Elephants are the world’s largest animals in the world, and they are greatly feared. Dreams about elephants are common, and they have a connection with one’s lives. Additionally, elephants are known to live in groups and are compassionate towards each other. This makes them role models for humanity. Also, elephants’ personality is something that can be imitated since it is unique compared to other animals. Elephants’ characteristics can be summarized into three, including attentiveness, aggressiveness, and sociability.

Dreams About Elephants:What's Meaning and Symbolism

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Have you ever dreamt about elephants? What feelings did you have during the dream? If you have ever had such a dream, then this is the ultimate read for you. That’s because it’s going to help you understand the symbolism and meaning of dreams about elephants. In most cases, elephants in our dreams are associated with power and strength, as we will see in this piece. Also, elephants are associated with being in control. Let us now look into the most important things you need to know about the dream.

The symbolism of dreams about elephants

1.Motherhood InstinctsFemale elephants are known to be the most caring among wild animals. They nurture and take care of their young ones while guarding them jealously. Therefore, dreams about elephants could be a pointer to your motherly qualities. The dream could be telling you to be a better mum to your children.

2.PowerThe physical structure of elephants is large and exhibits strength. Therefore, dreams about elephants significantly symbolize power and strength. This dream could be encouraging us to be strong through a particular situation in our real lives. Also, the dream could be telling us that our inner strength is needed.

3.Family SetupAs earlier mentioned, elephants live together as a family, and it is rare to see an elephant on its own. This dream could be telling you to pay more attention to your family and relationships. Again, the dream could mean that you need to enhance the bond between your family members.

The meaning of dreams about elephants

1.Elephants chasing you in a dream

This is a scary dream, mostly if it were many elephants running after you. Elephants chasing you in dreams could mean that people are planning to hurt you. This could be at your workplace or within your residence. This calls for you to be more cautious. Again if you see elephants chasing you in the jungle, it means you have advisors in life that guide you on what needs to be done.

2.A white elephant in dreams

White elephants are associated with lies. If you dream about a white elephant, it means that someone is going to lie to you. However, if you encounter many elephants in your dreams, you enjoy a peaceful life.

3.Running from an elephant

Running from an elephant means that there are some difficult situations in your life. These problems could be causing fear in your real life. Eventually, this fear will make you lose control over your life, thus interfering with your decision-making ability.

4.A flying elephant

This is not an ordinary dream, but it occurs to some people. A flying elephant in dreams points to fears in your life. This dream comes to awaken you up so that you may address those fears. This is mostly to people with low self-esteem. The dream further tells you that it’s time to unlock your potential. On the other hand, this dream could mean that people are ridiculing you for your success and determination in life.

5.An elephant giving birth

Dreaming about an elephant giving birth means that you need to make certain things known. This could be ideas or skills that have the potential to help people. Also, the dream could mean that you are going to make significant changes in your real life. It could be in your business, career, or family.

6.Riding an elephant

This dream generally means that you are in reasonable control over your life. The control is both in the internal thoughts and events in your life. Also, riding an elephant means that you will triumph over some challenges in real life. However, if you are riding an elephant towards a war zone, that’s a bad sign. It means that you will get into confrontations with someone.

7.Killing an elephant

This is a bad sign, and it’s related to your financial life. If you see yourself killing elephants in your dreams, it means that you are going to lose some money. The loss will demote your lifestyle. Therefore, this dream should warn you to be cautious about your spending to prevent this from happening.

8.Dreaming of a baby elephant

This dream is associated with understanding yourself. This means that you are becoming more committed and paying attention to important issues in your life. Also, the dream means that you are going to increase your intelligence and strength.

Dreams About Elephants:What's Meaning and Symbolism

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9.Dreaming about an elephant at home

An elephant in your home means that there is a serious problem in your family. This could be marital, financial, or emotional conflicts. On the contrary, this dream has a positive meaning. It means that good things are coming into your life.

10.Dreaming of a dead elephant

A dead elephant in your dreams could mean that you are going to lose your power. This further means that your life is going to change as a result of this drastically. On the other hand, this dream can mean that you fear losing someone close to you.

11.Dreaming about elephant’s poop

As much as the poop is disgusting, this dream has a double meaning. Dreaming about an elephant’s poop means that you are going to receive a financial breakthrough. This could be from a big client or a promotion at your place of work. However, this money might not help you in life.


Dreams about elephant point to things in our lives. These things could be too much for us, or they could be things that need serious decisions. However, the interpretation of this dream depends on whether it was negative or positive. Also, the current happenings in your life dramatically help in getting the meaning of dreams about elephants. Generally, this dream stands for power, big ideas, stability, or the need for unity. If you have been struggling to understand dreams about elephants, I hope this article has come in handy for you. That’s because it has broadly discussed different dreams, their meanings, and symbolism. If you want to know more related dream interpretation please check our dream dictionary

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