Dreams about food might be familiar to most people. Our lives are much dependent on what we eat. The body can’t work without food, and therefore one must eat at least once a day. Food dreams signify various things in our lives. They also have different meanings, as we are going to see in this article. However, the interpretation is based on how the dream was. This explains why it is essential to remember every detail of the dream.

Dreams About Food: What's Meaning and Symbolism


Whenever we fall asleep, our minds transition and operate in the unconscious part. We see things happening while we are still asleep. However, the kind of dreams that we have got a great connection to our lives. The way you eat the food also matters in getting the meaning. For example, you could be eating in a hurry, or you overate. Also, the kind of food you eat in a dream matters in the interpretation. If you have ever dreamt about food, then this is the ultimate read for you. You will get to know what the dream meant based on its context.

The symbolism of dreams about food

1.Starvation: Dreams about food symbolize starvation. It is believed a person who has gone for a long time without food is likely to have the dream. This is because they wish to get something for their stomachs. Maybe you are going through a season of hardships, and you can’t afford even the basic needs. Also, another symbolism of this dream is that you could be hungry for some ideas. Maybe you desire to do something in your life.

2.Wealth and abundance: Dream interpreters have linked this dream with prosperity and abundance. Therefore, if you dream about food, it could symbolize that you are a wealthy person. This is to say that you are enjoying a life of abundance and prosperity. This dream is also predictive. It could mean that after a time of hard work, you will get wealth and enjoy abundance. This is picked from the context where you dream about a table with so much food.

3.Bad habits and people: Food in dreams could also symbolize the presence of bad things in our lives. It could be we have destructive behaviors, or there are toxic people in our lives. This dream should warn you against such. Mostly, eating poisoned food is the pointer to this symbolism.

4.Personality: Food dreams may also explain who we are. The way we eat the food is an excellent pointer to this. Also, the type of food that you ate in dreams could describe your personality. It could be there is a need for you to become better in regards to who you are.

The meaning food dreams about food

1.Eating large amounts of food

If you dream that you’re eating large amounts of food, then you should be worried. This dream means that you are going to suffer losses. It could be in your business, or you will lose your job. Your irresponsibility and laziness will cause loss. In such a case, the dream should tell you to become responsible and avoid the experience. Another meaning of the dream is that you might have a happy and enjoyable future.

2.Eating tasteless food

Eating tasteless food in dreams means that you are remorseful about something that you did in the past. This is because the action is affecting your present happiness. Another meaning of tasteless food is that you might have health challenges in the future. This should push you to have a medical checkup before things escalate to the worse.

3.Someone taking food from you

If you dream that someone is taking food from you, then that’s a bad sign. The dream means that you are going to be betrayed by a friend whom you trusted. Also, the dream is an indicator that your lover will leave you. This dream should tell you how you handle your love life and watch out for those you call friends.

4.Seeing a lot of food on the table

This dream means that you are going to play host to a large number of people. They will enjoy your generosity. Negatively, seeing a lot of food on the table means that you might fall sick and have to go through serious health challenges.

5.Being hungry with no enough food

If you dreamt that you were hungry and didn’t have enough food, then it means that you eat a poor diet. This calls for you to check on what you eat and avoid diseases related to poor diet.

6.Buying food in dreams

This dream can be interpreted in two ways. If you are poor and you were buying food, it means that you will experience a financial breakthrough. This is to say that you will start affording the basic needs of life. On the other hand, if you were buying food and being a rich person in real life, you will suffer some financial losses.

7. Cooking various types of food in dreams

This dream is related to your current activities. Cooking different types of foods means that you are doing some beneficial activities. It could be something benefiting your family or the community at large. Another meaning of this dream is that you will play host to friends whom you haven’t met for some time.

8.Dreaming about someone offering you food

This dream means that you will get support from someone. Maybe you are going through a difficult time, and someone will offer to support you. It could be financially, emotionally, or spiritually. Another meaning of someone offering you food is that you will have a happy and contented future.

9.Searching for food in dreams

Searching for food in dreams indicates that you desire to get a means of earning an income. It could be you are searching for a job or thinking of starting a business. Also, the dream signifies that you are sick and are desiring good health.

10.Sharing food in dreams

Sharing food in dreams is a sign of doing well. This means that you have more than enough, and you can assist those in need. This is a reflection of your kind and generous heart. The dream also indicates that you have a strong relationship with those close to you. On the contrary, the dream could signify the need to get close to your relatives and support them. It could be they are going through difficult times and wish for your support.

Dreams About Food: What's Meaning and Symbolism


11.Food being stuck on your throat in dreams

Sometimes people get choked when eating, especially children. If you dream that food is stuck in your throat, it means that you are trying to get rid of something. This could be a bad habit or toxic people, but your efforts are fruitless. Also, the dream could mean that there is something that you are finding hard to accept. It could be sudden news about something.

12.Eating rotten food in dreams

This dream is related to the state of minds and hearts. It means that you are harboring feelings of bitterness and unforgiveness. Another meaning of eating rotten food is that you are going to experience financial losses. This will be due to fraud or robbery.

13.Dreaming that you are enjoying while cooking

If you are enjoying while cooking in dreams, then you have a reason to be happy. That’s because you will be acknowledged for something. This could be an achievement after hard work and resilience. You will get to be respected by the people who looked down on you.

14.Eating food with a lovely company

Eating in the company of your loved ones is a good dream. The dream indicates that you will be successful in business. The dream could also be a sign of having true friends in real life. Additionally, this dream is an indicator that you will be happy in life.

15.Storing food in dreams

If you see that you were storing food in dreams, it means that you have a fear of lack. Maybe you face an uncertain time and are scared that you won’t meet your basic needs.

16.Dreaming about cutting food

Cutting food in dreams means that you will be successful. Maybe you have started a new venture, and it might be very successful. This dream should encourage you to work hard and be resilient.

17.Eating junk foods

This dream means that you are feeding your mind with toxic information. It could be through watching or listening to unhealthy things. Also, eating junk food in dreams could mean that you are not eating well, and as a result, you feel guilty about your eating habits in your waking life.


This article has generously discussed dreams about food. You have noted the dream is related to our emotions and what is about to occur in our lives. The positive dreams are encouraging, and the negative ones should guide us on what needs to be done. I am sure that this has been an interesting read for you. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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