Dreams About Getting Married: Meaning and Symbolism


“Am getting married!” How will you reply when a close friend or family member utters this statement? You will definitely congratulate them and wish them well. This is because most of us yearn to get married to the people we love. This directly means that dreams about getting married are associated with positivity.

Since getting married marks the beginning of a journey, you should not expect everything to be smooth. This is to imply that the dream about getting married can have elements of negativity.

The dream about getting married usually comes in the form of having a wedding. This is a sign of the beginning of married life.

Did you just have a dream about getting married? What meaning did you derive from the dream and how did it affect your life? Well, read on as I help you to understand the meaning of such dreams.

Symbols of Marriage

Do you want to know the meaning of the dreams about marriage? Then you should know the meaning of marriage and what it symbolizes in the real life.

Marriage as a symbol of commitment and promise

The act of getting married or having a wedding is characterized by saying your vows. The partners usually vow to stick together through thick and thin. So, the dream about getting married could symbolize the commitment and promise that you are making to other people. The dream could be sending a message that you should stick to your words by fulfilling your promises.

Coming together

The act of getting married is marked by the statement of “two become one”. In the real-life, this can symbolize the act of uniting with other people, not necessarily your marriage partner. If you have some differences with other people, the dream could be sending a message that you should bury your hatchet and resolve to work together as a team.

The coming together can also symbolize the process of merging different aspects of your life. Maybe there you have many responsibilities in your life and the only way of handling them is by merging.

The beginning of a new life

Marriage is usually considered a phase of life. So, getting married in a dream can symbolize letting go of one stage of life and starting a new chapter. If you have been unhappy with your previous lifestyle, the dream may be representing the start of a new journey.

End of freedom

To many people, marriage life symbolizes prison. It means foregoing your freedom to accommodate the needs of your partner.  Have you been leading a reckless kind of life? the dream could be symbolizing that you are going to be confided into a particular lifestyle. From the wedding day, all your most of your actions may require the approval of your marriage partner.

What does marriage mean to you and what does it symbolize? Once you figure out, you will be in a perfect position to interpret the dream and discover its meaning.

Common Dreams About Getting Married and their Meaning

Dreams About Getting Married: Meaning and Symbolism


Let’s have a look at some of the most common dreams about getting married. I will go ahead to give the possible interpretations and meanings of these dreams:

Getting married in the dream

In this dream, you will see yourself getting married. This dream is a representation of your unconscious mind. If you are single and have been yearning for a marriage, the dream could be an indication that one day you will get married.

Getting married in a dream could also be a sign of good things that will happen in your life. You are holding a special gift that other people have seen and are impressed with you.

Dream about getting married to an ex

Getting married to an ex can have different meanings and interpretations.  If you are in a relationship and you have such a dream, it could mean that you have not fully healed from your breakup. There are some aspects of the ex that you miss and you would wish to be with them. The dream could also mean that your relationship with your current partner is not very good.

This dream is closely related to the one of seeing an ex getting married. In this situation, the dream could mean that your ex has moved on so you should. It signifies the ex has cut all the bridges that were bringing the two of you together.

Dream about getting married to your best friend

This is a dream that you are looking forward to, right? This dream could be a sign that you should take your friendship to the next level. The dream could also signify the kind of friendship that you have. Since marriage entails uniting two people, the dream could be elaborating the strong friendship that you have.

Dream about getting married to a family member

Don’t freak out! As gross as the dream may sound, it could be carrying a deep message and meaning about your life. You are likely to have this dream while looking for your marriage partner. The dream could be giving hints about the kind of spouse that you should look for. What you need is to carefully analyze the traits of the family member whom you are getting married to in the dream.

The dream could also signify how close you are to the person that you are getting married to in the dream.

Dream about witnessing two  people getting married

You may dream about seeing two people getting married. In such a dream, your relationship with the people will help you find the meaning of the dream. This dream could be a sign of the emotional barriers that are blocking you from succeeding. Unless you get rid of the barriers, you will have to watch other people move forward as you remain there.

If in the dream you are happy seeing other people getting married, it could mean that you wish your friends well and you want them to be happy.

Dream about listening or saying marriage vows

Saying marriage vows is part of the process of getting married. In the dream, you can be the one saying those vows or you may be listening to them. This dream signifies the seriousness of marriage. If you are in a relationship, the dream will be warning you about how serious marriage is and why it is accompanied by serious promises.

Dream about saying vows could also be a reminder about the need to keep your promises. Are you already married and you keep dreaming about the vows? This could be a warning that you should stick to the promises that you gave your partner on the wedding day.

Hearing the wedding music in your dream

Dreams About Getting Married: Meaning and Symbolism


Assuming that you are already married, you may encompass listening to wedding songs. While the songs may be a reminder of your big day, there is more meaning to this. The dream could mean that you are in sync with your partner. You are meeting his or her marriage expectations.

Hearing a wedding song in a dream could also mean that you are happy and satisfied with your current marriage life. Even though you may be going through some challenges, everything seems to be in a perfect place with regards to the marriage.

Dream about eloping into marriage

Elopement marriage could mean that you desire to break free from all the barriers and get married to someone you want. This dream could be revealing your rebellious attitude. You are in conflict with other people because of the big decisions that you have made. You are not ready to lay low anymore.

Seeing other people eloping in the dream could be a sign that you are the source of pain and misery. This has forced people in your life to run away from you in the quest for freedom.

Dream about a civil marriage

Civil marriage is a symbol of simplicity. The dream could mean that you are opting for simpler and cheaper alternatives. You don’t want to spend lots of money on expensive things in life.

Dream about hen night and stag night

Concerning marriage, you could dream about hen and stag nights depending on your gender. These dreams could be a reminder of the secret life that you have been living before getting married. The dream could also be a warning to forget your past and start focusing on your current marriage life.


So, which of the above dreams about getting married did you have? Did you find the meaning of the dream? To find the meaning of your dream about getting married, you should ask the following questions:

Where was the venue of the wedding? Was it in a church, beach or a garden? The location will play a role in telling you the meaning of the dream.

What were your moods and spirits during the wedding? Try to remember whether you were happy or jealous.

What are your perceptions about getting married and marriage life in general?

Once you answer all these questions, it will be easy to tell the meaning of dreams about getting married. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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