The mention of a shooting incidence sends some cold chills down someone’s mind. The same applies to dreams about getting shot. This dream type is scary, but it’s also a common dream for many. But note, dreams are a natural happening in the subconscious mind when someone falls asleep. One character of a dream is that they are ineluctable, and no one chooses what to dream. They are defined as a pattern of sensations, thoughts, and images in someone’s mind whenever during sleep.

Dreams about getting shot: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Some people remember their dreams, whereas others can’t. Dreams are known to help in developing longtime memories in people. Also, they occur due to various causes, and most of them can be tracked from the daily happenings in someone’s life. Scientifically a dream can last for 10 to 20 minutes. Within this in-depth article, we shall discuss dreams about being shot, their meaning, and interpretations.

The symbolism of getting shot

Being shot in a dream symbolizes a few things, as discussed below.

1.Fight for survival

Most people who have this dream have got struggles in their real lives. These struggles might have scaled to a level of making them anxious. Such people are always asking questions as to why things are not going the way they should. They could be resilient and hardworking, but things end up going wrong for them. Anything they do fails, and it’s the fear of that failure that triggers the dream.


People who have ever experienced shooting typically have this dream. No one wants to die neither be close to death. Thus, a shooting experience is traumatizing, and it is that fear that causes one to dream about getting shot. People in warzone areas, mostly young children, usually have this dream, and to some extent, they need counselors to help them overcome the fear.

3. Emotions

One’s emotions in real life can contribute to dreaming about getting shot. If one had a scaring or hurting experience, there is a possibility of it manifesting in their subconscious minds. Also, someone in a threatening situation will experience this dream. It could be a threat from an adversary or a colleague at work or someone you had confrontations with.

Dreams about getting shot: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams about getting shot: Meaning and interpretations

It is imperative to understand dreams and get to know what they mean. That’s because dreams come to expose someone’s desire and wounds, which translates to their healing. The interpretation of this dream is made in many ways. However, below are some standard guidelines that are used to interpret any dream.

  • Record your Dreams-This helps you to remember and relate the dream with the happenings in your life.
  • Identify your feelings in the dream.
  • Connect the recurring thoughts in your dreams with your daily activities
  • Check into the elements in the dream or characters involved in the dream.

The above is of the essence in helping someone to understand the significance of their dreams.

1.Being shot with a gun

If you dream that someone shot you with a gun, then that means you are struggling in life. Your desire to achieve your goals is surrounded with a lot of disappointments. Most people who have this dream are the ones trapped in difficult situations. Additionally, the dream could mean that you face persecution in your real life, and someone abuses you. However, your efforts to be free from the person are not bearing many fruits.

2.Seeing a person who shot you

This is where you saw yourself being shot and happened to recognize your shooter. The dream is a pointer to someone who is jealous of you in real life. The person who shot you in the dream could be your real rival. Also, the dream has some relations with your love or professional life.

3.Being shot with one arrow

Being shot with one arrow signifies your love life. The dream could be awakening you to start thinking about your feelings for love and some intimacy.

4.Being shot with a couple of arrows

If you had this dream, it means that you are overwhelmed with so many emotions. It is a pointer to the many emotions deep down your heart. They could be emotions of hatred and bitterness. Also, being shot with a couple of arrows could mean that you have hidden jealousy.

5.Dreaming of yourself shooting the arrows

This dream signifies someone is competing with you in real life. Shooting the arrows yourself shows your desire to win against this person. Also, the dream could mean that you are pursuing something and are going to succeed.

6.Dreaming with several gunshots

If you saw several people shooting you in a dream, then that means that you are weak in real life. This could result from too many responsibilities, or there are a lot of expectations from you. This is a common dream for parents as they struggle to take care of their families.

7.Being shot in the neck

Sometimes the conflict between people’s minds and hearts causes this dream. Being shot in your neck could mean that you are trying to do something, but your heart is against it. Whatever you want to do is wrong, and that why there is a battle between your heart and mind. Moreover, this dream could mean someone in your life is stressing you and making you feel drained.

8.Being shot in the war

Most people who had a war experience normally dream about being shot in the war. The dream should help you work towards forgetting what happened in the past. Such people always need some counseling, especially if the trauma doesn’t go away.

9.Being shot at the back

This is a clear sign of some betrayal in waiting. Betrayals come from the people we love and those who know much about us. Dreaming about being shot in the back should be taken as a warning. You should be more careful about the people close to you and don’t trust them too much.

10.Being shot by your partner

This dream directly connects to your love life. It is also about betrayal or a draining relationship. If you dream about your partner shooting you, it could mean you don’t feel like they love you well. This translates to sadness and frustrations. People with cheating partners are the ones who usually have this dream. If it is frequent, then there is a need for you to iron out issues with your partner.

Dreams about getting shot: What's Meaning and Symbolism 

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11.Dreaming of being shot by a friend

Being shot by your friend means that you are having problems with your buddies in real life. A misunderstanding or feelings of jealousy could cause this. The dream comes to show the need for the two of you to reconcile.

12.Being shot by a stranger

A stranger shooting you in a dream is a bad sign. The dream means that you have a lot of enemies in real life. Their enmity towards you could be as a result of your success. They could be planning a false accusation against you. The dream should serve as a warning and tell you that you should not tell people so much about yourself. The enemies are most likely to be at your workplace.

13.Dying from a shot

This is a sweaty dream, and it means that you are about to lose in real life. Being shot and dying means that there are things that you were fighting to get, but they might not come to pass. The other meaning is that you need to break off from some typical pattern in your life and get some motivation. Also, the dream could signify that you are in a threatening situation.

14.Being shot and living

Being shot and living could signify that you are insecure, or there are some threats around you. The roaming danger could be from unknown people. Also, if you have this dream, you need to check on your approach to life issues. Again, the dream could mean that you are exaggerating your fears and worries instead of merely handling them

15.Being shot in the chest

This dream symbolically means that your problems are caused by people close to you. They could be relatives or friends. Being shot in the chest is about emotions and is an excellent pointer to betrayal. This could mean that a person close to you will cause you pain and destroy your trust in them.


Dreams are inevitable, and anyone can have different dreams in their lifetime. They could be exciting or scary. Dreams about getting shot are common. They usually come as a warning of some pending happenings. The dreams are to bring out the state of one’s emotions and signify the need for change. The shots could be from guns or arrows and could trigger some trauma. However, there is no cause for alarm because, with proper caution, danger can be avoided. I hope this article will help you understand what getting shot in a dream means. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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