Eyes are an essential part of our bodies, and therefore it is not difficult to dream about eyes. This body part gives us the visual ability you dearly need as a human. Our eyes give us direction on what needs to be done, and they open the outside world to us. It is also believed that humans have an inner eye. Spiritually, this means that they can tell what needs to be done about a particular thing and at a particular time. Also, the eye is termed as the fastest body muscles in our bodies.

Dreams about eyes: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams about eyes have a direct connection to our lives. Eyes represent our inner thoughts, and they are part of our inner feelings. Eyes in dreams have got different meanings as we are going to see. Also, this dream can sometimes serve as a communication to our subconscious mind. On the other hand, eyes also represent our emotions. That is why tears roll from our eyes when we are hurting or happy. If you have ever dreamt about eyes, then this is the perfect article for you. That’s because it’s detailed with different meanings and interpretations of dreams about eyes. Besides, it’s going to outline the Symbolism of dreams about eyes. I am sure that this read shall enlighten and help you in the future.

The Symbolism of dreams about eyes

1.RealizitionDreams about eyes symbolically mean that you have seen the light of things. This means that you have known which path to take or decisions to make. Dreaming about eyes could also mean that you’re ignored something in your life, but you have now realized its worth. The dream could mean that you are now ready to adjust and change your life for the better.

2.Self-Reflection-Dreams about eyes could symbolize self-reflection. Eyes are like mirrors, and we use them to see the things in our deeper lives. Therefore, dreams about eyes could symbolize the need to reflect on yourself. There are things that you are not doing right and are affecting you or the people around you. Dreams about eyes could be telling you that you need to sit down and see how you can become better.

3.FeelingsHave you ever seen anyone cry through a different part of the body? Well, I am sure that can never happen. The eye is an expressive organ in our body, and it can express our feelings. Tears from your eyes could indicate your current state of emotions. When someone is sad, they cry; also, when they are too happy, they cry. Therefore, this dream could mean that you are either experiencing a sad or a happy time in your life.

4.VisionEyes are known to represent the things we want to do in the future. I believe you must have a vision for your life. Dreams about eyes could signify the goals we want to achieve in the future. Additionally, this dream could be telling us to increase our efforts towards achieving the same. On the other hand, dreaming about eyes could tell you to put things straight for the sake of your future. This is a common dream for students.

The meaning of dreams about eyes

There are many meanings to this dream. However, their interpretation is done based on the context of the dream. Also, there are different eyes that one can see, including animal eyes and human eyes. Here are some of the meanings of dreams about eyes.

1.Dreaming about someone’s eyes

This dream is interpreted based on the relationship you have with the person. If someone is close to you, then the dream could mean that you need to enlighten them or guide them about a particular issue in their lives. The dream could also mean you fear being judged by certain people. Another meaning of dreaming about someone’s eyes is that you are want to understand someone’s personality. This could be a family member or colleagues at your place of work. The person could be hibernating their personality, making it hard for you to understand them.

2.Dreams about a blue eye

Blue eyes represent depression. Therefore, dreams of blue eyes could mean that you are stressed and feeling overwhelmed. This dream could be indicating the need for you to find the source of your stress and work it out. Also, blue eyes represent motherhood, and this dream could mean that you desire to have motherly love around you. Another meaning of dreams about blue eyes is that you are innocent. You have doubted yourself about a particular action, but this tells you there is no need to worry anymore.

3.Losing an eye in the dream

This is a scary dream, and you can confirm if you have ever had it. Dreams about losing an eye indicate loss of focus. This could be a result of ignoring your inner feelings. Therefore, this dream is a wake-up call telling you that you need to rise and focus on essential things, especially your dreams and goals.

4.Making an eye contact

We make eye contact daily everywhere, and this makes the dream familiar. If you dream about making eye contact with someone, you are a smart and intelligent person. This further means that people positively see you. Additionally, if you make eye contact with the opposite sex, then it means that you are harboring feelings of love. On the other hand, if you make eye contact with something that’s scaring you, it could mean that you are going to encounter difficulties.

5.Animal eyes

Dreaming about an animal’s eyes is common, and it indicates future predictions. This dream could come as a result of fear. Something could be troubling you, and you feel insecure. Maybe you are being targeted in real life, and you need to be careful and confident not to lose it in the future.

Dreams about eyes: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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6.Dreaming about a red or bleeding eye

Dreams about red eyes are connected to our emotions. This dream could mean that you have internal conflicts that are have been difficult to solve. The dream could also mean that someone hurt you and never apologized, leaving your wound bleeding and painful.

7.Dream about closed eyes or blindfolds

Mostly these are one’s eyes, and it means that your vision is blurry. Anyone whose eyes are closed have difficulty in mobility and effectiveness. Therefore, this dream could mean that you are confused about something. Closed eyes could also mean that you are refusing to accept the reality about something. On the other hand, people close their eyes willingly, especially when they want to meditate. Therefore, dreams about closed eyes could indicate that you need to have an inner moment with yourself.

8.Dreams about black eyes

Black eyes represent injuries, and therefore the dream could mean that you are hurting. Also, dreams about black eyes could mean that you have hurt someone through your actions and regretting it. This should tell you to apologize to the person.

9.Dreams about something in your eyes

Dreaming that you have something in your eyes is a bad dream. It means that you will have difficulties in your life. This is more connected to your goals, which might be challenging to achieve. Therefore, the dream should awaken you to make extra efforts to achieve your goals.

10.Rolling eyes in dreams

Rolling eyes is a common habit for many people, and therefore this dream is associated with our feelings. Rolling eyes in a dream could signify anger. This is to say that someone annoyed you either intentionally or not. Another meaning of the dream is that you are faking to agree with someone.

11.Dream about washing your eyes

This dream is related to the way you see things. Washing your eyes in a dream means that you lack clarity about something in your life. It could be you are confused about your business, family, or career. This dream means that you need to get things clear.

12.Dream about eyeglasses

Dream about glasses is also a common dream, and it indicates vision. If you don’t wear glasses in your real life, then it means you need to pay attention to something. It could be that you have been judging or undermining it. On the other hand, if the glasses were broken, you cannot see things clearly.

13.Sad eyes in a dream

Sad eyes in a dream indicate feelings of hopelessness, disappointment, or rejection. This dream could mean that you are going through a tough time in your life and desire to overcome it. The dream is also common for people who have come out of broken relationships and could mean that you are lonely and hurting.


Dreams about eyes, in most cases, indicate our purpose in life. We need to pay more attention to critical life matters so as not to regret in the future. Also, eyes are related to spiritual growth, which explains why most people close their eyes when praying. Eyes are like avenues that connect us to the divine world and open us to receive divine things. I believe this article has helped you understand dreams about eyes and what they mean in your life. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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