Dreams About moving: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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We move because a situation in our lives has changed or we desire to change something in our lives. In the ancient days, most communities were leading nomadic lifestyles. They used to move from one place to another in search of better living conditions. What does it mean to dream about moving?

Dreams about moving are not quite common. If you happen to have such a dream, there could be a special message that the dream is trying to convey. A big change has happened or is happening in your life. You should strive to get the meaning of the dream

Different types of movements may be featured in a dream. Maybe, your career line involves constantly moving from one city to another, or even from one country to another. Are you an avid traveler or an explorer? You are likely to have this dream.

The moving can also be in terms of houses or homes. Maybe you move from a smaller house to a bigger one, or you are forced to move from your current place due to different circumstances. Probably you can no longer afford your current place of residence.

Moving can also be in terms of the career-wise. You can move from one job to another; either after being promoted or demoted.

You can move from somewhere you feel unwanted. Maybe you have been in a toxic relationship and you want to get out of it. This kind of movement can be equated to escaping. On the other hand, you can from somewhere you feel at home or comfortable.

There must be solid reasons behind all these types of movements. Some reasons are positive while others are negative. The same applies to dreams about moving. Some dreams could have positive meanings while others could be sending negative signals.

Moving in a dream could be a symbol of not being contented with your current situation. You are yearning for more and that is why you move to a better place where you think you will get what you deserve. This is also a symbol of being ambitious hence the need to be in a constant move.

The dreams about moving could also symbolize the kind of results or endings that you are likely to have. Those endings could mean a lot in your current life situation. Will you have a happy ending or will it be a sorrowful one?

Another common symbol of moving in a dream is the quest for freedom and independence. You are overwhelmed by the pressure from your current place and you want to break free and move to a different place where you will experience ultimate freedom.

Common Dreams About Moving and their Meaning

Now let’s go straight to what has brought you here. Here are the most common dreams about moving, their interpretations, and meaning:

The general meaning of the dream about moving

Moving in a dream generally means change. You are changing something in your life. This can be a career, relationship, or mental state. Some changes will affect your life positively while others will have a negative impact.

Dream about moving houses

Dreams About moving: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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The dream about moving homes or houses can have different meanings depending on the nature of the dream.

Moving into a brand new house is a sign of good luck or fortune, The dream could be a sign of good things that will happen to your life.

On the other hand, moving back to your previous house could mean that you want to reconnect with your past. There is something about your past life that you have not completely gotten rid of.  The dream could be representing the need to rekindle your past relationship or friendship. Moving back could also mean that the changes will not be very positive and you will have to go back to your previous lifestyle.

Dream about moving back home

Assuming that you are living far away from home and you dream about moving back to your parents. To many, this dream is a sign of a bleak future ahead. To an extent, this may be true. However, the dream could be having other meanings.

The dream could mean that you are missing your parents and you simply want to spend some time with them. The dream could also mean that you are yearning to live a care-free life. You want a lifestyle where you won’t be bothered with many expenses such as the bills.

Dream about being inconstant move

This dream could be sending a message about a specific aspect of your character trait. Probably you are an indecisive person. You cannot just decide on one thing and settle on it. This dream could also be a symbol of your current life situation.

In terms of the relationships, you have not settled on one person. You keep flipping your partners. In terms of business or career, the dream could mean that you have not decided on the career that you want to pursue. This is because you are not sure which path will be the best for you.

Dream about moving out of your parents’ home

Moving out of your parent’s home is a sign of independence. The dream means that you can now stand on your own without depending on other people’s support. This dream could be sending a message that it is time to take charge of your life.

Dream about moving in with your partner

The dream of moving in together with your partner in a dream is a sign of a growing relationship. The dream could mean that you are now ready to take your relationship to the next level. The dream could also be a signal that you are in a relationship with the right person.

Dream about moving in with your ex

Moving in with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend in a dream is a sign that you have not moved on after breaking you with them. There could be some aspects of the relationship that you would like to relive. The dream could be a warning that you are allowing your past to dictate the direction of your life.

Dream about helping someone to move

This dream could mean that you are afraid of change. You want o to maintain the current status quo and you will only embrace changes when asked. Otherwise, you will not initiate anything that will cause changes in your life.

Dream about your partner moving away

This dream will feature your spouse or romantic partner moving away. Seeing someone that you love moving away is a sign of a problem in your relationship. The dream could be warning you to work on your relationship. However, the dream could be an indication that your relationship is already dead. You need to start getting used to living without your partner.

Dream about moving to a different city

Dreams About moving: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Moving to a different city signifies the end of a situation or relationship. You want to leave your past behind and start a new life. Before you interpret this dream, try to compare it with your current life situation and the general perception of different cities.

Does the dream come at a time when you are almost graduating from college? The dream could mean that you should move to a certain place to establish your career. The dream could also mean that you should start depending on yourself.

The dream could entail moving from a busy city to a small and quiet city. This dream could be meaning that you should slow down things in your life.

Dream about moving abroad

If you dream about moving to a faraway country, this could be a representation of your outgoing nature. The dream could mean that you are yearning to have an exotic lifestyle, a life that is different from where you are currently living.

However, the dream could entail moving to a different country yet is not any better than yours.  This dream could mean you are avoiding dealing with your current problems yet you don’t have any significant solutions.


I hope that this post has opened your eyes to see the meaning and interpretations of the dreams about moving. Next time you have any of the above dreams, you will be able to tell its symbol and the meaning that it could be having in your life.

To find the accurate meaning of such a dream, try to remember all the details of the dream. Take note of where you were moving from and to in the dream. Were you moving empty-handed or were you heavily loaded? How were your emotions in the dream? Were you excited about the move or were you sad?

You can then take a deep analysis of your current life situation and compare it with the dream about moving. You will notice a number of key pointers that will help you interpret the dream accurately.

Other dreams about moving could just be reflections of your current lifestyle. They may not be conveying any strong or heavy message. So, you don’t have to panic or get excited just because you have dreamed about moving. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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