Did you just dream about elevators? Well, it is pretty easy to derive the meaning of such dreams. Based on their working mechanism. Since they are designed to move up and down, you can easily interpret your life’s ups and downs. In other words, the positive and negatives of life. Well, this is not always the case. There could be a deeper meaning to the dream. This post is here to help you find this deep meaning and symbol of the dreams about elevators.

Apart from just the ascending and descending mechanisms, elevators can also get halt midway or refuse to go up and down. All these and many other scenarios are vital in helping you to find the meanings of the dream about elevators.

Dreams About Elevators: What's Meaning and Symbolism

Elevator as a Symbol of Emotions

In dreams, elevators usually represent emotions or feelings. So, you should analyze the feelings that you have both in the dream and after the dream. The analysis will help to find the meaning of the dream.

The emotions are represented by the up and down movements of the elevator. Your emotions and feelings may be high, low, or stagnant.

Elevator as a symbol of phases of life

We can loosely say that an elevator is a means of transport as it takes you to the desired destination.  In a dream, an elevator may be used to represent different stages of life that you are going through.

The phases can be from different facets of life such as relationships, careers, businesses among others. There is a time in life that you will be at the peak while at other times you will be at your lowest level.

The dream may be sending a message that you need to analyze where you are or prepare for where you are going.

Common Dreams About Elevators and their Meaning

Here are the most common dreams about elevators and their respective meanings;

Dream about elevator going up

You may dream about being in an elevator that is ascending. This is usually a sign of progress. The dream may be symbolizing that you are making strides or progress in life. The progress can be in terms of career, business relationship, and other key aspects of life. It is also a symbol of improving your emotions.

However, you should pay attention to the manner in which the elevator is going upwards. If the elevator is ascending in a normal fashion, it symbolizes that your progress in life will be smooth with no hiccups.

Take note of the speed at which the elevator is ascending. Is it moving fast or slow? An elevator that is moving upwards at a high speed is an indication that you will make quick progress in your life. However, this may also represent your impatience to get the best things in life.

On the other hand, a slow-rising elevator means that your progress in life will be slow and gradual. You are patient and more careful with every step that you are taking. The high speed of the elevator can also be a sign of recklessness. The dream could be warning you to check your progress and be more careful in your journey. It may be a set up for a major fall

An elevator that is ascending rapidly could be a symbol of a pleasant surprise that is waiting for you. If currently you are going through a rough season, the dream could mean that things will change for the better, when you least expect.

Dream about elevator going down

You may also dream about a descending elevator or simply an elevator going downwards. In most cases, this dream symbolizes going down in life. The downward trend can be physical, mental, economic, or social.

Since the elevator is used as a symbol of emotions, a descending elevator could be a sign that your emotions are drained. Probably you are suffering from depression.

The dream about a descending elevator may be giving you warning signs that you need to watch your actions and the root causes of your problems. They can help you to prevent an elusive descend.  For example, a deteriorating relationship with your partner could be the possible cause of the fall. You should rectify it where necessary. Also, identify those areas in your career that you think will lead to your downfall.

Dream about being trapped or stuck in an elevator

Dreams About Elevators: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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In most dreams, getting stuck or trapped symbolizes the fear and anxiety that you are dealing with in the real life. The dream could also be representing the claustrophobia that you are trying to deal with in the real life.

Being trapped in an elevator could mean that you have a feeling of being trapped in the real life. You have a feeling that you have been deprived of the freedom to do what you want in whichever way that you want. You may feel trapped in your career, family, and relationships.

Normally, there are different scenarios in which you can get stuck in an elevator. Each scene could be having a unique meaning in the dream. We can also view being trapped in different dimensions. You can get trapped inside or outside an elevator.

Getting stuck right when you got in the elevator could be a perfect reflection of your career life or even relationship right when things are getting started. You cannot move up or down; you are just there. You are at a point of wondering whether you made the right move.

Dream about elevators moving between two floors

In this dream, even though the elevator is moving, it is only between two floors.  It cannot go higher or lower beyond the two floors. The dream could mean that your efforts are counterproductive. As you try to build one aspect of your life, you are destroying the other aspect. The dream could mean that you are not making any significant progress in whatever you are doing. This can be a job or a relationship.

Dreaming about the elevator that stops at the wrong floor

In the dream, you want the elevator to take you to the third floor and it takes you to the fifth floor. What could be the meaning of this dream? This dream could be representing the obstacles that you are likely to face in your journey of life.  There is a high chance that you may end up disappointed by whatever steps that you are taking.

Dream about different types of elevators

Dreams About Elevators: What's Meaning and Symbolism

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You can also interpret the dream depending on the type of elevators that are in the dream. A glass elevator could mean that you are transparent in all your journey. A spinning elevator or simply an elevator with different doors could mean that you have different perspectives of achieving a goal. Dreaming about a medical elevator could depict something related to your health. You may be in a dire need of medical attention.

Dream about a broken elevator

A broken or malfunctioning elevator is a symbol of the emotional turmoil that you are going through. Probably you are going through severe depression. A broken or dilapidated elevator could also be representing being failed by someone who you had fully trusted to help you achieve a goal. The dream could be warning you not to be fully dependent on other people for success.

Dream about falling in an elevator

Falling in an elevator is a sign of fear and being terrified by the situation. You have lost your balance in life hence falling. The dream could be a call for courage and confidence.

Understanding the dreams about elevators

In order to get the most accurate meaning from your dream about the elevator. You should try to look at the following key issues:

-Your fear of elevators: A good percentage of the population have a phobia of elevators. While it is normal to fear accidents, you should dig and find out why you have a pervasive fear of these machines. From your answer, you will try to relate your fears to the dream.

-Fear of heights(Acrophobia):  The meaning of your dream about the elevator could be closely connected to your fear of heights. You dread activities or places that will elevate you to crazy heights. Maybe the dream could be passing a message that you should start facing your fears head-on.

-Your mental health: The dream about the elevator could be a way of interpreting your mental health. Possibly you are struggling to overcome depression and this manifests itself through the dream about the elevator.


Whether you are going upwards, downwards, crashing, or shaking, it is critical to have an understanding of the dream about the elevator. Such dreams are rarely a mere coincidence. Instead, they exist to send a message about something in your life.

The good news is not all the dreams about elevators are negative. Some are heavily embedded with a positive message. Some dreams may be encouraging you to pursue a certain goal or warning you about certain people or things.

You should take the message of the dream seriously and try t implement its requirements where necessary.

In case you had a dream about elevators and you are finding it hard to get the meaning, don’t stay in darkness. Instead, share your dream with us. We may analyze the dream and help you to derive an accurate message. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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