Money dreams are exciting because money makes the world move. However, dreaming about money doesn’t always translate to having money in real life. Interestingly, money in dreams represents a lot of things. These include feelings of love, time, and our inner potential. There are many ways of interpreting this dream. This is done by considering the dream context and especially what you were doing with the money.

Dreams About money: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams are a great medium of communication. They send information from our subconscious minds to the conscious one. Within this detailed article, we will see various believes surrounding dreams about money. We shall generously discuss different meanings of the dream. Also, you shall get to know the relationship between the dream and your real life. I am sure this is a perfect read, and it will leave you richly enlighten.

The Symbolism of dreams about money

Many people have struggled to know what it means to dream about money. Here are some of the Symbolism of dreams about money. They will help you connect the dream with your real-life and understand what is happening and what needs to be done.

1.Power and success: Money dreams are great symbols of being powerful and successful. If you get money in your dreams, you are enjoying a wealthy and abundant life. It could be your business or career is thriving well. As a result of that, you have become a confident person in life. However, the dream can be a symbol of poverty and uncertainty. This comes in the context where you lacked money in the dream.

2.Positivity: Naturally, money has a magical way of making us positive. Therefore, dream about money could signify that we are positive in life. This could be that you have gone through so much hardship, but you became wealthy through hard work and resilience. The experience made you take life positively and with a lot of energy. Generally, the dream means that things are working in your favor.

3.Appreciation: Money dreams could also symbolize appreciation. This might be in the family set up or at your place of work. This comes after maybe a particular achievement. It could be a promotion or an engagement to the love of your life. If you dream about money, it means that the people close to you appreciate having you in their lives. This further means that you have positively impacted them.

4.Resourcefulness: Dreaming about money could symbolize resourcefulness. This means that you are a hardworking person in real life. The dream means that you are good at exploiting opportunities and turning them into productivity. On the contrary, money dreams could be a wake-up call. This means that you are lazy and have been unable to make use of the available resources. Therefore, the dream reminds you that it’s time to work hard.

5.Unstable financial status: People who have been facing financial struggles are known to dream about money. Therefore, this dream could mean that you are going through financial struggles. This could be after a loss of job or business collapse. The dream shows your desire to be financially stable and continue with your projects.

Dreams About money: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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The meaning of dreams about money

1.Finding money in a dream

This dream comes with feelings of excitement and happiness. Finding money in dreams signifies new levels. This means that your life will become better. Also, the dream suggests that you will get exposed to opportunities that will bring wealth your way. This dream should encourage you to work hard and be keen on every opportunity that life presents to you.

2.Winning money in a dream

If you have ever played the lottery, then you know how it feels to win money. Some people dream of winning money, which is a good sign. This dream means that you will encounter better opportunities in life. Also, the dream could urge you to become more positive about something you have been pursuing. Another meaning of the dream is that you will be lucky soon.

3.Borrowing money in dreams

Nobody likes borrowing, even in dreams. That’s because it indicates that you are lacking. However, borrowing money in dreams doesn’t mean that you are poor. This dream means that you need more energy and time to ponder about something.  It could be something that diverted you from your priorities, and you feel the need to think it over. If you borrow more time to pay a debt in your dream, you should dedicate your time to activities that will better your life.

4.Dream about giving people money

Giving people money in dreams means that you are a generous person. This is to say that you help people achieve their dreams and goals. Also, it could be there is a needy person who wants to be helped by you. Another meaning of the dream is that you might lose power in real life. This loss will make you get disregarded by the people close to you. Additionally, giving money in dreams means that you allow a particular problem to worsen despite your ability to prevent it.

5.Dreams about being given money by someone

If someone gives you money in dreams, then you will be successful. However, this will happen after embracing positive thoughts and proposing to become better. Another meaning of this dream is that some people will support you towards achieving your goals and vision in life. These might be people you know or strangers.

6.Finding stolen money

This is a common dream, and it is related to our inner self. Finding stolen money in a dream means that you are in a dilemma about something. It could be you are unable to make sound decisions, and that is confusing you. This dream should tell you that you need to get an adviser to tell you what you can do. The dream could also indicate your inability to solve problems on your own due to low self-esteem.

7.Seeing piles of money in dreams

I am sure if you have ever had this dream, you must have felt excited.  Seeing piles of money in dreams has a positive meaning. This dream means that you will soon enjoy a life of abundance and great wealth. This means that you will no longer have to worry about the needs of life.

8.Dream about finding paper money

This dream can get interpreted based on how the paper was. It could have been wrinkled or clean. If you saw wrinkled paper money, then it means that your life is not moving in the right direction. This should tell you to focus on getting your life back. The dream could also mean that you’re tired and bored in life and need something that can motivate you. On the other hand, if the paper money was clean, then it means that you will be successful and wealthy. This will, later on, boost your confidence and perception about life.

9.Finding a buried bag of money

Some people bury money in the ground, and therefore this is not an uncommon dream. If you find money that was buried, it means you are troubled by something in real life. It could be a significant hindrance to achieving your dreams and goals in life. However, if you manage to deal with the obstacles, you will become successful.

10.Finding torn money in a dream

They say that friends are a treasure; however, this dream has a bad sign related to your friends. Finding torn money in dreams means that your friends are not trustworthy and they will betray you. However, you might realize it when it’s too late. This revelation will shock you and make you never to trust anyone else.

11.Holding money in your hands

Holding money in your hands is also a common dream with various meanings. This dream means that you need to do something, but you are not sure how to do it. The dream is related to something significant in your life. It could be about your career or a new relationship. However, you need to take time and rule out any fear and doubt to make an informed decision.

12.Counting money in dreams

Counting money in dreams could mean that you need to increase your life skills. This calls for you to go back to school and advance in your studies. Also, the dream could mean that you want to know your financial value. It could be you are fearful of making some losses in business. If you count large amounts of money in dreams, you are a confident and powerful person. On the contrary, if you count fewer amounts of money, you are uncertain about life.

13.Finding money in some old clothes

Spiritually, finding money in some old clothes is a bad omen. This dream indicates that you are going through lack and scarcity. This will be caused by the loss of a job or business. Also, the dream could indicate that you lost your wealth due to careless spending and ignorance. In this context, the dream could tell you to rectify your past mistakes if another opportunity comes in.

14.Finding coins in dreams

As much as coins don’t have much value finding coins in a dream has a good sign. The dream means that you will be happy and prosperous. Additionally, this means that your life is going in the right direction, and you are gradually becoming successful.

15.Stealing money in a dream

This dream is related to your feelings. Stealing money in dreams means that you are anxious and depressed in real life. These feelings might be leading you to make bad decisions. Also, they could be forcing you to interact with dangerous people.

16.Finding stolen money in a dream

This is a familiar dream to many people, and it has both good and bad signs. Finding stolen money could mean the restoration of something that you lost in the past. It could be a job, business, or relationship. Negatively, this dream means that you are obsessed with bad habits, and you need to have a behavioral change. That’s because the bad behavior is affecting the people around you.

17.Dream about saving money

This dream means that you are mindful about the future and you spend your money wisely. Saving money in dreams means that you will be successful and will not lack anything in the future. Predictively, the dream could also mean that you will have a luxurious life.

18.Withdrawing money from a bank or ATM

If you were willingly withdrawing money from the bank, then the dream means that you are powerful and have control over your life. Additionally, the dream means that you will achieve your goals. However, if you were forced to withdraw the money at gunpoint, then it means that you will soon be broke and powerless. It could be that some people will con you a big amount of money through trickery.

19.Dream about burning paper money

Burning paper money in dreams has a bad meaning. The dream means that you will suffer a massive loss. This will most likely be a loss of money. It could be your investments will go down, or you will not register profits in your business.

20.Dreaming about a lot of money

When you dream that you have lots of money, you are doing well in real life. This means that you are enjoying your business, job, or relationship. Additionally, the dream means that your life is luxurious.

Also, this dream could signify our desire to have huge amounts of money.

Dreams About money: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Money dreams are among the dreams that have the most meanings. Its interpretation is based on what you were doing with the money. Were you holding, counting, receiving, or giving the money? Also, the location of the money matters in finding the meaning of this dream. It could be the money was in your pocket or some hidden places. Have you ever dreamt about money? Then I am sure that this article has been timely. You now understand the different meanings of dreams about money. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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