Dreams are a way of communication that happens between the conscious and subconscious mind. This occurrence takes place during sleep, and it is inevitable. Have you ever dreamt about fire? Well, I am sure if you have, the dream must have been a scary experience. This article is going to take you through the various meanings of dreams about the fire. It will also give you some symbolism of fire and how to interpret the dream. No one chooses what to dream when retiring to bed. According to researchers, people have dreams for at least two hours a night.

Dreams About Fire: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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There are two types of dreams, and each of them exhibits different feelings. Bad dreams cause fear and worry, whereas good dreams cause feelings of happiness. Additionally, one can forget what they dreamt about. Scientists have argued that the most remembered dreams are the bad ones. People rarely forget the kind of scare they saw in their bad dreams.

The fire has both a good and bad side. The bad side is that it causes destruction and can lead to loss of life. The good side of it is that it is used to cook and in processing by some industries. Additionally, fire is used to cleanse and purify, especially in jewel making. Fire can appear in our dreams in different forms. Therefore, dreaming with fire has both good and bad meanings, as we will see in this article.

The Symbolism of Fire

Fire is symbolic in many cultures, whether it is a European, American, or African culture. Here is some symbolism of fire.

1.Release of strength and Force-Dreaming about the fire can symbolize a great force against you. This force could have proven to be hard to overcome, no matter which approaches you to use. On the contrary, the force could be pulling you towards making some achievements. Fire is a symbol of strength.

2.Passion-Have you ever heard someone say their heart is on fire? I am sure you have or even told a crush such words. That is another way of expressing your passion for somebody. The fire significantly symbolizes love and intense feelings about someone.

3.Transformation-Naturally, anything that goes through fire has to change. Sometimes when something is burnt, it becomes unrecognizable. Whenever you dream about being in a fire or about fire, it might signify that you are undergoing a transformation. The transformation could be in your mind, career, family, or even business.

4.DestructionThis is a negative symbolism of fire; it is not known to destroy if it gets out of hand. The fire has killed people and destroyed properties worth millions. When your dream about fire, there is a need to be cautious. That’s because the fire you saw in your dreams could be something destructive in real life. It could be pending destruction of your properties or home.

5.AngerAm sure you have heard someone say that they are breathing fire. That is to means they are angry. Fire is hot, strong, and intense, and therefore dreams about fire could signify hidden feelings of rage.

The meaning of dreaming fire

1.Starting a fire

This dream signifies that you could be having suppressed feelings of anger. These feelings could lead to you overreacting about something that you can easily handle. People who dream about starting a fire are quick to anger and need the help of a counselor.

2.Kindling a fire for others

Kindling a fire for others signifies that you are a kind person. It means that your heart is full of love and compassion. Your heart compels you to help people and share with them the little that you have. Additionally, kindling a fire in a dream for others could mean that you are a social and friendly person.

3.Dream about your house on fire

This dream signifies that you are going to go through changes in your life.  If you happened to see your family house on fire, it could mean that your family will go through a challenging time. Dreaming about your house on fire could mean that you have overpowering emotions, and they will soon bring you down. The dream further means insecurity and being exposed to danger.

4.Dream about a city on fire

A city on fire in the dream world signifies relationships. Therefore, the dream is pointing at the destruction of healthy relationships. This might either be caused by emotions or events that are beyond you. Another meaning of this dream is that your business or career could be undergoing some challenges that could lead to its crumbling.

5.Dreamimg of something being on fire

This is a bad dream, and it indicates that you are in a dire predicament. The problems could be overwhelming you, but you don’t have a way out. Also, dreaming about something on fire could mean that you shall lose your business. Moreover, something in the fire could mean that you are worried about somebody.

Dreams About Fire: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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6.Dream a fire was under control

This is a good dream, and it symbolizes victory. Dreaming that fire was put under control means that you are going through a series of problems. The problems could be in the family or at your place of work. This dream comes to tell that you shall pull through and overcome. It also means a new beginning in your life.

7.Dream about a rekindled fire in your home

This dream comes with good signs. Dreaming about rekindled fire in your home means that you are going to enjoy great family times. This could be after a season of disagreements or tension among you. Additionally, the dream could mean that you will meet new friends who will brighten up your family or home.

8.Setting fire for destruction

This dream is about emotions. If you see yourself setting fire to destroy something or someone, it means you are harboring some pains. These emotions are mostly jealousy related. They could be towards a relative or a friend. Also, this dream could mean that your heart is full of hatred. If the dream keeps on recurring, you need to change your attitude and become a better person.

9.Dream about not feeling pain in the fire

Someone may wonder how one can be in the fire and fail to feel pain. Well, this happens in a dream. Dreaming about a fire that didn’t cause you pain is a good sign. It means that you are working on a very challenging project, and it will breakthrough. Mostly the project is business-related.

10.Being rescued from the fire

A dream about being rescued from the fire is a good one. It means that you will find yourself in a predicament but will eventually come out. The help that you will require during that time will be given by the people that you love. Additionally, the dream tells you not to hesitate to ask for help when you are stuck or going through challenges.

11.Rescuing someone from the fire

The dream could be pointing to one of your close friends. They could be in problems and require help. When you dream about rescuing someone, it is wise to find out if your friends are okay. The dream further means that you are a reliable person, and people can count on you.

12.Seeing something burning

This is an emotional dream. It could be about your sensitivity in that you are too cautious about what happens around. Another meaning of this dream is that you could be fighting sexual desires. That means there is someone you are admiring and have not confessed your feelings to them.

13.Escaping from fire

Dream about escaping from fire is a good dream. It means that you are going to overcome the current challenges. This dream could also be an indicator of great success ahead of you. The success could be in your career or business.

14.Clothes burning in the fire

This is a bad dream because it represents shame. Usually, clothes are meant to cover your nakedness. Therefore, seeing your clothes being burnt in the fire could mean a pending shame. The shame could be caused by a friend or someone close to you.

15.Dying from the fire

This dream is a bad one and calls for one to be cautious. That’s because it means you are going to fall sick or a person close to you. Additionally, a dream about dying in a fire could represent a real fire either at your workplace or home. Another meaning of the dream is that you might encounter a significant loss that will leave your life completely shattered. Moreover, anyone who has experienced or escaped a fire accident has this dream frequently.


Dreams are real, and sometimes they happen in our daily lives. They are significantly connected to our feelings and how we go through various issues of life. Also, they carry different meanings based on the feelings you got, the location of the dream, and even your life’s happenings. This article has maximally expounded on dreams about the fire. We have seen that fire is useful and destructive at the same time. Moreover, most fiery dreams represent life challenges that people go through. However, one doesn’t have to be scared about the dream because it still has a positive side. We hope this read will be of great help to you. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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