Lions are a common figure in myths, fables, and tales. You can also spot the image of a lion in many heraldic emblems. Lions have some outstanding characteristics that cut across different cultures and religions. Have you ever had a dream about lions? Where was the lion? How was it behaving?

If you have never found out the interpretation of your lion dream, we are here to help you. In this article, we are going to explore the lion dreams, symbols, and meanings. You will be able to relate to the dream regardless of your religious or cultural background.

Dreams about Lions: What's Meaning and Symbolism

Symbols of dreaming lions

To interpret any lion dream, we should start by defining its symbols. From there, we can then try to relate how the symbol is connected to our daily lives. The symbols of the lion are drawn from its physical appearance, behavior, and normal way of living. The most common symbols of lion include;

-Power: A lion is usually referred to as the king of the jungle. All the other animals in the jungle, regardless of their size, tend to fear lions. In the dream, the lion could symbolize the power that you are about to get.

-Courage: The courage of lions is on a completely different level. Using their other attributes such as strength, lions are known for having the courage to face their enemies. Even when lions find themselves in unfamiliar territories or outnumbered, they won’t back down. They will still take their enemies head-on.

-Protection: Lions will do all that it takes to protect what it belongs to them. For example, once a pride of lions stamps its authority over a particular territory no other animal will dare step on it. Even the lions that don’t belong to that pride won’t be allowed to loiter around that area.

Strength: In most myths and heraldry, lions are used as symbols of strength. Their physique tells it all. The body size of a lion is quite big enough to ensure that it can take down any other animal. Their massive jaws ensure that their prey doesn’t escape easily.

-Pride: Lions tend to elevate themselves from the rest of the animals in the jungleThe main cause of this is their pride.

-Aggressive/ anger/temper: Lions are always seen as the most aggressive and ferocious animals in the jungle. Do you have an anger management issue in your life? This dream could be sending a timely message.

Common dreams about lions and their meaning

Seeing a lion in a dream

A lion appearing in your dream can be a symbol of power, courage, strength, and aggressiveness. The meaning can be timely if you are seeking a leadership position. The aggression may come in if you are in a threatening position that you need to fight for aggressively.

A lion in a dream may also depict some of your characteristics including courage, strength, loyalty, and domination.

Lions roaring in the dream

Dreams about Lions: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Lions are known for their loudest roars which can be heard miles away. Lions roar when they want their presence to be felt by other lions. It is a way of showing that they have authority over a certain area. A dream of a roaring lion could be a warning of something that we need to address in our lives. It could also be a warning of an enemy within. A dream of a lion roaring could also mean that you are recovering your confidence and you are making it known to everyone who cares.

Dream of taming lions

In the dream, you may see yourself or someone else taming lions. This act is rare given the aggressive and ferocious nature of lions. The dream could mean that you need to be courageous and face those ferocious life obstacles. It could be sending a message about the need to confront your fears.

Dream about lions chasing you

You may dream about a lion chasing and even trying to attack you. The dream could mean that there is something that is hunting you down intending to kill you. This dream could be sending a subtle message about a danger that is lurking around trying to cause serious damage in your life.

Dream about a lion hunting a prey

Naturally, lions are wired to hunt for prey to survive. The dream could represent your quest to pursue life goals. If in the dream the lion is hunting alone, this could mean that you should separate yourself from others to hunt effectively.

Dream about killing a lion

Killing a lion is one of the most insane things that one can do. It takes courage to achieve this goal. The dream could be sending the message that you need to take courageous and extra-ordinary steps to achieve a specific goal.

Dream about a lioness and her kids

This dream could be a representation of motherhood. A lioness taking care of her cubs could be a representation of your caring nature as a mother. You are likely to have this dream if you are expectant or have just given birth.

Dream about the death of a lion

In this dream, you may see a sick or an injured lion that is gasping for its last breathe. Using the symbol of the lion as a representation of power, the dream could mean that your power is almost coming to an end. If you have been a leader of a certain jurisdiction for long, the dream could be warning you of an imminent exit. So, you should start preparing how you are going to leave your powers to someone else. The dream could also be warning you that no matter how powerful you may be, one day you will lose those powers and be helpless.

Parting shot

Dreams about Lions: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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I hope that next time you have a dream about lions, you will not be confused. Take your time to analyze the context of the dream. This includes where you are and the characteristics of the lion. Try to remember the feelings that you had about the lion. From there, establish the connection between the lion and the current events or situation in your life. Once you consider all these factors, you will be able to derive the meaning of the dream. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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