Naturally, every human being has to dream whenever they fall asleep. Dreams are defined as a series of thoughts, images,and feelings that take place in one’s mind whenever they fall asleep. Have you ever had such a dream? Well, this is a timely read for you because it is expounding more on dreams about pregnancy. Am sure you must have had mixed feelings after the dream. This dream is common to women, even to those who already have children.

Dreams About Pregnancy: What's Meaning and Symbolism

Some of the best ideas and thoughts are received from dreams. They are exciting and mysterious experiences that happen in the subconscious mind of a human being. Dreams play a significant role in our lives, and they have much to say about what’s to come. Some people believe that the messages come from gods or divine beings. Additionally, there are many facts about dreams and here are just but a few

  • Everybody dreams
  • Dreams are symbolic
  • One can have four to six dreams in a night
  • Animals dream
  • Men and women dream differently
  • We see people we know and strangers in our dreams
  • One can forget their dreams.

The symbolism of dreaming pregnancy

Different cultures and religions accredit different symbolic meanings to pregnancy. Here is some symbolism of pregnancy.

1.Growth and developmentWhen a woman is pregnant; a baby is growing inside their womb. Therefore, most dream interpreters associate this dream with growth. Whenever you dream about pregnancy, it could mean that you are growing. The growth could be in your career, business, mind, or even your spirituality.

2.New Beginnings-This is a significant symbolism of pregnancy. The dream could be indicating a new beginning in your life. You could be experiencing a new feeling towards something, someone or life in general. Usually, babies introduce us to a new phase of life.

3.Creation-Pregnancy dreams represent the birthing of new things. Many people who experience this dream are the ones who have ambitions. They could be planning to better their lives. The birthing could be starting a new business, changing careers, or creative ventures.

4.MotherhoodDreaming about pregnancy is an excellent symbol of motherhood. The dream could symbolize motherly instincts or love. On the other hand, this dream could be telling you to better your motherhood skills.

The meaning of dream about pregnancy

Pregnancy dreams have different interpretations. Most of them are related to the happenings in your life. During your sleep, communication is sent to the subconscious mind. Am sure if you ever had this dream, you must be curious to understand its meaning. Well, here are some interpretations that will interest you.

1.Dreaming that someone is pregnant

At times, this dream goes beyond us, and we dream that someone is pregnant. The pregnant person in the dream could be a friend, relative, colleague or even a stranger. This dream could mean that the person is trying to get pregnant. Additionally, the dream could mean that something you cherish is going to reappear. On the other hand, the dream about someone being pregnant could be indicating that you are jealous. The feeling could be towards someone who is doing better than you.

2.Dreaming that you are pregnant

If you have this dream and you are already pregnant, then it could be a result of excitement. Also, if you are not pregnant, the dream could mean that you desire to have children. Seeing yourself pregnant could also be a pointer to a pending pregnancy. You could be blessed with a baby anytime. This is a common dream for first-time mothers.

3.Pregnant with twins

This is a fantastic dream, and everyone would be excited about it. If you have a set of twins in your family, then the dream could come to pass. Dreaming that you are pregnant with twins could mean double responsibilities. Another meaning could be a continuity of something that you are doing. Additionally, this dream could mean that you are trying to accomplish two things in life.

4.Being told you they are pregnant

If someone told you they are pregnant in a dream, it means you can be trusted. This dream could be pointing to a relative or a friend who has for long desired to have a baby. It could mean that they are already pregnant and will be sharing the news with you soon. Moreover, the dream could mean that the person is starting something new. It could be a new business venture.

Dreams About Pregnancy: What's Meaning and Symbolism

5.Anxiety in pregnancy

This is a common dream for pregnant women. If you are pregnant and dream that you are anxious, it could mean that you might not enjoy your pregnancy. Additionally, one might not be pregnant, but they develop anxiety in the dream. That could mean that you are anxious about starting something in your life. It could be a business, a new relationship, or a career.

6.Pregnancy dream while trying to get pregnant

Women who have infertility problems usually have this dream. It means that you wish your efforts to bear fruits. Such dreams are known as wishful dreams. They express your desire to have a child. Dreaming about pregnancy while trying to conceive could be pointing at a possibility of you becoming a mother soon.

7.Pregnant with an inhuman baby

Dreaming that you are pregnant with an inhuman baby can be scary. This dream could signify that you are about to experience something strange in your life. This is something that you have never seen before, and it comes with feelings of uneasiness. The dream could be signalling you to get ready for something new to familiarize with it.

8.Your ex got you pregnant

A dream that your ex impregnated you is a common dream to ladies. This dream could be indicating that you learned your lesson from a previous relationship. The lessons made you become a better person and gave you ideas. It could be that your ex took you through situations that gave you wisdom and made you cautious. Generally, the dream could mean that you are now matured and experienced in matters of love.

9.Dream about going into labor but no pain

Naturally, labor pains indicate it is time for the baby to come out. Dreaming about a pregnancy that ends in painless labor is common. The dream means that you are not going to struggle in your endeavors. It further means that you will succeed without paying the price associated with success. This is a good dream and should encourage you to finish what you started.

9.Premature labor

This is a nightmare dream that no woman would wish to have. This dream means that you are not ready for changes coming your way. If you are pregnant and dream about premature labor, the dream could be a sign. It could mean that you are going to experience complications in your last trimester. Additionally, the dream could be a result of anxiety and fear of the unknown.

10.Being pregnant and the baby dies

If you ever had such a dream, am sure it must have been horrible. No woman would wish the death of their baby. Dreaming about being pregnant and losing the baby is a bad sign. The dream signifies that you are in the middle of a project. It could be a business or anything that is meant to better you. This dream indicates a failure of that project. Additionally, this dream indicates possible challenges in your life. The challenges might overwhelm you.

11.Dream about your wife being pregnant

This dream comes as a motivator about something you are doing. Dreaming that your wife is pregnant means that you are going to be successful. Whatever it is that you are doing is going to bear fruits satisfactorily. Your hard work shall not be in vain.

12.Pregant with a male or female baby

Babies are lovely whether a boy or a girl. Therefore, dreaming about a male or female child could mean success. This dream comes to awaken you so that you may work on your plans. On the other hand, if you are expectant, it means that you wish to know the gender of your baby.

13.Dreaming about a pregnancy test

This is also a common dream. Carrying a pregnancy test in your dream could mean that you are starting something new. This could be a relationship or a job. Additionally, if the results were positive, it means that you are going to be successful. If it turns negative, it means that you are going to fail. This dream should make you more cautious about what you want to do.

14.Dreaming about a complicated pregnancy

Dream about a complicated pregnancy is more about emotions. It could mean that you are a negative person. Additionally, the negativity could be the cause of bad results. This means your attitude affects what you expect. The results further cause you to be stressed. This attitude could be a result of something that hurt you in the past.


Pregnancy dreams are common. They mostly imply our feelings and emotions. Also, this dream points to new things that are about to happen in our lives. The dream has both a negative and positive side. Interestingly, men also dream about pregnancy despite their inability to conceive. Moreover, some feelings come with this dream. The feelings can be well understood depending on your current situation. This article has intensely exploited dreams about pregnancy. It has covered what a pregnancy symbolizes, and it’s meaning in the dream. It should help you in analyzing your dream and making the necessary moves in your life. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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