Have you ever had a horse dream? Whether it left you with a positive or negative feeling, did you ever bother to find out its meaning?

Horse dreams are quite common and they come in many different forms. The horse may be young or old. Its color may also vary as there are white horses, a brown horse, and even black horses.

Most horse dreams tend to send positive messages. So, you shouldn’t be always in a panic mode when having such a dream. However, this should not cloud the fact that you can have a horse dream and derive negative meaning from it.

In this article, we are going to look at the symbols of horses in dreams and then derive their meaning.

Dream About Horse- Meaning and Symbolism

Symbolisms of Horse

To understand the meaning of any dream, it is important to analyze all the objects in it and find out what they symbolize. In our case, the main subject is a horse.

Away from the dream, a horse real life, it can be used to symbolize many different things in the real life. Some of them include:


A horse is a symbol of power.In the ancient days, horses were reserved for people in the most powerful positions. This still exists in the modern world where rulers in some societies still use horses for moving around.

Even in the ranches and farms, cowboys used horses to look after other animals. This is to show that a horse is above animals.

In dreams, horses can symbolize how you are connected to power or how you can get the power that you have been looking for so long. The stronger or healthier the horse, the more powerful the more connected to the power.

Dream About Horse- Meaning and Symbolism


When on a horse, you can go anywhere you want. In the past, travelers used to cover thousands of miles on horses.

The independence symbolism of a horse comes in when you want to break away from your current location that seems to have suffocated you and move far away in search of freedom.

Independence can be symbolized by horses running around freely. On the other hand, a tethered horse can symbolize the curtailment of freedom.

Hard work/Diligence/ Determination

These three attributes are symbolized by a horse that is on the move. It takes hard work and determination to cover a long distance at a high speed. The ability of a horse to execute this symbolizes the hard work and determination in it.

A horse that can execute all the great strides must be healthy. Those who take care of it must be working extremely hard. Well, that is another angle of drawing this symbolism.

Fun and recreation

Horse riding is a form of recreation-Something that you can do for fun and rejuvenate. There are are also professional sports that entail using horses.

Horses themselves are very playful. Just search on the internet and you will unearth many of them.

In this symbolism, we are trying to say that not all horse dreams have heavy meanings.

Dream About Horse- Meaning and Symbolism

Common Horse Dreams and their Meaning 

Here are the most common horse dreams and what they mean:

-Riding a horse: Depending on how the ride is, the dream symbolizes the journey of life that you are living. The ride can be smooth or rough to symbolize how you are living

The ride can also represent a process of life. This can be a relationship, career, or business.

-A working horse: In dreams, a horse can be used to represent hard work. If in the dream you are riding a horse or even you see a horse pulling chariot, it can be interpreted to mean that you are working well or you need to improve on what you are doing.

If the horse in the dream looks exhausted, this could mean that you should not overwork yourself in whatever goal that you are pursuing. You should try to balance your work and social life.

-An ailing horse: In his dream, you are likely to see a horse that is unable to walk or even pull a cart. A sick or weak horse could mean that there is a health issue that you need to address. You may be the sick person or someone close to you may require immediate medical attention.

It can also mean the challenges in life that you are facing.

Since we have mentioned that horses can be used to mean power, a sickly horse could mean that power is draining and your position in the society is about to change.

If the horse is dead or almost dying, don’t panic as horses are rarely associated with death. It may only mean that a specific aspect of your life is at a point of death.

-A wild horse: Your dream may encompass a horse behaving wildly. It may be running or just jumping around.

Such a dream symbolizes your quest to find the elusive freedom. You may be trapped in your current situation and there is an urge to get freedom. The situation can be a relationship or career. Sit down and evaluate all the aspects of your life to find out where you feel trapped.

-Talking horses: Like most animal dreams, a talking horse represents the voice of the unconscious. The horse could be trying to pass a message to you.

The message could be represented in both words and imagery.

-Dream of falling off the horse: This dream is a sign of a bad omen. It could mean that you are going to stumble in your journey of life.

The dream could also symbolize that you are likely to find yourself in unfamiliar situations or circumstances.

-Saddling a horse in a dream: In the real-life, saddling a horse means that you are getting ready to start the ride. In a dream, it means that you are ready or prepared to pursue a particular milestone in life.

It means that you have prepared everything and you have all that it takes to forge ahead. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

I hope that you have enjoyed this guide on horse dreams. In order to draw an accurate meaning, try to remember all the objects apart from the horse that you saw in the dream.


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