Dreams about puppies: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Dogs are a perfect symbolism of friendship and loyalty. This explains why they are often referred to as a ‘man’s best friend’. Dogs are particularly committed and faithful to their owners and are always prepared to safeguard them with their lives. Individuals who have dogs and puppies regularly dream about them since they think about them as part and parcel of their families. In dreams, dogs frequently represent security and faithfulness, loyalty, yet additionally untapped talents and gifts.

Probably the best thing about puppy dreams is they viewed as a positive sign. Puppies are charming yet they additionally require heaps of work. Consider the training, their hyperactive conduct. Naturing a puppy can be equated to taking care of a child. Getting a puppy in a dream can represent the stages you experience throughout everyday life.

On the off chance that you long for puppies, such a dream could represent improving your associations or relationship with your companions, and fortifying the connection with them. It is regularly an indication of steady and wonderful associations with your companions.

Now and again, a dream about puppies could be a revelation of the character traits of some of your friends and even family members.

Some of these traits include; faithful, committed, reliable and dependable, and here and there such a dream speaks to you in a part of a companion. Of course, the physical and mental state of the puppies will do more revelations. A puppy can be happy sad nor stressed. The same feeling will be translated into the dream. This also applies to the physical state of the puppy. Does it look healthy or is it sick?

A dream about puppies could be an indication of your compelling feelings about some circumstance or an individual. It could likewise uncover your defensive disposition towards somebody you care about. It could mean dealing with a person or thing or feeling joined to a person or thing. It could likewise represent your dedication and loyalty towards some individual you care about. This could be your spouse, friend or family member.

Common Puppy Dreams and their Meaning

Here are some of the most common dreams about puppies. Each of these dreams is supported by its interpretation and meaning.

Dream about being a puppy

Being a puppy in a dream could represent your desire to end the cycle of being responsible. You want to feel free from the heap of responsibilities that are burdening you either at your workplace or in your family.

In such a dream, you may want to be let free and behave the way that you want, just like a puppy. If you have been burdened with lots of work, the dream could be a signal that you need to go for a holiday and relax your mind.

Dream about finding a puppy

You may dream, you may be strolling somewhere then find an abandoned puppy. Probably the puppy’s health condition is not very good. This dream could be a prediction of the poor state of health that is likely to affect you. Your reckless and compulsive behaviour is going to have a negative impact on your health.

The dream could be sending a message that you should step back and watch your lifestyle. Minimize some reckless activities that you are indulging in. Sometimes we need to spare time and do a deep reflection of our lives.

The dream about finding an abandoned puppy could symbolize that soon you will meet someone who will mean much to you. Are you yearning for love? You will soon find it in the most unexpected place.

Dream about adopting a puppy

The dream about adopting a puppy is a symbol of betrayal and deceit. It is a warning that you are going to be betrayed by someone whom you fully trusted. Are you in a romantic relationship? The betrayal may come from your partner.

The dream could also mean that your close family members are likely to betray you. You need to be prepared so that the act of betrayal does not catch you by surprise. You may also take the dream as a warning sign and start preparing on how to deal with the consequences of being cheated on.

Dream about playing with a puppy

Playing with a puppy in the dream is a sign of good things that are coming on your way. It could mean that you are going to receive gifts from people who mean too much in your life. Probably from your spouse, family members or friends.

You are likely to have this dream when your special day such as birthday or anniversary is coming.

Dream about a dog and her puppies

Dreams about puppies: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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You can dream about seeing a dog walking with her puppies. The dream could be a representation of motherly love. It shows a strong motherly instinct in you. Are you about to give birth? The dream could be a symbol of your this stage of your life.

The dream could also mean that there is a strong female figure in your life. This person has influenced your life positively and you strongly admire her.

Dream about a puppy sleeping

Seeing a sleeping puppy in a dream is usually a representation of love. It could mean that you are going to fall in love with someone younger than you. The person will have an irresistible charm such that you will break all the barriers just to be with them.

However, the dream could be warning you to be more careful with that person as the relationship may land you into hot soup.

Dream about many puppies

A bunch of many cute puppies in a dream could mean that you are going to meet many good people. The dream can also be interpreted as a sign of good things that are coming on your way.

Many puppies in a dream can be a symbol of a crowd of many young people. The dream could mean that you are going to interact with a crowd of many young people. If you are a teacher or an influential person, you should prepare on how you will handle them.

Dream about feeding puppies

The dream about feeding puppies is a sign of positive things. It could symbolize a friendship that is developing into something strong. If currently, you are trying to woo someone, the dream could mean that you will succeed in your chase.

The dream could also symbolize your success in different fields of life. You will succeed in your career, relationship, business and other goals.

Feeding puppies can in a dream could also be a sign of being responsible with all your tasks. The more the puppies that you feed, the more responsible you are.

Dream about a dead, sick or wounded puppy

You have every reason to worry when you see dead, sick or wounded puppies in the dream. Such dreams are signs of bad things that will happen to you. The dream may be a warning that you need to pay more attention to the people around you.

Dream about black puppies and white puppies

Dreams about puppies: What's Meaning and Symbolism 

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Seeing black puppies in a dream is a sign of bad luck. It could mean that you are trying to force your way even when odds are against you.

On the other hand, white puppies in a dream are a symbol of contentment or satisfaction. You are satisfied with whatever you have achieved.


As you can see, most dreams about puppies are not that scary. Most of these are signs of positive things. What kind of puppy dream did you have? Share it and we will help you find its meaning. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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