Dreams about plane crashing are common but scary. A plane crash is a deadly experience, and people seldom survive from it. This dream has various meanings in connection with our lives. The meanings are both positive and negative based on the events and the people we saw in the dream. The type of plane also matters in the interpretation. Some people dream about planes crashing because of the fear they have. This could be as a result of stories they heard about flying or past experiences while flying.

Dreams about plane crashing: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams are a great platform of communication, and one can tell about their future through dreams. They also have symbolic meanings in our lives. Every time we fall asleep, we dream, and it can be about anything. However, it is the dream meaning that matters. Getting the meaning of your dream involves some knowledge, and one must remember the dream. If you have ever dreamt about a plane crash, then this is the perfect read for you. That’s because it will expound on various dreams about plane crashes and their meaning.

The symbolism of dreams about a plane crashing

This dream has different associations in our lives, and here are some of its symbolism.

1.Anxiety-Dreams about plane crashing could symbolize anxiety and worry. There are many things people go through, and therefore being worried is common. If you dream about a plane crash, then it could be that you are experiencing some tough times. The experience could be attracting some worry. This could be financial, marital, or health problems. People who are battling severe diseases dream about a plane crashing for fear of losing their lives. However, the dream is telling you to overcome your worries and be positive.

2.Direction-Another symbolism of dreams about plane crashing is a direction in life. This dream could be telling you to take another path. This is mostly related to careers and businesses. You are stagnating in any of these areas, and there is a need for you to progress. However, this progress will come after you decide to adjust.

3.Revision of GoalsDreams about plane crashing could symbolize unrealistic goals. It could be that the goals you have are way too far from being real. Also, they could be too huge for your age. Therefore, this dream tells you there is a need to revise your dreams and goals in life. On the other hand, the dream could tell you to change to achieve those goals.

4.Danger-It is dangerous when a plane loses control and crashes. Therefore, this dream could mean that you are exposed to danger. It is a wake-up call for you to pay more attention to your surroundings. That’s because you could be living in a dangerous environment, driving on a dangerous road, or having enemies that are unknown to you. If you see any signs pointing to danger, then you should act immediately and be safe.

5.Sudden EventsPlane crashing are sudden, and before one knows, it has happened. Therefore, this dream could mean that there are sudden events that will happen in your life. They will surprise you and maybe force you to have a change of plans. In most cases, these events could be affecting your family or job indirectly.

The meaning of dreams about a plane crashing

1.Dream of looking at a plane crash

This dream signifies your inability to finish what you began. This means that it will be difficult for you to achieve your dreams. Another meaning of the dream is that you are exposed to danger. This calls for you to be vigilant about your surroundings. Also, looking at a plane crash in a dream could mean that you feel defeated and are ready to fail. However, the dream should quicken you to act and replan your life with determination and courage.

2.Dreams about remains of a plane crash

Seeing the remains of a plane crash in a dream tells you that it’s time to be on your own and stop depending on people. This is to say that you have been relying on friends or relatives, but it’s time to stand on your feet. That’s because their help will never be enough for you.

3.Dreams about being in a plane crash

This is a common dream but with a negative meaning. Being in a plane crash means that you are depressed in real life. This could be caused by disappointment from people, loss of a job, a relationship, or even business failure.

4.A plane crashing after taking off

This dream means that you need to be independent. A plane crashing after taking off means that you need the freedom to achieve your goals. It could be that there are things that are limiting your progress. If the plane took off and was flying horizontally, it means that you will achieve your dreams. On the contrary, if flying vertically, it won’t be easy to achieve your life goals.

5.Dream about causing a plane crash

This dream is related to love life and relationships. If you caused a plane crash in a dream, it means someone has a crush on you.

6.A plane crashing and destroying vegetation

Sometimes planes crash and destroy the accident scenes. If you see a plane crashing and destroying vegetation, this is not a good sign. The dream means that you will not achieve your goals, and as a result, you will be frustrated. It could be your ambitions are too high.

7.A plane crashing on landing

Dreaming about a plane that crashes on landing is related to your goals. This dream could mean that you are having problems in making your goals a reality. Therefore, you need to strategize and give it another try.

8.Dreaming of victims of a plane crash

This is not a good scene to encounter neither does it have a good meaning. Seeing victims of a plane crash in your dreams means you are troubled emotionally. This could be feelings of pain and bitterness from someone you loved. You might be required to seek counseling services so as not to drift into depression.

9.Dream about surviving a plane crash

Dreams about surviving a plane crash is a good sign. This dream means that you will be successful in life. If you had some projects or goals, then the dream is a confirmation of your breakthrough. This dream could also encourage you to try out some things because you might be lucky to succeed in the new endeavors.

Dreams about plane crashing: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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10.Fearing that a plane crash will happen

Our instincts are very powerful and should not be ignored at all. If you fear a plane crash in your dreams, then it could mean that you are in danger. This means that you might find yourself in unpleasant situations. It could be a confrontation with someone that will leave you badly hurt. Therefore, the dream should tell you to be more careful.

11.Dreaming about your parents being in a plane crash

I am sure that if you have ever had this dream, then you can confirm that it’s a scary one. We all love our parents deeply. Therefore, if you dream that a plane crashed with your parents inside, then it signifies your love for them is profound. You fear losing them because you don’t know how you can deal with the loss. If you encounter this dream, it is wise you seek someone you can talk to.

12.Being trapped in a crashed plane

Being trapped in a crashed plane means that there is something that is oppressing and tormenting us. The dream could signify our desire to come out of the predicament.

13.A plane that was not damaged after a crash

If you dream about a plane that was not damaged after crashing, it’s a good sign. The dream means that all your plans will come to pass. The dream further means that you are at the right time to make investments, and you should take advantage of it. Generally, this dream means that you will be successful.

14.Dream about dying in a plane crash

If you dream that you died in a plane crash, then that is not a good sign. This dream means that you are going to fail in life. The failure could be a result of poor planning. Also, the failure could be caused by assumptions and ignorance. This dream should tell you to be more cautious about the plans you have.


Dreams of a plane crashing are common to people who have feelings of fear. This could be as a result of what they went through in the past. This dream has a great connection with one’s goals and dreams. It could mean that you will either fail or succeed in your endeavors. Besides, the dream has a remote connection with love life. Dreams about a plane crashing are generally predictive. This article has touched on everything you would want to know about plane crashing dreams. I hope the knowledge has come in handy in especially if you have ever had the dream. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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