One of the most rampant vices in the world of today is robbery. This, therefore, explains why it is common to dream about getting robbed. Such dreams are scary, and they could be a bad sign. A robbery scenario has never been a kind one, and it leaves someone traumatized, not to mention the loss that comes with it. Have you ever been a victim of a robbery? Then that could explain why you can dream about a robbery. This article is about robbery dreams, and it’s going to cover their meanings and symbolism.

Dreams About Getting Robbed: The Meaning and Interpretation

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The interpretation of this dream is done in various ways. This depends on how the dream made you feel, the robbery’s location, and what you lost. Also, there various ways to interpret the dream, including cultural, spiritual, and religious formulas. In most cases, this dream is directly related to the happenings of our real lives. It could be about emotions or certain characteristics that we possess. Also, dreams about a robbery or getting robbed have symbolism in our real lives.

The symbolism of the dream about a robbery or getting robbed

1.Fear-Naturally, robbery incidences can be fearful and scary. Therefore, this dream could represent fear in your life. That means that there could be something in your life that is causing fear. It could be a personal or family problem. Also, this dream can come from being a victim of a robbery in the past.

2.Loss- When robbers attack somebody, they usually take something from them. Therefore, seeing robbers in your dreams or being robbed could mean that you will suffer losses in real life. This could be a loss of relationship, money, or even a job. This dream comes as a warning indicating the need to be cautious.

3.Confilcts-Dreams about getting robbed could indicate that you are going to get into conflicts and big problems. This could happen at your place of work or even in your family. Mostly such confrontations will cost you things or people that you treasure.

4.Insecurity-This is another symbolism of dreams about being robbed or robbery. It could be you are feeling insecure in your real life. Again, this dream could mean that you are in a love relationship, and you feel like your partner is cheating on you. This further means that you could be sexually insecure.

5.Stagnation-This is another symbolism of the dream. It means that you are going to enter into a period of stagnation and lack of progress. This dream should awaken you to adjust if you have such a dream.

The meaning to dreams about a robbery or getting robbed 

1.Dream about a public robbery

Did you know that robbery doesn’t only take place in hidden places? Yes, sometimes it happens in public. In this case, if you see yourself being robbed and nobody is helping you out, it could mean people are failing you. Also, the dream could mean that someone will take advantage of your kindness and steal from you. This could be at your place of work or at home. The dream should warn you about those close to you so as not to suffer losses.

2.Dream about not seeing the one robbing you

A hidden identity of your robber in a dream is not a good sign. This dream could mean that you are going to experience financial challenges. Your extravagance could cause challenges in spending your money. Overspending could lead to a demotion in your lifestyle due to the inability to pay bills. This dream should warn you about the careless spending of your money.

3.Dream about being robbed and identifying the robber

If you dream about being robbed and you see the robber, then this is a positive dream. It means that someone who has had hidden feelings about you will open up. This could be feelings of hate, unforgiveness, and bitterness towards you. In most cases, such people are people with whom you have been in a relationship.

4.Being robbed in your absentia

Being robbed without your presence is a rare dream. This dream means that there are going to be major changes in your life without your knowledge. This further means that bad things are happening behind your back, and they might lead to losses. This mostly happens to business people. It could be that one’s competitors plan to trick them some money or investments. Therefore, this dream should make you pay close attention to your ventures.

5.Home robbery

If you have ever experienced a home robbery, then you can confirm that the trauma is real. Dreams about being robbed at home mean that we will be tested, especially with our faith. It also means that your immediate family will face many challenges and might end up being hopeless. Again, the dream could be pointing to betrayal and conflicts that you will face from your family. An inciter from outside could cause all these.

6.Dream about a robbed car

Your car being robbed in a dream means that your progress is going to get hindered. This further means that you will not enjoy your independence and that you will become powerless. This dream should tell you to tread carefully, especially in your surroundings. Also, it would help if you were more secretive about your achievements and endeavors. That’s because, with such a dream, there are high chances of being conned by scammers.

7.Dream about seeing yourself robbing someone

This dream has a direct connection with your character. If you see yourself robbing someone, it could mean you are jealous and angry towards someone. These feelings will make you thrive at the expense of other people. Sadly. the victim will not escape your malicious acts.

8.Dreaming about planning a robbery

Planning a robbery in your dreams is not a good sign. This dream means that you have bad behavior, and it’s going to hurt someone. Also, the dream could mean that you are planning to bring someone down. This could be a business competitor or a colleague at your workplace. However, the dream should tell you to change your behavior.

9.Dream about preventing a robbery

Stopping a robbery in your dream is a wake-up call telling you that there are things you need to change. This dream could also be telling you to get rid of toxic people so that you may make progress. Additionally, preventing a robbery means that you need to be more positive and vigilant with your life.

10.Dreams about a bank robbery

This dream means that you will steal someone’s fortune. This is to say that you will take their success and fruits of their hard work. Dreams about robbing a bank are more about dishonesty and fraud.

Dreams About Getting Robbed: The Meaning and Interpretation

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11.Being robbed your phone in a dream

In the current world, a phone is a major gadget of communication. Therefore, if you are robbed of a phone in your dream, it could mean losing communication. This could be pointing to people who will cut their contact with you. Another meaning of the dream is that you will stop being vocal or relevant to people.

12.Dreaming about a gun robbery

Robberies get conducted in many ways. Some robbers use knives, while others use guns to attack their victims. If you dream about robbery with guns, it means that you are getting forced to do something. This could be a bad act, and it’s against your wish. In case someone robs you and then shoots you, it could mean that it’s time to overcome those bad things happening in your life and move on.

13.Dream about finding out you were robbed

It is common to dream about discovering that you have been robbed. This dream is associated with financial challenges that you could be undergoing. Things have been hard for you financially, and therefore, you are worried about how things will turn out. This dream should challenge you to wake up and look for a source of income.

14.Dream about witnessing a robbery

This dream is related to emotional stress and could signify that you are depressed. It could be things that have not been smooth for you, but you need to overcome the anxiety. Witnessing a robbery dream could also be telling you to link up with friends or relatives and ease your worries. On the other hand, this dream could be pointing to the presence of harmful people in your life.

15.Dream about a street robbery

Dream about a street robbery has a negative meaning. This dream means you are soon going to face some problems in your life. These problems could be losses, betrayals, conflicts, or disagreements with the people around you. Generally, the dream warns us not to be careless in what we do or say.


Dreams about robbery can have both a positive and negative meaning. However, their meanings depend on what is going on in our emotional, physical, or psychological life. During a robbery, one has to lose something, and sometimes people lose their lives. Therefore, this dream could mean that you are about to suffer losses in real life. Have you ever had such dreams? Did you manage to find the meaning? Well, this article must have come in time for you. After reading it, you must understand everything related to dreams about a robbery or getting robbed. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary


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