In every passing day, many killings are being reported across the globe. These cases make dreams about killing someone common. Well, this dream makes you feel scared and alarmed. This is more so if you have never committed a crime. However, dreams about killing someone do not necessarily mean you are a murderer. As we will see in this article, there are many things associated with dreams about killing someone.

Dreams About Killing Someone: Meaning and Symbolism

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During sleep, our minds create stories, events, and images, which we call dreams. For many years dreams have been a mystery to both the learned and the unlearned. People wonder how dreams occur and what causes them. Well, several facts help us know more about dreams. One thing about dreams is that they help people learn and process memories that are going to last. This article will help you understand the symbolism and meaning of killing someone in dreams.

The symbolism of killing someone in dreams

1.The PastDreams about killing someone has got much to with the past. Dreamers could have been hurt or betrayed in the past. Therefore, the thoughts of the pain and heartache they endured could translate to this dream. When the thoughts of the past painful events hit your mind, then you can have this dream.

2.Deep rooted conflicts and AngerPeople who have ever been in disputes and conflicts often have this dream. Therefore, killing someone in dreams could be a result of suppressed anger. The people around us mostly cause these feelings. Whenever these feelings are hidden, they manifest in our dreams through the desire to revenge by killing someone.

3.Addiction-Another symbolism of this dream is addiction. It could happen in your real life that you are trying to overcome something, but it’s proving to be complicated. This could be pain from broken relationships or bad habits. Generally, this dream means that you are trying to get rid of something in your life.

The meaning of dreams about killing someone

To interpret this dream, the person you killed in the dream is an essential factor. Also, the way the killing was done comes in handy in interpreting the dream. Here are some meanings of dreams about killing someone.

1.Dream about killing a loved one

This is a sweaty and scary dream. Nobody would want to cut the life of someone close to them. However, killing a loved one in a dream could mean you are having difficulties in a relationship. This dream could be caused by a previous confrontation that you had with the person in the past. Therefore, it is wise to consider reconciliation and mend things up. If you see yourself killing your friend, the dream could mean that your friend might have some problems. This further means that they could require your help.

2.Killing a stranger

Strangers in dreams represent habits that have been difficult to let go of. Dreams are incredibly connected to our real lives. Therefore, dreams about killing strangers could be pointing to an addiction that you need to drop. For example, if you like smoking, the dream could be telling you to stop smoking and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

3.Killing someone and escaping

Killing someone and escaping from the scene could mean that you have challenges. These challenges could have drained you, and you desire to overcome them. They could be challenges from your place of work or at home. Such a situation may need someone to come and bail you out.

4.Being told to kill someone

This dream means that you are in a catch twenty situation. The situation could be making you uncomfortable, and you desire to come out of it. Secondly, the dream could mean that someone is oppressing you. Dreams about being told to kill someone comes to usher you into a season of personal freedom.

5.Killing someone and burying them

This is a good dream and should encourage you. Killing someone and burying them means that you had problems in your life, but you have decided to deal with them. These problems might have been bothering you for a long time, and you feel it’s time to have peace.

6.Dreaming of being killed

This is a common and frightening dream for many people. This dream could mean that someone in your life caused you a lot of pain. On the other hand, dreaming about being killed could mean that you are getting into a new season. It could also mean that you have managed to have some habits that had bothered you for long.

Dreams About Killing Someone: Meaning and Symbolism

7.Dream about killing your boss

Killing your boss in a dream means that you are tired of being governed or dominated. The dream signifies your need for freedom or new ventures. Similarly, this dream could mean that your boss hurt you, and you have feelings of resentment towards him.

8.Killing someone in self-defense

This dream is about your safety. Killing someone in self-defense could mean that someone is following you and does not wish you well. This dream comes as a warning, and you need to be careful. It could also be a pointer to theft or robbery that is going to happen around you.

9.Killing your enemy

This is a common dream because all of us have enemies. We all know that enemies wish us evil. Therefore, killing your enemy in a dream could signify your desire to overcome the evil around you. Additionally, this dream could mean you desire to let go of the past and get into a new page of life.


Dreams are an essential part of our lives. That’s because they are significantly associated with our characters and future events. They are another means of communication whenever we fall asleep. Some dreams come as a warning, while others are indicators of good things. However, it is vital you note that every dream has a meaning and should not be ignored. This article has broadly covered dreams about killing someone. We hope that this well-researched article has enlightened on the dream. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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