Anybody who doesn’t dream should have a reason to worry. This is because dreaming is a very common and frequent occurrence in the life of a human being. However, there are good and bad dreams. The good dreams are the ones that leave you excited while the bad ones bring about confusion, worry, and anxiety. All in all, every dream has a meaning, what it symbolizes, and an impact on someone’s life.

Additionally, there are various ways of interpreting dreams. Some are traditional, religion, and others are biblical. But, dream interpretation is based on several things such as what appeared in the dream, the location where the dream happened, not forgetting the feelings that the dream gives someone. Within this article, let‘s take a look at dreams about floods; their meaning and Symbolism.

Dreams About Floods: Meaning and Symbolism

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The meaning and symbolism to flood dreams

Floods are natural happenings that, in most cases, leave people displaced and properties destroyed. However, that does not mean that you will get in trouble every time you dream of floods. Here are some symbolic meanings of floods.

1.Being overwhelmed

Floods are known to go beyond any human control. When it rains heavily, rivers break their banks and start flowing in every direction. Nothing can control the movement of many waters. Symbolically, floods are associated with being overwhelmed or dealing with something that is out of your control. Such could be a habit or even a situation that has gone beyond your ability. Most people who dream about floods are known to be in a catch 22 situation.

2.Hidden pain or emotions

Symbolically, seeing floods in your dream could mean that emotions are suffocating you, and you have a desire to let go of them. Naturally, floods get out of control and cause havoc and loss of properties. This could duplicate in the real life with emotions about to cause trouble between you and people. Whenever this dream gets frequent, there is a need to check on their emotional stability to avoid collisions with people.

3.New things

As mentioned, floods are not always negative. They also boast positivity, and dreaming about floods could mean new dawn and major shifting in life. When floods hit a certain place, lives are changed, and sometimes people are forced to look for long-lasting solutions to curb a repeat of the same. These solutions mark a new dawn of ideas and desire to make life better.

If you have dreamt about floods or it is a frequent dream for you, then this is the right article for you to read. We are going to expound more on the meaning of dreaming about floods.

Meanings to dreams about floods

1.Dreaming of a flooded land

Flooded land in your dream could mean that so many challenges surround you. The current situation makes you drained, and you desire to relax. Most people who dream about floods are the ones who are going through a difficult phase in their lives, and they desire to have some peace of mind.

2.Floods of dirty water

If you dream about dirty floods, then trouble could be knocking at your door. Dirty or muddy floods mean that you will be in strange situations that will make you feel pain or be sorrowful. Dirty water means the introduction of bad things into your life that will pollute your happiness.

3.A flood-carrying you away

This is a terrifying and sweaty dream. Floods carrying you away could be a pointer to a long-term health problem that is likely to cause death. Anyone who has this dream is advised to pay close attention to their health or better visit a doctor before the escalation of a strange sickness. Also, the dream could mean that you will lose things that you treasure most in your life.

4.Trying to escape a flood

This dream comes in two ways with a negative and positive meaning. If you dreamt and managed to escape the floods, then it signifies some breakthroughs. This means that you will overcome the challenge that you have been facing. On the other hand, if you dream that you never escaped the flood, it could mean that you caused someone close to you some pain, and despite your efforts to mend things, the relationship won’t survive. Failure to escape from floods could also point out problems in the future that would leave you defeated and unhappy.

5.Flood blocking your path

This is a rare dream but has a negative meaning. Floods barricading your way either you are walking, or driving could mean that you are chasing something but might not succeed. It could be a new job, or you want to start a new business, but something will happen and cause failure. Floods on your way could also mean that you will encounter an emotional breakdown in the future. The breakdown will most likely be caused by someone close to you.

Dreams About Floods: Meaning and Symbolism

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6.A Flood carrying people

The dream could mean that someone you know could be in a very difficult situation and fighting to survive. It could be in their home or at their place of work. Floods carrying people in a dream also represent the opposition, which means many adversaries could surround someone you know.

7.Floods destroying your house

This is a bad dream and could be pointing to incoming problems in your house. This could be a possible marital fight with your spouse or commotions between you and members of your family. Such a dream should warn you about your behavior to avoid disagreements and fights. Additionally, Floods destroying your house could mean that you need to separate from some toxic people around you. Normally, this dream comes as a warning.

8.Being surrounded by floods.

Being surrounded by floods may seem to be a bad dream, but on the contrary, it is not. This dream means that you are enjoying sufficiency and are comfortable. It also means that you feel contented and are just enjoying life. Most people who have this dream are the ones that are financially stable and have achieved much in life.

9.A flood with wind or rain

The wind is a sign of something about to come your way, while rain could be the challenge you face. If you dream about a flood with rain and wind, then you need to be safe for the future. This dream means that you need to save some money because something is coming and require quick attention. The dream should warn you against being extravagant in life and be safe for tomorrow.

10.A rising flood

A rising flood is a bad indicator and calls for one to be cautious. This dream symbolizes bad things that are going to happen in the future. The event will be draining and time-consuming. Dreams about rising floods also mean a possible health challenge and call for a medical check-up to be sure about your health.

11.Fast approaching floods

If you see floods approaching in a dream, it could mean that some drastic changes are about to happen in your life. These changes might be above you, and therefore you might not be able to adjust quickly. The failure to adjust will translate to some permanent effects in your real life. The dream should prepare you in advance.

12.Dream about clear flood water

Clear Water symbolically means clarity hence dream about clear food water is not bad. This dream means that things will go well for you. Mostly the dream happens to people going through challenges. This dream is a source of hope to them in that soon, the storm will be over, and they will forget their pain. Clearwater is a sign of the clarity and relief you will get after some battles you are facing.

13.Dream about flooded debris

Although it’s a rare dream, flooded debris has got several meanings. It could mean that you have some toxic things in your life that need to be carried away. These things could be your emotions or even some people around you. Naturally, no one wants debris, and everyone always finds a way to get rid of it. Secondly, flooded debris in a dream could mean that you are going to experience some stiff competition. This could be within your career or business. However, the competition will leave you a better and more accomplished person.

14.Dream about a flooded car

In most cases, a car represents the steps in your life and motion. Dreaming about a flooded car can be scary because floods are known to sweep away cars. This dream is not a good one since it indicates some emotional problems that have caught up with you. No one can drive amid storms, so this dream signifies that the emotional problems could lead to loss of control in life.

Additionally, a flooded car in your dreams could mean that you are frustrated and trapped in a situation that makes you uncomfortable. If this is the case in your real life, then you will need to rethink and reorganize several things in your life for the sake of your peace.

Dreams About Floods: Meaning and Symbolism

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15.Drowning in a flood

Drowning in a flood means that you are depressed and could experience adverse medical problems. Secondly, this dream could mean being positioned in a place of being able to offer advice to people.

16.Flooded swimming pool

A flooded swimming pool may mean that you have a desire to become a better person and work on your character. If the flooded water in a swimming pool is dirty and muddy, then the dream signifies that you have feelings of being overwhelmed and defeated.

17.Floods in towns or villages

Floods in a village or a town mean that floods will invade these places. The floods will cause great damage that will lead to the destruction of things and even loss of lives. The whole city will be in tears and shock.

18.A flood outside your house

A flood outside your house may mean that you are overwhelmed by emotions. It could be you are too reactive and suffer from uncontrolled anger. This may lead you to make decisions about the emotions, and that might greatly cost you.

19.Dreaming with floods up to your knees

If you see flood water that reaches up to your knees, that could indicate that you have problems hindering your progress. They are hindering your will to move ahead, especially in matters of money and developments. This calls for you to be keener in your financial endeavors and be on the lookout not to suffer losses.

20.People drifting in a flood

This dream means that there are people who will come your way as helpers. This support might be in the form of finances or advice. They are people who will be close to you, even in your dark moments. The dream about people drifting in flood is a good dream, which indicates that help is on the way coming. Most people who have this dream are the ones stuck somewhere in life and are hoping for a way out of their predicament.

21.Saving an animal from a flood

When floods come, they don’t choose what to sweep and what not to sweep. They can carry both humans and animals. If you dream about saving an animal in a dream, it means you have an enemy, and soon you will defeat him. You might even repossess him and take his place.

22.Saving a person from a flood

This is a good dream and could mean that you are working on some emotions and that you desire to be a better person. It could also mean that you will recover things you lost in the past. Saving a person in a dream could also mean that you are going to triumph or overcome a problem.

23.Saving a loved or someone close form a flood

The dream about saving a person means that you are trying to save a marital relationship from a wave of fights and disagreements. The dream could come as a result of fearing to lose that person. Moreover, if it was a relative that you were saving from the flood, then it could mean that the person is in a financial crisis and needs your help.

24.Saving a stranger in a dream

If you dream about saving a stranger in your dream means that you could find yourself in a risky situation. The dream is also a pointer to emotional instability. Another meaning of saving a stranger is that you could be revealing your kind and humane gesture to people. This dream could mean that you are a caring person and always ready to help.


Naturally, floods are dangerous and have been known to cause damage and loss of lives. Dreams about floods are common to most people since they have a close relationship with our emotions. Most of the dreams represent struggles and battles. These dreams can be terrifying, and in most cases, they come as a warning to prepare someone for what is about to happen. Most people who dream of floods are battling emotional instability or are generally depressed in real life. The time, location, and the characters that were in the dream are the main determining factors when it comes to dreaming interpretation. Also, dreams about floods could signify someone’s need to change for the better. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary


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