Dreams about love are common, especially to women. It is believed that love makes the world go round, and this explains why everyone wants it. Dreams about love signify the joy and happiness that we might be having in our waking life. Love is beautiful, and therefore dreaming about it carries more positive meanings than negative ones.

Dreams About Love: What's Meaning and Symbolism


Love dreams come in different contexts and interpretations, as we shall confirm in this article. One could be dreaming about being in love or losing it. Also, the dream could be about falling in love. Moreover, this dream comes with different feelings and which are also a great source of its meaning. Dreams about love are also symbolic, and they represent different things in our waking life. Enjoy this read and get to know more about the dream.

The symbolism of dreams about love

Attachment: Dream interpreters have linked this dream with feelings of being attached. Maybe there is someone whose character and appearance makes you feel attached to them. You love them, but they might not know it, and therefore there is no reciprocation of how you feel. You should attempt and express your feelings to them since there is no harm in speaking out.

Desire/Craving: Dreams about love are great symbols of things you wish to have in waking life. These are mostly things that will make your life better. It is the imagination of your desires that leads to the dream. However, it would be best if you did not cease to hope for them since anything is possible.

The meaning of dreams about love

As earlier mentioned, love dreams come with different meanings. Let’s have a look at them.

Dream about being in love

This dream comes in several contexts and meanings. If you were in love with your partner in dreams, it represents the love you feel for him in waking life. On the other hand, if you fell in love with another person, it means you will fall in love with them in real life. Your liking for their character may trigger this. Additionally, if you fell in love with a stranger, it means that you are looking for love in strange places.

Making love in dreams

Making love in dreams is a sign of your desire to make things better between your partner and you. Maybe you want your love life to be well blended, and therefore you are giving it your best. Could you have gone through some challenges in your relationship? Then it would help if you gave it a shot. On the other hand, if a lady dreams about making love, they have strong feelings of love and are ready to settle in marriage.

Kissing someone you are in love with

This is a sign of good opportunities coming your way. You will be fortunate in life and enjoy peace and abundance. Also, kissing someone you love in dreams is an indication that you will meet a special person. There will be a strong force of attraction, and you will end up being a couple. The love you will share will bring so much joy to you.

Dreams About Love: What's Meaning and Symbolism


Falling in love in dreams

As much as falling in love is a good thing, it is different in the dream world. This dream is an indication of difficulties coming your way. You might face financial, marital, or health challenges. Moreover, the dream could mean that someone you trust will betray you soon. They are planning something without your knowledge, and you will be disappointed and hurt. Being cautious about the people you call your friends will help you.

Being sad with your lover in dreams

If you were sad with your partner in dreams, then that is a sign that your relationship is strained. Maybe you are not happy and feel that your partner is neglecting you. You desire them to change several things for you to blend well. Ironing out your issues and find out the cause of the problems would be the best idea.

Loving yourself in dreams

Loving yourself in dreams means that you have been overworking yourself lately. Your lack of break is affecting your health, and you need to see a doctor. Giving yourself a break to regain lost energy and relax would help significantly.

Being happy with your partner in dreams

This is a clear indication that your relationship is healthy. You trust and blend well with each other. Dreaming that you were happy with your partner should encourage you to keep your love burning. Another meaning of this dream is that you will experience significant positive changes in life. They will make your life better and enjoyable.

Watching two people in love in dreams

Watching two people who are in love signifies a failure to achieve your goals. There will be many obstacles that will come your way, and you might not be able to handle them. Therefore, you will give up. This should tell you to relax because you won’t be able to change anything. Additionally, the dream means that you are directing your energy into an unproductive venture. Maybe it’s time you did something fruitful in life.

Hitting your partner in dreams

This dream means that you are oppressing or being unfair to your partner. Maybe you don’t give them time to express themselves because of your controlling nature. Hitting your lover in dreams should tell you to give them time and space in the relationship.

Dreaming about lost love

Dreaming about lost love means there will be changes in your life. It could be a change in career or business. The dream should prepare you for the incoming changes. Another meaning of the dream is that you will lose someone you cherish through a disagreement. This calls for you to be calm when dealing with the ones you love.

Spying on your lover in dreams

Spying on your partner is a common dream for most people who are in love. It means that you don’t trust your partner. This could be because they have given you a reason in the past not to trust them. It could also be that you imagine things that are not there. However, you should take time and get the lost trust back.

Dreams about your loved ones

The dream means that you have a solid bond with your family. Dreaming about your loved ones is a sign that your family is well blended and has lots of love flowing. Additionally, the dream means that you care about your loved ones and will do anything for them. Generally, in waking life, your home is a haven full of peace and joy.

Being in love with a celebrity in a dream

This dream means that you are setting your goals too high. You might need to reconsider and change your focus in life. Being in love with a celebrity further means forcing someone to fall in love with you. They don’t admire you or have any emotional attachment. You should, therefore, let go and wait for love to come your way.

Your parents being in love

The dream indicates that your family will be strong due to your parents’ love for each other. Another meaning of your parents being in love is that you will achieve the things you want in life. Maybe you have been working so hard, and soon you will have the fruits of your hard work.

Your friend being in love

This dream represents something you want to achieve. It could be a career, business, or family goals. You have been working hard towards them, and your expectations are high. Another meaning of your friend being in love is that someone you know has been going through a tough time, and they are about to overcome.

Expressing love in dreams

Expressing love in dreams represents growth. This is to say that you can face challenges and find solutions easily. The dream also means that you will receive good things in life that will bring total happiness and joy. Additionally, the dream also indicates that you are loving and always express it to the people around you.

Being in love with your ex in dreams

Being in love with your ex means there is something you have not finished. It could be a project you started or a promise you have failed to keep. Another meaning of the dream is that you have not accepted your break up with your fiancé. This is to say you are still hurting and have not forgiven them. On the other hand, the dream could mean that you are in love but are afraid of things going the way they did with your ex.

Dreams About Love: What's Meaning and Symbolism



Dreams about love are diverse and are mostly related to how we feel. They are also an eye on the future, and you can know what’s about to happen. Our plans in life are also part of the dream. Have you dreamt about love? If you have, then this article must have been a timely read for you. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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