Dreams About Motorcycles


A motorcycle is not your ordinary means of transport. It is packed with an array of unique features that make them stand out on the roads. Also, there are different types of motorcycles  Some people consider motorcycles as a form of sports or hobby. Think about sports bike and dirt bikes. Some people are passionate about them while at the same time another clique of people hate them to the core.

Dreams about motorcycles mostly trace their origins from the subconscious state of mind, though some come from nowhere Maybe you are yearning to own a motorcycle, you have seen someone riding a motorcycle or you have just finished watching a motorcycle-themed video.

So, what do dreams about motorcycle means?  After having such a dream you would definitely want to find its meaning. In this article, we are going to explain why you dreamed about motorcycles, symbols of motorcycles in a dream, and the meaning of your dream.


Symbols of Motorcycles in Dream

A dream about motorcycles has various symbols in the real life. They include but not limited to;

Motorcycle as a symbol of freedom

A motorcycle in a dream can be used as a symbol of freedom. With a motorcycle, you can ride anywhere you want without any hindrance. Unlike cars, motorcycles are not enclosed. This is another representation of the freedom that comes with riding a motorbike.

The dream could symbolize that you are yearning for the ultimate freedom in your life. Probably you feel bound by some strict laws or you are under the control of someone.

The dream could also symbolize the new-found freedom that you are currently enjoying after being in bondage for long. You have just come out of the cage to enjoy freedom.

Motorcycle as a symbol of progress

Riding a motorcycle symbolizes being on a journey. Here, the bike represents the act of moving ahead to your desired destination.

The progress could be a project that you are undertaking, relationship or a career that you are currently pursuing.

The most important thing to note about this dream is the nature of the progress. How do you find the journey on the motorcycle? This will tell the kind of progress that you are having.

Motorcycle as a symbol of effort

Riding a motorcycle is not an easy task. You have to put efforts to stay safe on the road. This is why a motorcycle in a dream can symbolize hard work and efforts. This could be a sign that you need to up your efforts to achieve your dreams.

Also, an expensive motorcycle in a  dream symbolizes the immense efforts that you should put to achieve your target.

Motorcycle as a  symbol of power

Motorcycles are also used as a symbol of power. This explains why most motorcycle riders tend to feel invisible when cruising on their motorcycles.

The dream could be predicting that you are about to get a powerful position in a certain field. This can explain why the motorcades of most dignitaries feature motorcycles.

Motorcycle as a symbol of success

Seeing your desired motorcycle can represent succeeding in your goals. Probably you have been pursuing a particular goal then you dream about a motorcycle that you have been yearning to own. Here, the motorbike will symbolize achieving your life goals.

Motorcycle as a symbol of danger

Not everything about motorcycles is positive. These machines are also associated with deaths and injuries.  Riding one could symbolize putting your life in a dangerous situation or at high risk.

Dreams About Motorcycles

Common Dreams About Motorcycles and their Meaning

Here are the most common dreams about motorcycles. We will give the meaning and interpretation of each dream.

The generic meaning of a motorcycle in a dream

Without going to any specific details, the dream about a motorcycle could mean the advantage that you have over other people. It means that you are at a better place to succeed where others failed.

The dream could be sending a message that you will succeed in your career or business if you utilize the advantages that you have over your competitors.

Dream about riding a motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle in a dream means being on a journey. The dream symbolizes that you are pursuing a journey to reach a particular destination. Are you enjoying the ride? It means that your real-life journey will be smooth from the beginning up to your destination.

The dream could also be sending a message that you need to be focused on whatever goal you are pursuing. This is represented by the level of attention that a motorcycle ride requires.

Is the ride on a motorcycle n your dream bumpy and rough? This could be a symbol that you will have it rough when pursuing your goal. You should be ready to encounter different kinds of setbacks in your journey.

Dream about riding a motorcycle with your partner

Dreams About Motorcycles


Are you a biker? The dream may feature riding with your partner. This dream could be representing the emotional bond that you have with your partner. It is a sign that the two of you will make a great couple. Riding with a partner in a dream could also mean that you care for their well-being and wish that they also enjoy life as you do.

Dream about riding a motorcycle without a helmet

To motorcycle riders, a helmet is part of the protective gear. It will save your head in case you crash on your bike. Riding without a helmet in a dream is a representation of your character.

The dream could be revealing your rebellious nature or attitude. You are not ready to abide by any safety rules and regulations. The dream could also be symbolizing your ability to take dangerous risks in life. It could mean that you are ready to put your life at risk in order to enjoy something. The dream could also be representing your wish to get noticed by other people.

Dream about being a motorcycle passenger

You can dream be a pillion on the motorcycle. This dream is a symbol of sexual relationship or emotional attachment that you have with someone. It could be a sign of an affair with someone.

The dream could also be a sign that you will get some form of help from someone, can be a friend of a stranger.

Dream about falling off a motorcycle

The dream about falling off a motorcycle is a sign of setback of bad luck that you have encountered or about to encounter.

If you fall off while riding the bike, it could mean that you will encounter major setbacks while pursuing your goal. What is important about this dream is your reaction after the fall. Getting up means that you will pick up your pieces after the fall and continue with your journey.

Dream about a speed bike/racing motorcycle

Seeing a sports bike in your dream is a sign of good things that are coming on your way. Are you currently going through a difficult period? Hold on there as your situation will change for the good.

You may also dream about racing on a motorcycle or riding a sports bike at a high speed. This dream could be revealing about your impatience. Maybe you want to achieve your goals fast, without taking your time.

The dream about watching a motorcycle race could symbolize your quest to have fun. The dream could be telling you to slow down, and take a break from your busy schedule and relax.

Dream about a motorcycle chase

The dream can feature being chased by the police while on your motorcycle. This dream speaks volumes about responsibilities. It could be sending a message that you don’t want to be responsible for your actions. Similarly, the dream could be revealing your rebellious trait.

Dream about riding a loud motorcycle

A  loud motorcycle in a dream could a sign of an emotional void. Probably you are not getting the attention that you need hence the noise.

Dream about a broken motorcycle

In this dream, the broken motorcycle may be in a garage, or it can break down on a highway (in the middle of nowhere)

A broken motorcycle represents your inability to finish up a project. Maybe you should consider bringing in someone else to handle the job

A broken motorcycle on a highway is a sign of bad luck. You will encounter some problems while pursuing your dream. The setbacks will force you to terminate your journey.

Dream about buying a dream motorcycle

This dream is a representation of achieving your real-life goals. You have been working hard and now you are enjoying the fruits of your labour.

Similarly, a dream about being gifted a new motorcycle could mean that someone wishes you well in life.


Generally, dreams about motorcycles are fun and exciting. However, they may still have some dark meaning. This is to say that the dreams can have both positive and negative meanings, it all depends on your mindset about these automobiles.

Pay attention to all the elements in the dream and try to relate them with your real-life. At the end of it, you will grasp some meaning from the dream and take necessary action. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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