We all have friends whom we can count on anytime, and therefore it is common to dream about friends. Friends are like a support system and know most of our secrets. A true friend can know when you are troubled and give you a shoulder to lean on. Dreams about friends have got a great significance in our lives. However, its interpretation is diverse, so one needs to remember the whole context of the dream.

Dreams About Friends: what's Meaning and Symbolism


Like any other dream, a friend’s dreams come with different feelings. One may feel happy, excited, bitter, sad, or angry. These feelings are also great pointers to the dreams meaning. In most cases, dreams about friends indicate positive changes that are about to affect our lives. This could be in career, business, or family.

Additionally, this dream indicates our characters and helps us to better ourselves. Within this detailed article, we will look at different meanings of dreams about friends and their symbolism. This might be a timely read for you, especially if you have ever had the dream.

The symbolism of dreams about friends

1.Fears and worries: When you dream about friends, it could be that you are worried about something. It is more so in the context that you saw your friend is sad. The dream symbolizes that you are sad in real life because of a particular thing. This dream should help you work on your fears and overcome them.

2.Warning: Sometimes dreams about friends symbolize unpleasant things that will happen in the future. If you saw your friend in danger or unpleasant scenario, then it means you might be a victim of the same. Therefore, this dream should tell you to be cautious and notice anything that might threaten your life. Also, the dream could mean that misfortunes will catch up with your friend.

3.Anger and bitterness: As much as our friends make us happy, it doesn’t mean that they can’t hurt us. Sometimes we collide and have serious disagreements. Therefore, this dream means that you are hurting in real life. It could be someone offended you at home or workplace, and you are harboring feelings of anger and bitterness. This dream should help you resolve the inner conflict and be at peace with yourself and the one that hurt you.

4.Stronger connections: This is another symbolism of dreams about friends, especially if the dream keeps on reoccurring. This dream means that you feel there is a gap between your friends and you. This could be due to long distance. However, the dream should encourage you to find ways you can bond more with your friend. It could be through emails or phone calls. Also, the dream could be telling you to find more friends within your surroundings.

The meaning of dreams about friends

1.Having a fight with a friend

No one wants to fight with their friends in real and arguing with your friend in dreams is bad. This dream means that your friend disappointed you and you are feeling sad about it. This could have transpired after they confessed something bad they did. If you were fighting your friend in dreams, it means you will come through for a friend in a particular way.

2.Dreaming of an old friend

An old friend in dreams means that you have real-life problems, and a close family member will solve them. This dream also means that your dreams will come into reality after a long time of resilience and hard work. Another meaning of this dream is that you will be healed from a sickness that has been troubling you for a long time. Additionally, this dream might indicate that you will soon be reunited with a friend you lost contact with for a long time.

3.Dreaming about a friend visiting your home

This dream is related to your career and goals in life. It means that you need to be patient and allow time to take you through achieving your dreams. Another meaning of a friend visiting you is that you are a good person, and you relate well with the people around you.

4.Dream about your friend crying

This dream indicates your desire to get better terms in regards to your job. Maybe you are feeling exploited and treated unfairly. Another meaning of dreaming about a crying friend is that you will achieve your dreams through resilience and commitment. This will eventually usher you into a period of joy, contentment, and abundance.

Dreams About Friends: what's Meaning and Symbolism


5.Dreaming about a friend who is far away

If you dream about your friend being far away, it could mean they are not well. This means they are sick or going through a difficult time, and they would appreciate your support. Also, this dream means that you miss them, and there is a need for you to make your friendship strong by frequently meeting with them.

6.A celebrity being your friend

One may dream about being a friend to a celebrity because they love them. However, this dream has more meanings. It means that you will take part in something big and it will make you famous. This will result in people loving and admiring you.

7.Getting a new friend in dreams

This dream means that you might have to change the location. It might be due to a job transfer or moving businesses. Getting a new friend in dreams could also mean that you will go on a vacation.

8.Dream about a friend

If you saw your friend in a dream, it means that you will meet them soon. You might require their advice, or they will require your advice.

9.A failed visit by a friend

It can be disappointing if your friend fails to visit as promised. However, this is a good dream. A friend failing to visit you in dreams means that your hard work and dedication will be recognized and that you will get a reward for it.

10.Dreams about a friend in a festive mood

If you dream that your friend was in a festive mood, it signifies good news. This means that someone close to you will bring some good news. It could be about a job promotion, or it could be you will receive a good report from the doctor.

11.Dreaming about a sick friend

This dream might be real in waking life, meaning that your friend could be ailing. Also, dreaming about your friend being sick means that you are short-tempered. This temper will lead you into a serious confrontation with someone.

12.Dreaming about a dying friend

This is a scary dream but has good meaning. A dying friend in dreams means that your close friend will be settled in marriage. It might result in the death of your friendship since they will not have time anymore for it. This dream should encourage you to make the best out of your friendship before this happens.

13.Dream about being happy for your friend

This dream has got a good and bad meaning. Being happy for your friend in dreams means that you will achieve something that you have been expecting. However, you will get to enjoy it for a short time and get a great disappointment from it.

14.Dreaming that your friend is at the bottom of a valley

The dream signifies loneliness. Seeing your friend at the bottom of a valley means that you have neglected your family or a friend. They desire your company and support, but it isn’t easy to find.

15.Dream about a friend in an animal’s shape

Friends disguised as an animal is a bad dream. It means that your friend is a hypocrite, and they might be planning to hurt you. This dream should tell you to be more vigilant whenever around them.

16.Seeing a friend in bright clothes

This is a bad sign, and you need to be concerned about what will happen. Seeing your friend in bright clothes means that you will encounter problems and they will take much of your time as you try to solve them. This will result in you having less time for your friends hence straining your relationship.

17.Dreaming about a friend in red clothes

This dream means that some close people to you are going through a difficult time. This could be a sickness or a financial challenge. Friends in red clothes should tell you to reach out to them and offer any help.

18.Running away from a friend

This dream means that you have bad characters that make it difficult for you to keep friends. Running away from a friend could also signify feelings of bitterness that you have been harboring for long.

Dreams About Friends: what's Meaning and Symbolism



These are the main meanings of different dreams about friends. The dreams have been interpreted differently depending on how you saw your friend. Dreams about friends are predictive and also signify our feelings. On rare occasions, interpreters have used the dream to signify our character. If you have dreamt about your friends, then I am sure your search for meaning has ended thanks to this article. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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