Dreaming about pigs is not uncommon. That’s because they are domestic animals and are familiar to most people. Besides, pigs are among the friendliest and intelligent animals. Pigs are also a delicacy and a source of clothing for humans. Naturally, these animals live in pairs, and they use their sense of hearing and smell to move to where they want to. These character traits explain why dreams about pigs have a direct connection to human life.

Dreams About Pig: What's Meaning And Symbolism

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Dreams about pigs have got many interpretations and meanings. But, the dream interpretation is done based on how the pig was behaving. Also, the pig’s location and the emotions you had in the dream come in handy when getting the dreams meaning. Within this detailed article, we will look at the symbolism and meaning of dreams about pigs. We hope this is your perfect read, more so if you have ever had the dream.

The symbolism of dreams about pigs

Pigs symbolize several things concerning people’s lives. Here are some of the symbolism.

1.NewnessIf you dream about a pig with newly born piglets, then the dream could symbolize newness. This could mean that something new is taking place in your life. It could be new ideas, business ventures, or a new job. On the other hand, this dream could symbolize that you desire to be nurtured or nurture someone.

2.Prosperity and Wealth-Naturally, pigs, are very productive. Therefore, this dream could symbolize prosperity and wealth in your family. Interestingly, some cultures place pig’s images within their homes to attract riches.

3.Love and affectionThe color of pigs is pink, and we all know pink is still the color of love. Symbolically, dreams about pigs could mean that you are a loving and affectionate person. On the other hand, the dream could mean that you desire to be loved.

4.Legal issues– Some people associate pigs with legal matters. Therefore, the dream could signify that you will be caught up with illegal activities, and the fear of police will be prevalent.

The meaning of dreams about pigs

1.Dreaming about a healthy pig

This dream is a good one, and signifies good things are coming into your life. Dreaming about a healthy pig means you are going to be fortunate. This is more so in business or at your workplace. Another meaning of the dream is that you could be about to get into a new venture or career.

2.Dream about feeding pigs

This dream means that you are a responsible person and you take good care of your family. Another meaning of this dream is that you are good at saving money for your future goals. If you dream that pigs were feeding directly from your hands, it could mean you will succeed without a backup. On the contrary, if the pig doesn’t feed on your hands, then the dream could mean that you will fail in your goals.

3.Dreaming of killing a pig

As much as it might sound scary, this dream has a good omen. Killing a pig in a dream means that your business is going to be successful. This will translate to a financial increase, thus making your life stable.

4.Dreaming about selling a pig

Selling a pig in a dream is a good dream. It means that you have been working so hard, and soon you will eat the fruits of your labor.

5.Dreamimg about a pig in mud

A pig in mud dream is more about your relationship with your partner. If you have this dream, it could mean that you think that your partner doesn’t appreciate or respect you. These feelings could be leaving you scared about the outcome of your affair. If you have such a dream, it’s wise to engage your partner and seek solutions.

6.Pigs running around

This dream is related to your character. Dreams about pigs running around mean that you are disrespectful. This habit could be hurting the people around you. The dream should tell you to change and learn to respect people.

7.Cutting off a pig’s head

This is a bad and scary dream with a bad meaning. Dreaming about cutting a pig’s head symbolizes some incoming danger. The dream should serve as a warning, and you should be prepared to avoid getting into risky situations. Also, if the pig’s head was soaked in blood, it could mean that your plans will fail.

8.Seeing a pig from far

This is a good dream, and it means that there are good opportunities that will knock at your door. These opportunities will prosper you, but there is a need to be well prepared for them. That’s because the opportunities will grant you a stable and independent future.

9.Dreaming about a pig and piglets

Dreams about pigs and piglets mean increase. This dream is mostly associated with prosperity, and it means that you are going to be wealthy. The dream signifies that money will fall into your hands, and you will enjoy it while it lasts.

Dreams About Pig: What's Meaning And Symbolism

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10.A pig’s head in a plate

This dream comes as a reminder. It means that you are sleeping and not giving attention to an essential part of life. Seeing a pig’s head on a plate should quicken you to wake up and continue working on your goals. Another meaning of the dream is that you could meet a destiny helper who will give you great financial help.

11.A pig in your house

This is a good dream, and it indicates that your family shall enjoy good health. Also, if there was a sick person in your house, they will be healed.


Dreams about pigs mostly carry positive meanings. They significantly represent health, wealth, and prosperity. On the other hand, the dream could also represent failure and bad relationships. Also, dreams have a significant connection with our character, and at times they tell us what we are and what we should be. Have you ever dreamt about pigs? Do you like pigs, or you disgust them? Well, I hope this article will help you understand what the dream meant in your life. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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