Dreams about rain are common, and they appear in different contexts. Naturally, the rains are a sign of abundance, especially from the spiritual perspective. When it rains, the crops grow, and people have plenty of food. Dreams about rain have got different meanings, and they are related to our everyday lives. One can see themselves running in the rain or even wearing a raincoat. The context of the dream is what leads to its meaning and impact in our waking life.

Dreams About Rain: what's Meaning and Symbolism


Dreams are an excellent means of communication, filling the gap between your natural and spiritual life. They are predictive and descriptive. Different emotions accompany these dreams, and they have both positive and negative meanings. In this article, we shall generously discuss dreams about rain and their meanings. We shall also get to know how they relate to our lives.

The Symbolism of dreams about rain

1.Communication: Dreams about rain could indicate the need for you to have better communication skills. It could be you are emotionally affected, and you chose to be quiet. However, this attitude is affecting your loved ones, and they wish for you to open up.

2.Depression and sadness:  Rains dream has been a great symbol of sadness and stress. This is to say that you are battling something in life that is emotionally draining you. This could be job loss, loss of a loved one, or a love relationship. Therefore, dreaming about rain should push you towards getting a solution to your problems.

3.Positivity: Dreams about rain are also known to symbolize positivity. This is in the context where you were walking in the rain. This dream signifies that you are resilient and can pull through difficulties. It could be you are faced with serious financial or health conditions. However, you are optimistic enough about overcoming.

4.Fortune: Dreams about rains are also associated with fortunes. Some people believe that rains are a good sign. Therefore, this dream could be pointing to some luck. It could be someone who will gift you with a big amount of money or get a god job or business deal. This dream should encourage you not to lose hope in life. If you saw someone else in the rain, then it means they will be fortunate.

5.Turning point: Dreams about rains could symbolize a need for a turning point. Maybe you have been doing things the wrong way, and that has been affecting your life negatively. Therefore, this dream could be telling you to rethink and reconsider giving the best. This is to say that there are some critical decisions that you need to make about your life. If you don’t do that, things will continue to be bad.

The meaning of dreams about rain

1.Being outside when it’s raining

This dream is related to our emotions. When you dream that you are outside when it is raining, you are overwhelmed by emotions. This could be due to so many responsibilities that you are supposed to fulfill. The burden is too heavy and taking a toll on you emotionally. It means that you need to be easy with yourself.

2.Being inside a heavy rainstorm

This dream is not good and could be indicating that you will face some misfortunes. It could be a loss of a loved one or an immense amount of money. Also, being inside a heavy rainstorm means that you will be sick and end in death. Another meaning of the dream is that you have emotional conflicts inside you, affecting your relationship with people. This calls for you to work on your emotions, especially anger.

3.Running while it’s raining

Running while it’s raining in dreams means that you are in love, but you want to let go. This dream tells you to take time and listen to yourself before making a decision. This is to say that if you act out of feelings, you might lose your loved one and regret it later.

4.Observing rain from inside the house

This dream is related to your emotions. It means that you are suppressing your feelings about something. Maybe someone hurt you, but you kept the pain inside. Also, it could be that you like something but are unable to express it. Observing rain from inside the house should tell you to release whatever emotions you are holding.

5.Standing in the rain

Standing in the rain in dreams means that you are an outright person. This is to say that you don’t hide your feelings and thoughts. Also, standing in the rain indicates you are a strong person, and nothing moves you whatsoever.

Dreams About Rain: what's Meaning and Symbolism


6.Walking in the rain

This dream means that you are not independent. Maybe in your waking life, you can’t do things on your own. This is to say that you must engage people to help you handle even the minutest issue of your life. Walking in the rain indicates that you need to stand on your feet and take charge of your life.

7.Holding an umbrella while it’s raining

This dream means you are a wise person and know how to avoid negativity. Holding an umbrella while it is raining indicates that you are full of positive energy and nothing brings you down. You are good at avoiding toxic and negative people intruding on your life.

8.Wearing a raincoat in dreams

This dream means that you are emotionally stable. This is to say that nothing waves you around, and you have taken charge of your feelings. Wearing a raincoat in the rain means that you don’t entertain any negativity into your circle. You keep positive friends and avoid toxic ones. As a result of this, you live a peaceful life with people.

9.Seeing a rainbow

Seeing a rainbow in dreams is a good sign. This dream means that you have overcome a season of difficulties, and there is hope for you. Maybe you were struggling a lot financially, but you will soon get a job. This dream is an encouragement that things will work out.

10.Cold rain drops dreams

When it rains, it gets freezing, and one has to keep warm. Dreams about cold raindrops mean that you are going to get sick. This dream tells you to take care of your body. There is a need for you to be checked by a doctor to confirm that you are okay. On the other hand, cold raindrops point to the need for you to deal with some critical issues in their lives. It could be marital or career issues.

11.Dream about a windy rain

Dreaming about windy rain is connected to your behavior. The dream means that you are a reactive person. This is to say that you worry so much about small things. This causes you to pressurize yourself and be overcome by emotions. You need to relax and tackle one thing at a time.

12.Being outside when it was raining

Dreaming that you were outside when it was raining means that you are expressive. It is an indicator that you are open and will always speak your mind. Another meaning of this dream is that you are strong for other people, and they can count on you during difficult times.

13.Dream about a thunderous rain

This dream means that you will be faced with a severe problem that will shake you emotionally. Dreaming about thunderous rain is a sign of misfortunes and instability in life. Another meaning of this dream is that your business will go down due to fraud.

14.Dreaming of sun and rain

This is a good dream, and it signifies that you will be happy and peaceful soon. It could be that you have been going through a difficult moment, but you will overcome soon. Dreaming about sun and rain indicates luck and good tidings coming your way.

15.Not getting wet in the rains

This is among the best dreams of rain. If you were in the rain and didn’t get wet, you would overcome challenges. This also means that you have been working hard, and soon you will enjoy the fruits of your labor. Another meaning of not getting wet in the rains is that people are trying to fight you, but they will not succeed. This is mostly at your place of work.

16.Being in the rain with someone

This dream indicates that the person who was standing in the rain with you is in problems. The dream indicates that they need your support during their moments of difficulties. Being in the rain with someone could also mean that you will get someone to take you through some moments of darkness in your life.

Dreams About Rain: what's Meaning and Symbolism



These are the meanings of dreams about rain.  As you have seen, dreams are mostly connected to emotions. Dreams about rain bring out who we are on the inside. They are also a great sign of luck or misfortunes. Have you ever dreamt about rain? Then this article has helped you understand the meaning of what you saw. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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