Dreams about Keys: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Keys are important accessories in our lives. They are mainly used for security and access. You will use a key to lock and unlock a place or an item. There are different types of keys that are used for different purposes. We have keys for houses, garages, safes, suitcases, cars among others. Al these keys give us access or prevent unauthorized access.

What does it mean to dream about keys? You may wonder. Since you always use keys daily, the dream may just be a reflection of your activities.  Well, there is more to that. The dream could be having a deeper meaning that you need to decipher.

Symbols of Keys in a Dream

To find out the meaning of the dream about keys, it will be prudent to know what a key symbolizes.

The most popular symbol of a key is the power to open and close. Owning a key could mean that you have the power to open and close. When you are given a key, it means that you have been handed over the ultimate power.

Keys also symbolize the solutions to the problems that you may be going through. Even though you are going through a tough period in your life, you have the power and the ability to get yourself out of it.

A key in a dream also symbolizes the secrets that you may be having in your life. There are some critical issues in your life that you would never want anyone else to know about. So you prefer to keep them locked up.

A key in a dream can be a symbol of control. You have the ultimate control of everything that is happening. Similarly, the keys could be a symbol of freedom and independence to do anything that you want.

In some cases, a key can be used as a symbol of emotions. What you do with the keys in the dream will determine the kind of emotions that you are going through. You are either opening up your feelings to other people or you prefer to lock them up. In the same context, the keys could be symbolizing the problems that you are going through.

The color of the key may also send a message about its symbol. For example, gold and silver keys may symbolize wealth and prosperity. On the other hand, black or stained keys could symbolize bad luck.

Common Dreams about Keys, Meaning, and Interpretations

Dreams about Keys: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Here are the most common dreams about keys;

The general meaning of dream about keys

Generally, keys in dreams tend to represent visions. There is a goal that you have set or you are pursuing and would like to achieve.  Seeing a key could be a reminder that you need to double up your efforts to achieve the goal that you have set. The key in the dream could also be a reminder that you need to finish up a project that you started and move over to pursuing something else.

Dream about receiving keys from someone

The context of the dream can be receiving keys from somebody. Such a dream is usually associated with positivity. The meaning could also vary depending on who is giving you the keys.

If you are getting the keys from someone close to you. This dream could mean that you will receive help when you need it most. Someone close to you will be ready to help you when you are going through challenges.

The dream could also entail receiving keys from a stranger. This could be a sign that you will receive help from someone you did not expect. This could mean that you will get help from people you didn’t expect.

What about receiving a gift from someone you have been yearning to be in a relationship with? This could be a sign that the person is opening up to you. You should have hopes that your relationship will proceed to the next stage.

The dream of receiving keys could also mean that you will expand your family. If you are in a relationship, the dream could mean that you will soon get children.

Dream about giving someone key

If in the dream you were giving someone keys, this could mean that you are opening up to that person. You fully trust the person and you believe it is time to let them know deep secrets about your life. Are you getting into a relationship, the dream could symbolize your love and confidence in the person.

Handing over the keys could mean handing over your responsibilities to the person. Probably you feel overwhelmed by your current tasks so you prefer to give them out.

The dream could also mean a change in the phase of life. You are done with the current phase and now you are moving on to the next stage. Probably you are getting married.

Dream about opening a door using your keys

Dreams about Keys: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Opening a door with your keys is a representation of your talent and abilities. The dream could mean that you have just discovered your talents and you hope to put them to good use. However, you need to take note of how the door behaves.

If the door opens easily when you unlock it, it means that your talent will be fruitful. You will gain good returns from it. However, if it fails to open, this could be a warning sign that you will have it rough gaining from your talent.

Dream about finding keys

Finding keys could be a sign that you will achieve your goals. The dream could be sending a message that the achievements or success of the goals are as a result of your hard work. It could also be encouraging you to continue working on your current job or activity as success is just around the corner.

Dream about many keys

Did you see many keys in your dream?  This could be an indication of the physical journey. The dream could mean that soon you will embark on your journey. You will travel to meet new people and have a new experience.

Dream about a chain of rings

A chain that is full of rings is a perfect representation of power and authority. The dream could mean that you have full control or authority over a particular situation. This dream could also mean that you are highly adaptable to different circumstances.

On the other hand, a chain that has one key could be a symbol of bad luck or limited options. You are attached to one thing and you fear taking risks.

A dream about a chain with two keys could mean change or turnover. You want to change your life completely.

Dream about losing a key

Losing a key in a dream could be a negative sign. The dream could mean that you have lost control over something or a situation. The dream could also mean that you are missing great opportunities in life. The dream could be a representation of your current mental state. You may be going through pain and frustrations in life.

This dream is closely related to the dream about broken keys. This is an indication of failure to achieve your goals.


I hope that the article has given you deep insights regarding dreams about keys. Would you like to add something to this dream? Feel free to share with us and let’s see how we can help you understand it better. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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