Dreams about houses are common, and they represent several things in our lives. A house is a picture of what we have in our minds. It also signifies our emotions and personality. A house is a basic need for every human being. It is where you retire to after the day’s activities. It is divided into rooms, and the rooms symbolize the different parts of you, including emotions and actions.

Dreams About Houses: What's Meaning and Symbolism


Dreams about houses appear in many ways. One can see a new or an old house. The house you see in your dreams could be big, small, smart, or rugged. Meaning, the dream’s interpretation is based on the dream’s context and what was happening in the house. Also, the feelings that you had during the dream are a great pointer to its meaning. If you have ever dreamt about a house, then this article is timely for you. That’s because it’s going to outline all the meanings of dreams about houses.

The symbolism of dreams about houses

1.Thoughts: Dreams about houses are a great symbol of our thoughts. If you frequently have this dream, then it reflects your thoughts and ideas. Maybe in your waking life, you have some thoughts about something. It could be an idea to improve your life or to be more productive. This dream should, therefore, push you to follow your thoughts and build on the ideas.

2.Protection: Having a home brings a sense of security and privacy. Houses are enclosed and are a perfect shelter shielding us from the outside world. Besides, our houses know a lot of our secrets because that is where our privacy is. Therefore, dreams about houses symbolize protection. Maybe you are enjoying protection in your real-life and peace too. Also, the dream could signify the need for security. It could be you are feeling exposed to some danger. Generally, dreams of houses are about our protection.

3.Appearance and personality: Dreams about a house reflect who we are, as earlier mentioned. However, this can be based on various parts of the house. The outward look of a house is a picture of how we look on the outside.

On the other hand, the interior part of a house reflects who we are on the inside. This is to say that if the house is beautiful both inside and outside, we are also perfect. The roof of a house in a dream reflects our minds.

4.Nurturing: According to dream interpreters, a house is a place of nurturing. Whenever children are born, they are brought up in the house and receive care from their parents’ house. Therefore, dreaming about a house could symbolize your need to be nurtured. Maybe you need mentors and supporters in real life. Also, the dream could symbolize that you need to nurture someone. This could be a person lost in life, and they are seeking support from you.

The meaning of dreams about houses

1.Dream about building a new house

If you dream that you were building a new house, then that’s a good sign. You could be laying the foundation in dreams, plastering the walls, or even painting. All these contexts point to your psyche in life. The dream means that you are working towards becoming a better person. Also, the dream could mean that you are planning on starting a project or advancing your career. Additionally, building a new house in dreams could mean that you want to start things afresh.

2.Dreams about a house on fire

This dream has diversified meanings. If you are the one who set the house on fire, the dream means that you desire to change. It could be a change in behavior or career. On the other hand, if you saw a new house on fire, it means that you are satisfied. This means that the direction of your life doesn’t bother you. It is because you don’t have the energy to push for better things hence the satisfaction.

If a house caught fire while you are inside, it means something needs your attention. It could be your immediate family or business. Moreover, if you saw firefighters coming to rescue you from a house on fire, that’s a good sign. It means you will escape some danger that was almost happening in real life. Spiritually, a house on fire means that you need some cleansing or you are about to be destroyed.

3.Dreaming about an old house

Dreaming about an old house is greatly associated with our thoughts. This dream means that we have an odd plan or idea, but we have never put it into action. Therefore, this dream comes as a reminder that we should revisit the plan and make something out of it. Sometimes, an old house might be shameful and degrading. Therefore, the dream means that we feel ashamed about something in real life.

4.Moving houses in dreams

Moving houses in dreams could be in different contexts. For example, maybe you moved from an old house to a new house, to an apartment, or moved to a new town. However, this dream is a great indicator of change. This is to say that you are going to undergo significant changes in your life. This could be a change in career or business. Also, there could be a need for you to change the way you think.

5.A haunted house in dreams

This dream can be scary and sweaty. Dreaming about a haunted house means that there is something that you have not dealt with from your past. This could be something that hurt you and left you bitter and in pain. Also, maybe you went through a shocking experience that left you traumatized and fearful. This dream should encourage you to work towards overcoming your fears and feelings.

6.Seeing an unfinished house in dreams

If you dream about an unfinished house, then it means you are a procrastinator. Maybe you keep on postponing things. It could be you wait for people to help you or you are just lazy and irresponsible. This dream should tell you to wake up and do what needs to be done. Another meaning of this dream is that you are harboring some thoughts or ideas that need to be spoken out.

7.Dreaming about a house that belongs to you but you have never been close to it

If you see your house and you never visited it, then it’s a pointer to yourself. This dream means that there are areas of your life that you have not explored. Also, it could mean that you have an unexplored potential within you. Additionally, the dream could mean that there is something about you changing so fast and confusing you.

8.Dreaming about a wooden house

This dream is associated with how you feel about yourself. This is to say that your feelings keep on changing now and then. A wooden house in your dreams could also mean that you are guilty of some past mistakes. It means that you have never forgiven yourself.

If you saw yourself living in a wooden house, then it means that you will have problems in your love life. Your lack of communication will cause problems. If you saw somebody’s wooden house in your dreams, then it means that you need to learn how to live with people. Building a wooden house in dreams means that you are scared of confronting your partner about some issues.

9.Dreaming about a flooded house

This dream has a great connection to your emotions. Seeing a flooded house means that you are overwhelmed emotionally. Maybe people or issues are draining you emotionally, and it’s beyond you. If action is not taken, then you might drown in depression unknowingly.

Dreams About Houses: What's Meaning and Symbolism


10.Dreaming about a big house

This dream has both good and bad meanings. Dreaming about a big house means that you will have financial problems. If you dreamt that you were entering a big house, it means that you will be successful, especially in your career—another meaning of this dream that you will receive some good news soon.

11.Someone breaking into my house

Dream about someone breaking into your house signifies insecurity. Maybe you feel that someone is intruding on your private life. Also, it could be that your boundaries have been broken, and you feel empty. Maybe someone has shared your secrets with somebody, and you feel bad about it.

12.Buying a house in dreams

Buying a house in dreams represent new things. Maybe you want to start a new business or get into a new career. If you are unmarried and dream about buying a house, then it means you will be married soon. Also, this dream indicates that you are doing well financially.

13.Dreaming about a yellow house

This dream is associated with positivity and hope. If you see a yellow house in a dream, it means that you are a positive person. This is to say that you are good at making lemonade out of a lemon. The dream also means that you never give up easily.

Dreams About Houses: What's Meaning and Symbolism



This in-depth article has generously covered all the meanings of dreams about houses. We have seen how they relate to our emotions and thoughts. These dreams are also great pointers to where we are and where we are heading. I believe you are more enlightened, especially if you have ever had the dream. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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