over a river in dreams

This is the most common scenario about rainbows. Most of them are seen over a river. However, when you see a rainbow over a river in your dreams, it has a deeper meaning. This dream means that that you might have to travel soon. It could be for work or leisure purposes, but the trip will bring you success.

Sitting on a rainbow in dreams

Spiritually, sitting on a rainbow means you have supernatural support. This is to say that you have a happy and peaceful life full of heavenly blessings.

Seeing your hair colored with rainbow colors

This is a good dream, and it should excite you. If you saw your hair was colored with rainbow colors in dreams, it reflects your personality. This dream means that you are caring, kind, compassionate, and warm. People appreciate you for being good to them.

A white rainbow in dreams

A white rainbow in dreams means that you are a peaceful and pure person. The dream also means that you are strong in spirit and have great faith in the supernatural. Another meaning of this dream is that you will enjoy moments of peace and rest.

Seeing a rainbow hanging over a field

This is a common dream for lovers. Seeing a rainbow hanging over a field means that you are madly in love and you will settle in marriage with your lover. Your family will also be full of love and enjoy a tight bond.

Dreaming about a rainbow over a forest

Dreaming about a rainbow over a forest is a good sign. The dream means that you will experience luck soon. It could be someone who will give you a considerable amount of money. The dream could also mean that opportunities will come your way, and if you exploit them well, you will be successful.

Dreaming about a black rainbow

If you dream about a black rainbow, then that’s a bad dream. It means that you will be betrayed by someone you trusted. The dream also means that you live in a toxic environment, draining you emotionally. Additionally, a black rainbow is an indicator of misfortune. This could mean that you will lose someone you love and cherish. The dream also points to being sick and, therefore, should tell you to see a doctor.

Crossing a rainbow in dreams

If you dream that you were crossing a rainbow, then you have to be careful. This dream is related to your love life and could indicate troubles in your love life. This could be caused by disagreements or unfaithfulness. The dream should warn you against being careless with the one you love.

A pregnant woman dreaming about a rainbow

If you are pregnant and you dream about rainbows, then that’s a good sign. The dream means that you will get a gorgeous baby girl, and she will enjoy good health.


Dreams about rainbows are common and beautiful. However, they bring different feelings and carry different meanings. They can also tell about what to expect in the future. This article has expounded on this dream, and I believe it has been an exciting read. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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