Lizards are small creatures, but we can’t underestimate their sensitivity power.  Dreams about lizards are not typical, and they symbolize our perception of life. That’s because lizards will quickly detect when there is a movement and run for safety. Most people fear lizards despite them being harmless. Thus, dreams about lizards carry different meanings, as we shall confirm from this article. They also symbolize various events, feelings, or character in our waking life.

Dreams About Lizards: What's Meaning and Symbolism


Lizards’ dreams are interpreted as not different from other dreams. Interpreters have to put all the dreams’ context into consideration to get the meaning of the dream. Seeing a lizard in a dream can be a good or bad omen. The bad meanings of the dream outweigh the good ones. However, they are predictive and can guide you on what needs to be done regarding the future. Let’s look into the symbolism of dreams about lizards, and I am sure the read will be worth your time.

The symbolism of dreams about lizards

Strength: Though it might seem ironic, Lizards are symbols of strength. This means that you will unleash your potential, which will lead you to discover new opportunities. Have you ever discovered how adventurous a lizard is? It can hide in the most secret places in the house or even outside. This exposes it to new things. Maybe you have the potential in you that, if well exploited, can lead you to greener pastures.

Harmony: Lizards are naturally harmonious, and this explains why they are symbols of harmony. Maybe you are calm and know how to live with people of all kinds. You love peace so much and will go the extra mile to have it around you. This makes people treasure and respect you.

Changes: Dreams about lizards have been associated with changes. This is to say that you realize that you aren’t doing much towards your goals. You are determined to focus more on them and work towards achieving them no matter what. This is driven by the urge to change your life for the better. Also, it could be you want to let go of anything that has hindered your goals in life.

Rebirth: Lizards are also great symbols of rebirth. The dream is connected to its nature of shedding its tails when faced with danger. When you hold the lizard’s tail, it will drop it and run. Later on, it will grow another tail, which is used as an indication of rebirth. Do you feel the need to start all over again? Maybe the dream should be an encouragement to give yourself another chance in life.

The meaning of the dreams about Lizards

Dreams about lizards are diverse in meanings, and here some of their meaning.

Dreaming of attacking a lizard

Attacking a lizard in dreams means that you have some difficulty in trusting your instincts. You fear something, but you are lost in making an informed decision based on how your intuition tells you. It would be wise if you took time and gave it a thought.

Dreams about lizards

Dreaming about a lizard is usually a warning.  It means that an enemy will attack you either in business, at home, or place of work. Additionally, you might experience some confrontation with people due to some issues that could have been sorted.

Seeing a crawling lizard in dreams

A lizard crawling is not a good dream. It is an indication of someone with a hidden agenda in your life. Maybe they are planning something that will hurt you due to jealousy. This calls for you to be on the lookout and don’t give your trust to people anyhow. On the other hand, if you saw a lizard crawling into a hole, it means that you have suppressed sexual desires. Maybe you want to have some intimacy with someone, but they seem not to care.

Dreaming of a single lizard

Seeing a single lizard in dreams means that you have some anxious feelings about sex. Maybe you feel that you not sexually active for your partner, and this leads to loneliness. Another meaning of the dream is that you are creative and will land in better opportunities.

Killing a lizard in dreams

Killing a lizard in dreams is an indication of your internal feelings. Maybe you have some thoughts about someone, and you feel they are planning some evil against you. However, you are not sure about it. Another meaning of the dream is that you need to face some challenges or confront some people to achieve your dreams. Being soft and lenient might cost you your destiny.

Dreams about an escaping lizard

This dream is a clear indicator that you are avoiding some issues in waking life. They might be posing some challenges to you, and therefore you feel like avoiding them. It could be an issue in the workplace or at home. You need to brace yourself up and face the challenges. If you don’t, you might face more significant problems than the ones at hand. An escaping Lizard also means that you are weak, and you allow people to ride on you.

Seeing a giant lizard in dreams

This dream is about the people you will meet in the future. At first, they will appear good to you, but you need to be careful because they will become a threat in your life. A big lizard in dreams is also an indication of big problems coming your way. It would help if you were prepared on how to embrace them.

Being bitten by a lizard

Being bitten by a lizard is extremely scary and uncommon, even in dreams. However, it means that you will experience financial challenges, but luckily they won’t last long. It would be best if you make informed financial decisions to be safe when that time comes. You need to develop the patience to carry you through the season. On the other hand, being bitten by a lizard means that you are sick in your body. It would be wise to see a doctor.

Dreaming of a lizard in your body

This dream indicates you are in an unfavorable situation that makes you feel uncomfortable. A lizard crawling in your body also means that you are hiding some feelings within you. You are not happy in reality, but you like you are happy. The only way out for you is to express yourself to those you feel are making you unhappy.

Seeing a lizard basking in dreams

A lizard basking in the sun is an indication of good luck coming your way. It could be you have been through a difficult time. However, you will meet someone or receive some good news that will change your life and make it enjoyable. Additionally, the dream means that you are healthy in your body.

Catching a lizard in dreams

This dream signifies the end of a difficult season in your waking life. It means that you will enjoy the peace and be surrounded by lovely people. On the other hand, catching a lizard means that you are resilient and hardworking. This will translate into your dreams coming true.

Seeing a lizard in your hair

Seeing a lizard on your hair is an indication of your skills. This is to say that you are skilled in life, but you are not aware. You should arise and exploit your inner potential for better results. Your star is great, but it will take a lot of effort for it to shine.

Attempting to catch a lizard

This is not a good dream, and it indicates disappointments. Maybe you will be disappointed by people whom you least expected. That’s because you trusted them so much, and they will take advantage of that. It would be best if you were careful with those that you bring into your inner circle. Another meaning of attempting to catch a lizard in dreams is that you are focusing on unproductive projects. You should direct your efforts to something more fruitful.

Dreaming about baby lizards

Dreaming about baby lizards means that you will be promoted at your place of work. You will head a department, and your juniors will be reporting to you. However, this dream also has a negative meaning, and it indicates that you will collide with some people. This is more so if you are not employed.

Dreams About Lizards: What's Meaning and Symbolism


To see lots of lizards in dreams

This dream comes to warn you about the many people who will come into your life but with evil agendas. They will take advantage of you and ride on your kind heart. You need to cautious and hide your secrets from such.

Seeing a pet lizard in dreams

Pet lizards are attractive and beautiful. When a pet lizard appears in your dreams, it means that you are a kind and caring person. This is to say that you like helping people in whichever way possible.


Dreams about lizards are generally predictive. They tell you about what to expect in the coming days. This helps you to prepare, especially mentally, for the incoming events. Most of the dreams are negative, as you might have noted. However, that should not cause a scare to you. This article has generously discussed dreams about lizards, and I hope you are enlightened.If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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