Dreams About Knives: What's Meaning and Symbolism


Knives are standard tools in our houses but dreaming about knives is not common. This dream is scary and should warn you about something. However, several factors could lead to this dream. If you are in a toxic environment or live with toxic people, you have a high chance of having this dream. Also, unforgiven and unfair acts that were committed against you in the past could cause you to dream about knives. This is more so if you feel an urge to revenge. There are many meanings of dreams about knives, as we shall confirm in this article.

Dreams are powerful and should never be ignored. They reflect things that are happening in our spiritual world and their impact on waking life. Dreams about knives occur in different ways. For example, you may have been using a knife to attack someone, or someone was attacking you with a knife. The context is what leads us to the meaning of any dream. Like any other dream, this dream brings out different feelings used by interpreters to find its meaning. Have you ever dreamt about knives? This is the perfect read for you because you will understand the meanings and symbolism of the dream.

The symbolism of dreams about knives

Toxicity: As earlier mentioned, this dream is familiar to people in toxic environments and relationships. It is an excellent indicator that things are not well around you. Dreaming about knives could be a warning to avoiding some people. Maybe, their intentions towards you are not good.

Also, it could be you are not in a safe place, and you need to move. Maybe robbers are monitoring and planning to attack you. This calls for you to be cautious and take time to study everything in your surroundings. You might also need to break from toxic people.

Difficulties: Many dream interpreters have linked dreams about knives with problems, difficulties, or challenges. This dream may be predictive and telling you that you will face tough times ahead. Also, it could be in your life you are troubled and going through problems. Maybe you have tried to overcome it, but it’s not working. If that is the case, you need to remain positive during the season and be optimistic that things will be fine.

Aggression: This symbolism doesn’t point to the dreamer only; it also points to someone else. This is to say that someone close to you is very aggressive in life. They have very bright brains and are always on top of the game. This happens in the context where you saw the person with a knife. On the other hand, if you were the one with a knife, the dream means that you are aggressive in life and embrace positivity. However, this dream is determined by how sharp or blunt the knife was in the dream.

Emotional conflicts: This is another main symbolism of dreams about knives. It could be you are hurting on the inside. This could be from a loss or a broken relationship. Also, there could be changes in your life that have left you emotionally wrecked. However, this dream should encourage you to rise and work on healing your emotions.

The meaning of dreams about knives

Dreams About Knives: What's Meaning and Symbolism


A knife in general

We all have knives in our kitchens, but there is a meaning behind it when it appears in dreams. Seeing a knife in dreams could mean you will get separated from someone you cherish. It could be they will go forever or for a short time. The separation will make you sad and affect your emotions. Also, seeing a knife in dreams is an indicator of financial challenges. It could be a result of poor spending.

Looking at a knife in dreams

If you dreamt that you were looking at a knife, then you need to be worried. This dream means that you have feelings of anger and aggression. Maybe someone wronged you, and you and you have not gotten over it. The dream should tell you to forgive and let go of whatever pain was caused.

Murdering someone with a knife

This dream might be scary, but it has a good meaning. Murdering someone with a knife means that we desire to be with the person. Maybe you have extreme emotions towards the person, and you wish to be with them. It could be a person of the opposite sex. If that is the case in your waking life, then you should make a move and express your feelings to the person.

Holding sharp knives in dreams

If you dreamt that you were holding sharp knives, then you are with the wrong people. This dream indicates that you have toxic people around you, and you desire to be cut off from them. They may be draining you emotionally or taking advantage of you.

A man chasing you with a knife

If you are a woman and dream that a man was chasing you with a knife, it’s about your partner. This dream could mean that you are insecure and fear that your lover might leave you. Also, the dream indicates that you are trying so hard to please your partner. Another meaning of this dream is that you are avoiding someone with a sexual desire for you.

Seeing a rusty knife in dreams

Seeing a rusty knife in dreams is an indication that you are not happy. Maybe things are not going well at home, or your relationship is strained. Also, it could be someone said hurtful things about you, and you feel sad. These feelings have now shifted into your dream world. It would help if you found a way of being happy.

Being stabbed by a knife in dreams

Being stabbed by a knife in dreams is a bad sign. This dream is an indicator of misfortunes. It could be everything you plan to do will fail, and you will be frustrated. The dream could also mean that you will be humiliated soon after a confrontation, hence the need to be careful and less reactive.

Dropping a knife in dreams

This dream has both positive and negative meanings. Dropping a knife in dreams means that you will meet someone who will be a carrier of good or bad news. This person may be a stranger or someone you know. However, it would be wise not to open up to them quickly and get to know what’s in their minds. If they carry good news, meeting them will bring a significant change in your life.

Being stabbed with a knife at the back

We all know that backstabbers are people who don’t wish us well. Therefore, dreaming about being stabbed in the back means some people are planning evil against you. It could be you have been so successful, and they can’t stand it. This could be your business competitors or your colleagues at work. They plan to bring you down through false accusations. This dream should tell you to be cautious and escape their plans.

Your mother threatening you with a knife in dreams

We know mothers as great disciplinarians, but all is not well when they threaten us with a knife in dreams. This dream is a pointer to your family, and it means that you have a strained relationship with your family members. May you keep on conflicting and fighting over anything. The dream could be telling you to disconnect with some family members for a while. Also, maybe you are not on good terms with your mother, and it would be wise to work out issues between you.

Dreams About Knives: What's Meaning and Symbolism


A knife being damaged in dreams

This is an indicator of bad things about to happen. Dreaming about a damaged knife could mean that someone will set you up. Also, the dream could mean that you will lose a significant amount of money due to fraud. This calls for you to be careful about the people around you. Also, if you have this dream frequently, you should stop telling people your secrets.

Seeing a set of knives in dreams

Seeing a set of knives in dreams connected to your emotions. It could be you are confused about deciding something. It could be a sensitive matter that could cost you someone that you love. However, it would help if you took the time to rethink and be sober.

Being injured by a knife

Being cut by a knife means that bad things will come into your life. It might be misfortunes or disappointments. The dream could also mean that you will meet bad people and bring you down, leaving you bitter and with a wounded heart. Additionally, the dream means that you will be humiliated and demoted.


All these are dreams about knives and their well-expounded meanings. You must have noted that most of them come to warn us about something about to happen. Dreams about knives are also related to how we feel in our emotions. This article has been an interesting read for you, mostly if you have seen knives in your dreams. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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