I just had a dream about fish. Should I be scared? Some dreams make you feel delighted while others make you feel scared and worried. Under what category does the fish dreams fall?

Dreaming about fish is quite a common thing among many people. It can be a fish swimming in the water, you eating fish, fish laying eggs, fish wading through muddy water among many others.

dream about fish

Traditionally, fishes in dreams were heavily associated with positivity. Probably something good is coming your way. However, this will not always be the same when the fish is dead or looks emaciated.

While it may be easy to ignore some of these dreams, others can make you feel haunted.

In this article, we are going to look at symbols of fish and strive to derive meanings of fish dreams.

What does the fish symbolize?

dreams about fish

In order to derive any meaning from a fish dream, it is critical to start by identifying the meanings of fish.

One of the most common symbols of fish is fertility. This can be seen by the way fish can multiply itself into many within a short period. In relation to this, fish can also symbolize rebirth and transformation into a new soul.

Fish also symbolizes intelligence and creativity. This is usually illustrated by the ability of fish to escape dragnets and even predators.

Fish are a perfect symbolism of strength and endurance. It takes a special level of energy to endure high waves, tides of even muddy water sources.

However, you should not limit yourself to the above symbols. Different scenarios can present different meanings.

For example, there is a difference when the fish is swimming energetically through high waves and the one that looks dead in the same wave.

Also, a healthy fish will be translated differently from unhealthy or dead fish. This applies to a big fish vs a small fish.

So, you should carefully study the fish and its scenario before you go ahead to derive any symbolism.

Common Fish Dreams and their Meaning

Dream of catching a fish

dreams about fish

The simple act of catching a fish calls for a celebration. A fishing expedition can be draining. You may end up spending hours before you catch one. Sometimes you may even go home without a single catch.

A dream of catching fish could signify the breakthrough that is coming into your life.

There is a goal that you are pursuing in life and the journey seems to be quite daunting. You are encountering one obstacle after another.

Hold on, such a dream will motivate you to keep trying as there is something good around the corner. You are not very far from popping the champagne.

Dream of a fish swimming

In this dream, you see a fish swimming on clear water. The fish seems to be in a stable state of mind and there is nothing distracting it.

While there seems to be nothing unique about such a dream, it could have a deeper meaning in your life.

This dream could mean that you are going to enjoy life with minimum obstacles.

If it is a career, business, or relationship you will pursue it without too many obstacles.

If in the dream you see many fishes swimming, it could mean that you have many options in life that you can choose from. Don’t confine yourself to one option that seems to be elusive.

Dreaming of fish that is not in the water

It is normal for a fish to be in the water. But, what if in your dream you see fish out of water?

In such a dream, the fish is likely to be struggling to breathe since it is not in its habitat. On the other hand, you may be having a push to take the fish back to water so that it can at least live.

This is one of those fish dreams that will leave you with an unpleasant feeling. Such a dream may be a way of foretelling you of something bad that will happen in your life.

It may mean the disappointments that you are likely to face in the near future despite your efforts in trying to make things work.

Dream of fish in muddy water

A muddy section of a river is not where a fish would like to find itself in. In the real-life, the muddy water could represent life challenges.

While a fish swimming in clear water is associated with positivity, muddy water is associated with negativity

The amount of mud symbolizes the level of challenge. Too much mud means that the challenge will be hectic.

If in the dream the fish finally makes it out of the mud, it could mean that you will also succeed or make it despite the challenges.

Dream of a dead fish

It is very hard to separate death from negativity. A dead fish could mean troubles and problems that are coming on your way. The fish could be dead while still in the water or outside water.

A dead fish could symbolize illness and even death. Even though this dream is heavily associated with negativity, it could also be sounding a warning. It may be telling you to take appropriate steps to avert an impending disaster.

Dream of a large fish

If in the dream you seem a large fish that wants to launch an attack on you, it could symbolize the anxiety and obstacles that you are facing in life.

However, the dream could have a different meaning if you catch a large fish. It could symbolize the large success that is on your way after you have worked hard.

Dream of eating fish

The fish in your dream can appear in the form of a meal. However, the interpretation of this dream will depend on the type and style of fish.

If in the dream you are devouring a large fish, this can represent a large profit or a big win. Eating a small fish could symbolize small profits.

dreams about fish

Dream of a fish swallowing you

A dream of being swallowed by a fish will leave you scared. There is nothing good that can be interpreted from such a dream.

This dream could mean that there are people around you who have ill intentions. Probably they want to harm you.


Next time you have a dream about fish, don’t panic or get confused. Try to remember the features of the fish and its environment. From there you will be able to derive the meaning of the dream. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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