Dreams About Rabbits: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Most people see rabbits as pets.  Probably they are attracted by the character traits of a rabbit among many other reasons. A rabbit can also visit you in a dream. Was it just a coincidence? Probably no. There could be a deeper meaning to it.

If you have had a dream about rabbits, don’t just ignore it. Maybe it is time to dig down and get the meaning of the dream. In most cases, dreams about rabbits are positive signs. They signify the good things that are about to happen in your life. However, the dream could be having a negative meaning. All you need is to pay attention to every aspect of the dream and

Have you been looking for the meaning of your dream about rabbits? You are at the right place. In this post, we are going to deeply analyze rabbit dreams, their symbols and meanings.

What Do Rabbits Symbolize?

First things first, before you go ahead to find the meaning of your dream about rabbits, try to find out what this animal could be symbolizing.

In most cultures, rabbits symbolize fertility, prosperity, abundance, power, sexual activity, emotional satisfaction, success and good luck. However, the symbols may still vary depending on the culture and the type of rabbit that appears in the dream. The activities that rabbits do in the dream determine the symbol that you will derive.

For example, a rabbit running ways may symbolize that luck is slipping away from you or you are falling out of love. In most European cultures, white rabbit is a symbol of love and tenderness. It is also a symbol of luck meaning that you are guaranteed to have good luck in your endeavors.

On the other hand, a black rabbit symbolizes bad lack, fear, depression and stress. It could also symbolize the emotional turmoil that you are going through. Black rabbits symbolize the silence and loneliness.

Rabbits share the same symbols in both the Chinese and Japanese cultures. In Chinese culture, a rabbit is ranked as the fourth animal in the zodiac. It is a symbol of luck mercy and intelligence. Apart from luck, Japanese culture see rabbits as a symbol of ambition and progress.

Rabbits also tend to carry a heavy spiritual meaning in the Native American culture. Perhaps this explains why there are more than 3 million rabbits in the USA. In most folktales are heavily used as gods legends and tricksters. You will find rabbits in many parables and legendary stories. A rabbit of the totem animals in the Native American culture.

Common Dreams about Rabbits and their Meaning

Let’s now have a breakdown of the most common dreams about rabbits, their interpretations and meanings.

Dream about seeing a rabbit

The dream of seeing a rabbit has a positive meaning. In this dream, you don’t remember any specific detail or activities that were done by the rabbit. The dream could mean that there will be a positive change in your life. Your general conditions will improve and you will experience prosperity.

Are you going through difficult health or mental conditions? Very soon your pains will be no more. It could also mean that your finances will improve and soon you will acquire those properties that you have been eying.

Seeing a rabbit in a dream can be also linked to your sexual life. The dream could mean that soon you will have increased sexual activity.

Dreaming about a white/ black rabbit

Dreams About Rabbits: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Seeing a white rabbit in a dream means that you will soon experience happiness and prosperity in life. If you are in a relationship, the dream could mean that you will have a happy relationship. The dream could also be sending signals there will joyous event that will involve you. This can be wedding, engagement or graduation among other events.

On the other hand, seeing a black rabbit in a dream is a sign of a sad event that will affect your life. Are you going through some difficulties in your relationship? The dream could be a prediction of a breakup. A black rabbit in a dream can be a sign of infertility or complicated pregnancy.

Seeing many rabbits in a dream

The dream that entails seeing many rabbits has a positive meaning. The dream is an indication of fertility and the possibility of having many children. If you are struggling to have children, the dream could be sending a message of hope.

Many rabbits could also signify progress in career and business. You will experience success in your professional life.

Dream about a rabbit running

In this dream, you will see a rabbit that is constantly on the run. The dream could be an indication of trust issues. If you are in a romantic relationship, it could mean that either you or your partner do not trust each other fully.

Dream about feeding a rabbit

Feeding a rabbit in a dream represents your will and capability to help others. The dream could be encouraging you to continue helping your friend or any other person in need. It could also mean that you are abandoning your needs to put a smile on other people’s face.

Dream about a rabbit scratching or biting you

Biting and scratching are some of the things that rabbits do to get your attention. This dream could mean that you should give your relationship more attention. There are some critical pillars of the relationship that you have been ignoring. Maybe your sex life is dead or you no longer treat your partner well. A rabbit biting in a  dream can also be a warning that you are in a toxic relationship.

Dream about a dead rabbit

A dream or dying rabbit in a dream has a negative meaning. The dream could be a prediction of the doom or problems that you are about to face. The dream could be a sign of a serious problem in your relationship. You are feeling empty and disoriented in that relationship.

A dead rabbit could mean failure to achieve your life goals even though you have been working on them for a long time. The dream could also mean that there are some deep secrets about your life that have come to the public domain.

Dream about a hopping rabbit

In a dream, a hopping rabbit represents fertility and sexual activity. The dream could mean that your sexual life is very active. Probably you have multiple sex partners whom you keep changing often. It could also mean that you are very fertile and will have children in future.

On a different angle, a jumping rabbit in a dream is a sign of celebration. You are celebrating after achieving your goals. The dream could mean that you will succeed in whatever goal that you are pursuing and that will call for a celebration.

Dream about eating a rabbit

Did the dream entail having a rabbit as a meal? The dream could be a revelation of your character trait. It could mean that you have a habit of putting your needs first before you consider other people’s needs. The dream could also mean that you like taking advantage of people close to you.

Dream about a starved rabbit

Seeing a  hungry rabbit in a dream means that someone close to you needs your help. This person could be your family member, relative or friend. They could be going through some difficulties and need someone else to help them.

Dream about a rabbit giving birth

If in the dream the rabbit was giving birth, this is a sign of prosperity. The dream could be a sign of success in your ventures. You will soon enjoy the fruits of your work. At the same time, this dream could be an indication of fertility.

Dream about a sick or injured rabbit

Seeing a sick rabbit in a dream could be a sign that something about your life is not good. You could be going through some deep issues or someone is worried about you. An injured rabbit could mean that you are going through some pain.


There you have it! From this post, it is clear that the majority of the dreams about rabbits have positive meanings. This means that you should have high spirits whenever you have such a dream, you will have good fortunes very soon. However, some of the reams about rabbits have negative connotations. You may not experience the luck that you have been yearning for.

To find a precise meaning of your rabbit dream, take time to remember everything that happened in the dream. Collect intricate details of the dream such as the colour, age and gender of the rabbit. What was the mood of the rabbit and what was it doing? You should then try to establish a connection between the dream and your real life.

Do you have any other vital information concerning the dreams about rabbits? It will be good if you share with us and let other people learn from it. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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