Kittens are tiny offsprings of cats, and they are among the most beautiful animals in the world. Additionally, dreams about kittens are exciting, and they blend with feelings of beauty, tenderness, and love. When kittens are within a home, they extend a sense of calmness and comfort. However, not all people like kittens. That’s because, just like big cats, kittens can’t be manipulated. On the other hand, some people have a special love for this furry creature. Dreams about kittens are associated with several things in our lives, as we see in this detailed article.

Dreams About Kittens: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams have got various significance in one’s life. They bring out desires that are hidden in our subconscious minds. They also help us to prepare for future events, whether good or bad. Naturally, dreams are caused by things happening in our current life. This is why it is essential to understand what a dream means. This article will discuss dreams about kittens and their meanings. You will also get to know how the dream can guide you in real life.

The symbolism of dreams about kittens

1.Satisfaction and harmony: Naturally, kittens are contented. They are also calm beings that will never react unless threatened. Therefore, dreams about kittens mean you are living a life of contentment. That’s because you feel protected, just like a female cat guards a kitten. Your satisfaction may also be due to the proper nurturing and care you are receiving from someone in your life.

2.Vulnerability: When a young kitten is in a home, it is exposed to other domestic animals’ threats. Kitten dreams could, therefore, symbolize feelings of insecurity. It could be you are in a risky surrounding, or you have people planning evil against you. Note, the feelings of fear accompany this dream.

3.Love and happiness: There is no dull moment for kittens unless when they are sick. These friendly creatures symbolize feelings of happiness and love. If you dream about kittens, it means that you are happy and surrounded with love in your real life. This indicates that you don’t have enemies, and some things are making your life full of happiness.

The meaning of dreams about kittens

1.Dreams about black kittens

This dream means you are directing your energy to negative things, which are, in return, causing you stress and anxiety. You should therefore ignore them and go for positivity. Also, black kittens in dreams mean that you are involved in destructive activities, and you don’t want anyone to know. However, with time you might get exposed; thus, you need to stop what you are doing.

2.Abandoned kittens in dreams

This dream is related to your current feelings. Seeing abandoned kittens in life signify loneliness and fear. These feelings might have been triggered by a loss of something or someone you cherished. The dream means that you desire for things to be the way they were before.

3.Dream about a kitten attacking you

A kitten attacking you in dreams is uncommon. That’s because kittens are calm and friendly. This dream means that you will face long term challenges soon. People close to you will be contributors to your problems. Also, the dream means that you might be a victim of a robbery event. This calls for you to be cautious in real life.

4.Dreams about a brown kitten

A brown kitten in your dreams is a good sign. It means that you will receive good news. This might be after a period of suffering and financial challenges. The news might be a job that will change your life forever.

5.Dreaming about a screaming kitten

Dreaming about a screaming kitten is related to your love life. It could be your fiancé did something that offended you. Things were worse because they never apologized for their mistakes. The offense resulted in harboring feelings of bitterness and anger towards them.

6.Dreaming about a white kitten

White color is a significant symbol of purity and positivity. White kittens in dreams mean that you live a life of happiness, abundance, and good health. This is more so if the kitten appeared to be joyful and playful in the dream. Also, white kittens are associated with luck. It means that you will be lucky to receive something that will relieve you from the uncertainty you experienced.

Dreams About Kittens: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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7.Dreaming about an aggressive kitten

Dreams about an aggressive kitten are related to a relationship you have with a woman. This dream means that you will be involved in serious fights with her. The disagreements will end your relationship.

8.Kittens fighting in dreams

Kittens fighting in dreams means that you have enemies in your waking life. It indicates that you need to be vigilant about the people around you. Another meaning of this dream is that you might suffer a great loss, affecting your reputation.

9.Kittens meowing in dreams

Sometimes kittens can be nagging when they start meowing. This dream signifies the presence of some distressing things in your life. They might look minor, but they might escalate to something serious if you don’t attend to them. Additionally, this dream means that you are overwhelmed by responsibilities and expectations from some nagging people. Dreams about meowing kittens should warn you about how you handle people and things in life.

10.Running after a kitten in dreams

Running after a kitten in dreams means that you are in a rocky relationship. This further means that you will break up with your lover, but you won’t be able to let go of them. Maybe you will keep on begging them to come back to your life.


All these dreams have generously highlighted essential things about kitten dreams. Dreams are mostly connected to our feelings and attitude towards life. If you love kittens, then it is not difficult for you to experience the dream. Interestingly, there are some predictive powers in dreams about kittens. This means you can know what will happen in real life soon and act on it. I hope this has been a perfect read for you. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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